Power Rangers Beast Morphers – Evox’s New Body | Episode 9 “Silver Sacrifice”

Power Rangers Beast Morphers – Evox’s New Body | Episode 9 “Silver Sacrifice”

(Suspenseful music) Tronics on guard. The Cyber Gate’s gotta be just inside. It’s huge, no way they moved it. The Tronics are moving away. Then let’s go. You’re too important. We can’t risk you getting near that thing. I’ve got something in mind. Oh, great. Come on. Don’t move a muscle, Rangers. Seize the robot. Wait, please. We have a plan, just listen. You disobeyed a direct order. Listening time is over. (Screams) Dad. Betty! Ben! Dad. Help us. Blaze, Roxy, please, let them go. Love to, just hand over the
robot and they don’t get hurt. Sir, what are your orders? I… I don’t know. We can’t just give them what they want. But, my kids. Tick, tock. Tick, tock. So, what is it going to be General? Your kids, or the robot? Let them go. Take me. Steel, no. It’s okay brother. You’ve taught me what family means, and this is the only way. General, Rangers protect people in need, and right now, your family needs me. With my body, Evox will be strong, but I know you can destroy him. Well, you’re full of surprises. Actually, I’m full of wires. Dad! -Dad! Kids. Thank you. You’re welcome. I don’t wanna lose you. I’ll miss you brother. More than anything else. Toodles. Let’s get this party started. I was so wrong. I didn’t see it until now, but you and Steel really are family. I’m sorry, Nate. Sir, I can’t let this happen. I have to at least try and save him. Get your brother back
before it’s too late. We do this together. We’re with you, Nate. (Laughing) The body’s in position, and the portal’s cranking up. Yes, here he comes. Finally, the robot body will be mine. And soon, the Morphing Grid. (Screaming) Hey, stop right there! You are too late. Steel! (Screaming) What? Something isn’t right. (Dramatic music) Steel. (Roaring) It’s okay, we’ve got you. What happened, Master? My virus isn’t
compatible with that body. Because that is not just a robot. There’s human DNA in it. Yes, my DNA. He’s my brother. Impossible. You haven’t seen power, until you’ve seen the power of family. Transport Striker Sabre. You can’t hurt me. But I can send you home. No! (Screaming) (Explosions) He’s gone, but…

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