Power Rangers Dino Super Charge – Wings of Danger – Zenowing and the Silver Energem (Episode 15)

Power Rangers Dino Super Charge – Wings of Danger – Zenowing and the Silver Energem (Episode 15)

Are you ready? (grunts) (foreign language) [Together] I hit it! No, I hit it. Stop copying me. No, you stop! (laughing) (buzzing) Hey, what was that? It’s coming from over there. Come on! I think it’s this way. Hee-Yah! (grunting) Hee-yah! Incredible. Yeah, check it out. Silver prism! Slash! Hey, Zenowing. What? Those are some pretty awesome moves. Yeah, really great. You were watching me? Well– A little. And now you expect me to
thank you for the compliments. Not necessarily.
I mean, you can. Yeah if you want.
That’d be nice. I don’t train to entertain you, Rangers. I do it because I must
defeat Doomwing at any cost. Hey, listen. I’m actually a bit of a swordsman myself. Maybe you could teach me that
last move, the prism slash? A human could never learn that move. You have no idea what
Arcanon is capable of. Then tell us. We need to know. He is pure evil. Arcanon wiped out an entire world simply to get the Dark Energem. When he destroyed Sentai Six. Correct. After I found the Silver
Energem I tracked down Arcanon. (yells) (grunts) During our battle the
Silver Energem bonded to me. (yells) I became the Silver Ranger. (intense music) I could not defeat Arcanon
and he captured me. Arcanon knew I would never
do his wicked bidding. (sinister laughter) So, with one touch of the Dark Energem he created my evil other half, Doomwing. (yelling) (sinister laughter) (screeching) (sinister laughter) That explains Snide. The Dark Energem must have touched Heckyl and divided him, too.


  1. spoiler alert in the I think final 2 episodes the rangers are going back in time and defeat sledge then heckyl and zenowing are going back to sentai 6

  2. Unlike Heckyl who became evil when he wasn't in Snide form when he touched the Dark Energem, The Silver Energem's power must've protected Zenowing's personality from being tainted when the Dark Energem created Doomwing.

  3. What if a man from Earth is capture and bond with the Dark Energem and creates the Talon Ranger (Deathryuger) as his evil alter ego?

  4. Everytime I see Zenowing do something with Keeper, all I see is Wise God Torin being in a poorly made fanfiction.
    Same goes with Sledge with Poisandra.

  5. So the stuff the what it is really is truth that i understand, but how that that thing that he is talking about do that to him?i wanna know.

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