Power Rangers: Lightspeed Rescue (N64) Review & Gameplay

Power Rangers: Lightspeed Rescue (N64) Review & Gameplay

man this box has a lot of memories from when I was a kid let’s take a look it was probably a pretty depressing pretty friendless and pretty pathetic childhood shall we oh man this is one of my favorite books as a child i first heard about it on oprah’s Reading Club some people might even compare to I don’t know the tale of two cities this book is classic alright well let’s see what else is in here huh all i found a picture that my little sister dreaming when she was three our little sisters just the cutest oh my gosh this is my favorite Barbie she won’t I mean I never had any Barbies before that would be not cool at all duh let’s look at the bottom its power rangers it can’t be that bad right if you don’t know what power rangers are you are missing out basically it’s a show about a bunch of dudes and galvin skin-tight costume is fighting off weird creature otherwise known as any metal concert you’ve ever been to and what our power rangers best known for cleaning up green stuff on the streets of course duh idiot anyway the story begins in this colonel sanders looking guys are like no you guys are about to face the toughest challenge ever but don’t worry I got a sidekick that has some great training for ya wow what kind of training could be in store for the power rangers maybe they will find a flying lines and space or maybe by running through an impossible death-defying obstacle course that will increase all their senses or by cleaning the streets yeah okay training also side note i didn’t get a pic which parent I wanted to be I was forced to be the Yellow Ranger on level one now maybe my red power ranger Mabel is broken but I don’t want to be the Yellow Ranger I mean the Yellow Ranger didn’t want to be the Yellow Ranger so why would that be the first character we play as you know this idea of cleaning off this green stuff on level one is pretty stupid i thought i was playing power rangers lightspeed rescue not power rangers janitor rescue anyway so I go around and clean up all this Nickelodeon slime and I get the biggest applause ever for completing such a simple task I mean listen you know I wish people to plug for me when I did something simple like that yay yay yay great rescue I didn’t save anyone but ok glad i could help the next level i’m supposed to be putting out all these fires now maybe you guys don’t understand how fires work so let me explain you see when there is a car that is on fire the best thing to do is to gently blow it up to speed the reins with your water cannon you know this city should be less worried about their cars combusting into random fires and more worried about the gravity of the city I mean look I barely touched this behemoth of a truck and it goes flying can you imagine driving through a city and get into a fender bender and they just rock it out of the city once again just cleaning up the city destroying trees to make it clear path even though some of these trees aren’t even in the way and I don’t know why these macs the sock puppet enemies are really against me destroy trees like back off can’t you tell that these trees are in my way maybe they’re eco Nazis or something like that yeah sure we’ll go with that not going to lie i thought the said poop but i’m just going to assume that the creator’s put this in here to describe the game oh man i really need some health top you have helped oh here’s that asteroid i’m trying to find for some unexplainable reason apparently in the city all meteorites come crashing down to earth and straight into the subway system science rules but right when I touch it this type honest dude kidnaps the green ranger I mean to me this doesn’t really look like a kidnapping and trust me I know what a good kidnapping looks like but don’t worry the Red Ranger is on it just gotta run down this street yep keep running now to me it doesn’t really look like the green ranger needs any help it actually looks like he’s just waiting his friends down for lunch yo red ranger this golden corral is off the hook photo is going to be permanently disconnected i wish i could be permanently disconnected from this game long ago there was a meteor that crashed into the ocean what no clearly a crash into that subway station that doesn’t make sense does it build my it’s all good it’s all good well what do you know i’d like to say from this point the game gets better but spoiler alert it doesn’t from here you pretty much do the same thing say people that don’t need saving drive a car save people that don’t need saving drive a car save people who don’t need saving who really cares so let’s just fast forward to the last level shall we so in the final level i’m trying to save people of course in this random cave and i’m also trying to find this titanium coin AKA on nickel now watch you clearly see me get the coin first correct nope apparently King Tut gets it before me whatever now we must use the amazing Megazord to defeat him which i impressing Lee due in less than a minute that’s right the final boss less than a minute to defeat less than a minute so we defeat the bad guys and save dear what do you do I hate the power rangers me too me too this game was upset with me cleaning stuff now it’s my turn hello yeah how to destroy bead now you must start now well that sucks wanted to do about it it’s it’s more time two tone ha come on this is the last time i buy more from craigslist and i’m all about those awkward stances saying the appear players are typical me because I like right now just like a frat house on


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