Power Rangers Super Megaforce – Silver Lining – Power Rangers vs Commander Osegain | Silver Ranger

Power Rangers Super Megaforce – Silver Lining – Power Rangers vs Commander Osegain | Silver Ranger

Let’s see how you fare against
these powered up X Borgs. Better than you will against us. Attack! Destroy them all! (upbeat music) He’s right, these X Borgs
are tougher than before. Perhaps, but that’s not gonna stop me! Yeah! Seven on one, that’s not fair! Are you alright? Yup, cool moves. Watch out, X Borgs. There’s plenty of me to go around. Nice. Alright! I’ve got this covered, no problem! Woah, close one! You’re not working alone anymore. Understood. Let’s finish this together. (multiple explosions) This isn’t over! You’re right, this
is just the beginning. [All] Let’s go Legendary. We know you can do this. Okay, show me. Legendary Ranger mode, Samurai! [All] Go, go, Samurai! Samurai Blue! Samurai Yellow! Samurai Pink! Samurai Green! Yes, the Samurai Sixth Ranger key. Legendary Sixth Ranger Mode, Samurai Gold! I did it! Nice. You won’t find this so nice. [All] Spin Sword, Quintuple Slash! Barracuda of Light! (huge explosion) Unbelievable! Believe it! Woah, that was amazing! But legendary mode
burns a lot of energy. We need to morph back
to Super Mega Mode. Yeah, we have to save our energy. Let me take this guy. For the Andresians! You’ll end up just like them. Think again. Super Mega Final Strike, Charge! Super Spear Blaster. ♫ Power Rangers Megaforce ♫ Power Rangers ♫ Power Rangers ♫ Power Rangers Megaforce ♫ Power Rangers Megaforce


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  2. Exactly, how are these X-Borgs tougher than the last ones that the Megaforce team fought before?! I see no difference here.

  3. Why do the Megaforce team assume that Orion can morph into other sixth rangers that came before him?! He's never even got the new upgrades unto the next few episodes.

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  5. They skipped the IMPORTANT thing!

    Silver: Can you please gimme a Ranger Key with Chinese word on his face?
    Red: Uh…(gives a Ranger Key) this one?
    Silver: Alright! (morphs into Zeo Gold Ranger) I'm gonna slice you with a– Wait no no no! Not this Ranger! (morphs back to Super Megaforce) This is a Gold Ranger from ZEO! What I want is the Golden Ranger Key with the Chinese letter on his face! Dammit, how many times I told you?!
    Red: Oh, my bad…(Gives Golden Samurai Ranger Key)… it's this one, right?
    Silver: Now this is what I'm talking about! Let's go legendary! (Morphs into Golden Samurai Ranger) Go Go Samurai!!

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  7. Let's Go Legendary OK Legendary Ranger Mode Samurai Go go Samurai Samurai Red Samurai Blue Samurai Yellow Samurai Pink Samurai Green yes the Samurai six Ranger key Legendary six Ranger Mode Samurai Gold Nice 😃😉😀😎👍👍👍🤟🤟🤟👌👌👌🤘🤘🤘

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