Power Rangers Dino Super Charge – Silver Ranger’s Identity: Zenowing (Episode 14 “Silver Secret”)

Power Rangers Dino Super Charge – Silver Ranger’s Identity: Zenowing (Episode 14 “Silver Secret”)

(dramatic music) He’s hurt! Rangers, I’ve found you. Arcanon captured me, but
I managed to break free from his evil clutches. We must go quickly before they catch up. Of course, mate. Let’s head back to the base. Hold on a second. We gave you all the data on our Megazords. How did Arcanon get his hands on it? Arcanon will do anything
to capture the Energems. That’s why he forced me to
create the Dino Chargers. Fortunately, I retrieved all nine of them when I escaped, see? Hold it, only nine, not 10? Uh, yes, nine. I never created a Titano Charger. It’s those monsters! They left their Zords. Hey, is this a Dino Charger? Arcanon dropped this. The Titano Charger
you say you never made. You are lying. (maniacal laughter) You Rangers are smarter than we thought! No matter. Why, you conniving little– Time to meet my Titano Morph Blaster! [Power Rangers] Energize! (Blaster fires) (explosion)
(shouting) You betrayed us! (grunts) Pathetic! (maniacal laughter) Tyler! No! What? Arcanon must’ve brainwashed him. Super charge up, Super Strike! (maniacal laughter) Silver Ranger is so strong. Now, to finish you! (grunting) No, not now! Must maintain control! He’s starting to transform. Who are you? Don’t move! No, please don’t fire! I am Zenowing, a friend. How can you be our friend? You were just trying to destroy us. No, that was Doomwing. Arcanon cursed me to
share a body with him. But he is evil. I want to help you. I am the true Silver Ranger. Two beings in the same body? It’s just like Heckel and Snyde. Prove it. Hand over the Silver Energem. I wish I could, but
Doomwing has the Energem locked in his sword, so only he can morph
into the Silver Ranger. I am powerless to stop him. Well, if that’s true,
then we have to find a way to separate the two of you. Get back, Rangers! Doomwing’s taking over again! (shouting) I can’t control it! You’re weak, Xenowing,
just like these Rangers. (explosion)
(shouting) (maniacal laughter) (shouting) Tyler! Mark my words, all your
Energems will be ours! (maniacal laughter) Get off me! My pleasure! (shouting) Tyler, are you okay? We’ll meet again, Rangers. [Pink Ranger] He’s gone. Ms. Morgan, we’ve got bad news. We’re heading back to the base now. Hey, what the…


  1. Yes Doomwing, the excuse of not making a Titano Charger makes SO MUCH SENSE, especially you BONDED to the Titanosaur and made the Titano Zord. /sarcasm

  2. After hearing Doomwing's laugh it's obvious that Doomwing's actor isn't in the silver ranger suit (US Scene) and that it's just the voice "Dropped on"

  3. You know what I would've liked better than a alien monster as a Power Ranger? ANYTHING! There's no way you expect me to believe he can fit into that human shaped ranger costume.

  4. I definitely love how they utilizes Kyoruger footage of Dantetsu as KyoryuSilver as he attacks the team in Braves 46 and 47, near the finale. Now that's creativity.

  5. How come Doomwing doesn't uses the Titano Charge Morpher when unmorphed? I mean sure he uses his sword to morph. But still, he could've still used the Dino Chargers since he had data on the Zords.

  6. The Zenowing storyline was one of the best arcs Dino charge did. Well written well paced and well acted. Top 5 of this season for sure.

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