Power Rangers Super Ninja Steel – Gold Ranger Superstar Mode vs Tynamon | Episode 17 Happy to Be Me

Power Rangers Super Ninja Steel – Gold Ranger Superstar Mode vs Tynamon | Episode 17 Happy to Be Me

Ninja fusion star, lock in. (ominous music) Turns out, Tynamon is a genius! Lets give him a bunch of skull gators! (laughing and cheering) (loud whooshing) Skull gators combine! Ninja Spin! (whirring) [Man] Oh no! Megalord ready! Oh this is bad. Really bad. [All] Ninja Spin! (whirring noises) (fast action music) (roaring) Ninja steel Megazord,
combine! Ninja Spin! Ninja steel Megazord, ready! Ninja super steel mode, ready! (roaring) He’s coming right at us! Ahh!
Ohh! Whoa! The Megazord’s becoming unstable! It’s gonna break apart (all screaming) (laughing) He flew right through our Megazord! There’s no way we can beat a monster that was created by the Fusion Star! Preston! You have to find a way to break Tynaman’s spell and get Levi’s voice back! Right! I’ll do my best. Let’s get back to the base! (running footsteps) Hey where’d the Rangers go?! You let them escape? You fool! Oh yeah? How’s this for foolish? I’ll crush you instead! That’s enough, I’d better
shrink your ego down to size. (whirring lasers) Oh no! What’s happening? How dare you shrink me down! Me? You’re the one who
let the Rangers get away. You’re worthless, you belong in the trash! (screaming) I’ve had enough of you
old man, I’m outta here! (lasers blasting) You won’t get away that easy! (lasers blasting) (dramatic action music) ( strained grunting ) What’s up Rangers?! I’m about to give the word
destruction, new meaning! Speaking of new, time to
try out my new ninja star! Super star mode, activate! Ninja Spin! (dramatic action music) Check it out! Levi’s new mode is epic! Storm Star! Lock in! Storm Star, tornado mode! Ninja Spin! Defeating you is gonna be a breeze. A little wind doesn’t scare me! [Levi] It should. (intense battle music) Super Star Storm Slash! Final attack! (yelling) (explosions) What!? Noo! [Yellow Ranger] That was amazing, bro! [Levi] I’m just warming up. Here it goes! Lion Fire Red! C’mon, lets help him out! Yeah! Let’s go! (swords clanking) (explosion) Head’s up! Ahhhh! That one hurt! (cheering) This’ll teach you not
to steal people’s voices. Lightening Mode, Ninja Spin! (electricity buzzing) Super Star, Super Charge! Lightening Slash! Final attack! Ahhhh! (explosion) (groaning) Oh no! My brilliant
plan has fallen apart! Hey! It looks like
you dropped something. [Red Ranger] Artesian Star! Nice!


  1. Power Rangers Super Ninja Steel Episode 17 "Happy to Be Me" Clips

  2. I liked the fact that Aiden/Levi was able to use his new Power Star to get back the Fusion Star that was stolen from the Rangers.

  3. YES right after Levi punished Tynamon with his superstar mode he took back the fusion star and it’s finally back where it belongs

  4. 2:22 WHOA, that is a MASSIVE error; the sword replacing the guitar with no explanation… I know Power Rangers typically causes things to form out of nowhere, but this is just… couldn't there just be a small scene where Levi calls forth that sword thing and the sword replaces the guitar? It might look stupid, but at least it wouldn't look jarring.

  5. I can't wait for this season to end. Also, I hope Noam isn't part of Beast Morphers… Not every second of the show needs constant random noise in the background. Honestly, he just makes it up on the spot, I swear.

  6. Just my opinion I think Power Rangers actor should learn more about voice acting expectly in fighting scene seriously so bad compare to voice acting in super Sentai series look more realistic .

  7. That hammer that the monster was using was very similar to the hammer used by Thor when he was in operation overdrive. They might be reusing props, I think I’m the only one who noticed🤷🏾‍♂️

  8. Actually when magamalar first approached, make the rangers be in their megazord and make them destroy him

  9. When gold did the storm star attack take off megamalar and gold do the attack on tynomon to destroy his robot body and after that, make tynomon fall and gold his other final attack on tiny tynomon

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