Power Rangers Dino Super Charge – Silver Secret – Silver Ranger vs Red Ranger (Episode 14)

Power Rangers Dino Super Charge – Silver Secret – Silver Ranger vs Red Ranger (Episode 14)

(suspenseful music) [Shelby] Oh, there’s Doomwing. (sighs) [Doomwing] So kind of
you to personally bring me an Energem. I’m leaving here with two Energems. [Doomwing] You’re not
leaving here at all. (laughing) (high pitched tones) (laser firing) (cawing) (yelling) [Doomwing] Unleash the power. Unleash the power. (colliding) [Silver Ranger] Silver strike! Ahhh. (groans) [Shelby] Tyler! Not yet Shelby. Tyler has to wear him down first so he’ll transform into Zenowing. [Silver Ranger] I’m
just getting started. (electronic punching) [Shelby] Hold on, Tyler. Uh. [Tyler] Now it’s my turn. (yells) (electronic punching) (bubbling) (sighs) (laughing) Now you know why they call me Doomwing. Goodbye Red Ranger. (yelling) No, Zenowing, not now. [Power Ranger] (mumbles) ready. (yelling) [Tyler] He’s starting to transform. (yelling) Miss Morgan, do it. (lasers firing) (electronic bubbling) [Doomwing] What’s happening? (screaming) (explosion) (groaning) (action adventure music) (groaning) Yes, it worked. (grumbling) [Doomwing] Curse you rangers. You may have released Zenowing, but I still have the silver Energem. [Power Ranger] To the wing. [Shelby] Tyler, you’re okay. [Tyler] Yeah, I’m fine. (groaning) [Green Ranger] Doomwing’s leaving. [Blue Ranger] Don’t let him escape! Go on, I’ve got Zenowing. [Power Ranger] After him.


  1. As clever as this plan was, I'm a little disappointed that Tyler didn't try to kick Doomwing's sword out of his hand. He knew the Silver Energem was inside, and it looked like Doomwing was paralyzed during the swap.

  2. +rangersentaiguy2, could you make a video about the comparison scene between japanese version of Kyoryuger and American version of Power Rangers: Dino Super Charge, including Zenowing/Torin and Doomwing/Mad Torin on this episodes? cause i see it!😎😎😎😎😎

  3. what if Miss Morgan's device could work on Heckyl and Snide think about it will have our very own Navy Ranger plus there could be a possibly for a Talon Energem..

  4. at 1:15 to 1:30 Tyler could have took DOOMWING'S SWORD and had the silver ENERGEM in his hands but nope he just sat there like a dummy

  5. Oh! zenowing and doomwing were enemy's. so they're trying to break them apart by using the t-rex supercharge mode. But doomwing stole the silver energem so the rangers are trying to get it back and zenowing to get it back too. plus! I've seen the whole show 2 times and I recorded it.

  6. Doomwing could have been the Talon Ranger (Deathryuger) after being separated from Zenowing, but he never once try to put the Dark Energem inside his sword to morph into the Talon Ranger (Deathryuger).

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  8. Doomwing is purple bad wing and Zenowing is green good wing green good guy and purple bad wing i hate doomwing and i love Zenowing 😍

  9. Rest in peace zenowing (1954-2019)😢 you did your best to stay alive, but damn cancer defeated you. May the power protect you in heaven.

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