Power Rangers – Forever Silver / Gray Ranger Morphs | Power Rangers in Space – Dino Super Charge

Power Rangers – Forever Silver / Gray Ranger Morphs | Power Rangers in Space – Dino Super Charge

Let’s rocket! [Morpher] M-E-G-A, Mega! No more clownin’ around! Power of silver! Titanium power! (rock music)
(energy hums) Wild Access! (triumphant music) Howling wolf! Overdrive Accelerate! (yells) Mercury Ranger! Ready! [Rangers] RPM, get in gear! Super Mega Mode! Super Megaforce Silver! Graphite Energem! [Morpher] Dino Charger, engage! [Rangers] Energize, ha! Unleash the power! It’s morphin’ time! Energize, unleash the power! Titanosaurus, Power Ranger Silver!


  1. Ultimate favorite Gray/Silver Power Ranger is Orion The Super Megaforce Silver Ranger from Power Rangers Super Megaforce

  2. Zhane Silver Space Ranger
    Ryan Titanium Ranger
    Merrick Silver Wolf Ranger
    Gemma RPM Silver Ranger
    Prince Phillip Graphite Ranger
    Zenowing Silver Ranger.

  3. In Space – Zhane
    Lightspeed Rescue – Ryan Mitchell
    Wild Force – Merrick Baliton
    Operation Overdrive – Tyzonn
    RPM – Gemma
    Super Megaforce – Orion
    Dino Super Charge – Prince Phillip III

  4. Hey dude you forget the Nova Ranger and Shadow Ranger (Commander Crugger) from Power Rangers SPD. They are a silver rangers too.

  5. Where is Robo Knight? Doesn't he have a morphing sequence where he morphs from the Lion Zord to Robo Knight? Also doesn't Robo Knight counts as a Silver Ranget?

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  7. In spase silver ranger Lightstspeed Rescue silver ranger Wild force silver ranger Operation Overdrive silver ranger RPM silver ranger super megaforce silver Dino charger very power ranger silver nice silver rangers and ranger 😃😉😃😎👍👍👍🤟🤟🤟

  8. Silver/Gray Rangers Ranking

    7. Gemma ( RPM )
    6. Phillip ( Dino Charge, Dino Super Charge )
    5. Ryan ( Lightspeed Rescue )
    4. Zenowing ( Dino Super Charge )
    3. Merrick ( Wild Force )
    2. Zhane ( In Space )
    1. Tyzonn ( Operation Overdrive )

  9. Robo Knight is also a Silver Ranger and he has a morphing sequence, but the Nova Ranger who is also a Silver Ranger doesn't have a morphing sequence.

  10. Dammit, you left Steel out!!!! I really love Orion because he has quite an interesting dynamic with the rest of his team, Zhane is hilarious (Psycho Silver, anyone?), Gemma has her own shtick, and the Graphite and Silver Dino Charge rangers are awesome. Go Phillip and Zenowing! And of course, Steel is amazing- he deserves that super ridiculous long name he gave himself that I cannot remember for the life of me.

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