Power Rangers Dino Super Charge – Trust the Silver Ranger? (Catching Some Rays Episode)

Power Rangers Dino Super Charge – Trust the Silver Ranger? (Catching Some Rays Episode)

I should have listened
to you, Grandfather. I thought you made rules for no reason, but you do it to keep us all safe, even after you’ve gone. You’re still my hero. Guys, we finally
re-established communication with the Silver Ranger. We’re on our way. Terrible new fellow Rangers. The Dark Energem has resurfaced. [Keeper] Oh no. No. What’s the Dark Energem? The 10 Energems were
formed from pure good, but the Dark Energem
formed from pure darkness left after their creation. The universe must be
protected from it’s great evil. Now that I know it’s location,
I plan to destroy it. It cannot be done. If you give me data on
your Zords and Megazords, I may be able to destroy it. Give him all of our data? Is that safe? If we do nothing, the Dark Energem endangers the past, present and future. [Silver Ranger] You
won’t regret it my friends. I’ll being the data transfer now. This may be our only chance.


  1. THEORY: The Silver Ranger might need the data from the zords and megazords to make the Dino Charge Ultrazord. It makes sense because he owns the Titano Zord, so he might be looking for a way help the rangers defeat a certain enemy

  2. Let me break this down: A guy with the voice of Vrak, who claims to be the Silver Ranger, is asking for highly classified information about giant robots in order to destroy a tiny artifact that I can only assume is in no way mechanical.

    Does he still seem trustworthy? 😒

  3. the fact that he says may be able to instead of assuring the group that he can doesn't seem right this could be a trap so this ranger can obtain 2 energems and posses two different powers or it could be like in power rangers dino thunder were they will destroy the evil within and not the power so they have 11 rangers instead of the 10 that we were informed about from the very beginning of the show i dont know hopes for the second option but according from the sentai not likely to happen

  4. First the Silver Ranger asks for all the data for all the zords and megazords, then what's next, he'll need the rangers to send him money and he'll need their account information and social.

  5. I can easily see this: Doomwing (evil Silver Ranger) gains the rangers' trust and gets the info on their zords. He gives the info to his boss, Sledge's employer, and the boss somehow uses the info to where he can summon their zords himself and corrupt them with the dark energem: enter evil Spino Charge Megazord Ankylo-Pachy formation. We already know the Spino Charge Megazord is in the season, the cockpit can be seen in the intro.

  6. I'm almost 100% certain that the dark energem is how we're gonna learn Heckyl's back story and how he's gonna become a ranger. =D AHHHHH!! I can't wait!!

  7. So wait, Keeper is saying that the plan won't work to destroy it, but suggests we should go ahead and trust this guy and his attempt to do the plan anyway? Make up your mind.

  8. PR fucked up the story of Torin from Kyoryuger… Stop with the alien rangers just because you don't know how to introduce new characters!!! -_-

  9. He is kind of like the white ranger from dino thunder. First, they think he is an ally. Then he attacks the Rangers and they realize that masacog's son was being controlled. He became a valuable member.

  10. Did the silver ranger just say he could take down enimes by himself without the other rangers ???? Something sounds fishy !!!!!! The other rangers do have to activate their own zords !!!!!!

  11. the silver ranger is doomwing zenowing evil half.he tricked kendall to give data so he can give to lord arcanon.long ago zenowing bonded to silver energem and arcanon forced zenowing to touch the dark energem so doomwing is formed

  12. ok the silver energem bonds with an alien named zenowing maybe lord arcanon captured him/her to earn the rangers trust and destroy them

  13. I trust the silver ranger but I don't trust him when Acarina capture Zenowing to have all data of the zord and megazord

  14. the silver ranger is zenawing and sharing a part of his body with domewing becuse lord arconand made him touch the dark energem

  15. No because when you watch the episode where we meet zenowing we first meet him as doomwing and in this clip the voice is doomwing

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