President Trump Disgrace Laid Bare In Interactions With Gold Star Families | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

President Trump Disgrace Laid Bare In Interactions With Gold Star Families | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC


  1. Just another reason, Lincoln is know as one, if not THE best President in our history. Trump has and never will earn that moniker. He is a pig.

    At least one father got a few dollars out of it and that probably meant more or affected Trump more than ANY human emotion. Again, I say:
    Trump = SCUM.

  2. This is Trump all over. I think he was unknowingly callous; he lacks the awareness to realise that his words weren't comforting. Unfortunately, his refusal to admit his own shortcomings means that he can't acknowledge that he could have spoken better and apologise. He is then too thin-skinned to accept being called out on his lack of empathy, so then he has to bite back. Rinse and repeat.

  3. TRUMP, TRUMP JR. LIMBAUGH, CARLSON, AND HANNITY, All “Authorities” On Defense Never Served One Day In The Military. In Fact Limbaugh Like Trump Is A Spineless Draft Dodger. ME….Two Combat Tours in Vietnam and I Lost My Only Son in Afghanistan…My Simple Comment… I Don’t Support Wimpy, Chicken Xxxx, Draft Dodging Cowards Whether, Democrat…Republican, Independent or People Who Back Them.

  4. You can buy buildings and tacky golf courses but you will never be able to buy class. Trump is an I'll bred, narcissistic scam artist with no self respect nor manners.

  5. This cowardly lion who we have for as a president is not worth the air that he breathes. He's a cowardly, insensitive, ignorant, vacant foo who couldn't fight his way out of a paper bag!

  6. Another “perfect call” from a guy who dodged the draft. Bone spurs Trump is one sick individual. He is a disgrace to the country and has not earned the rights to speak to Gold Star families.

  7. this duncer dump has no heart, compassion, empathy, is full of lies and shamelesness. for the love and sake of humanity, lock this scum up now!

  8. Would it have been sooooooo hard to say "thank you for your husband's sacrifice, helping to keep American safe." I am sorry for your loss. Why are we surprised? He is a shallow, mean spirited, callous individual.

  9. Careful, Rachel, people will catch on to the fact that you are reasoned, right-thinking, moderate, not the screeching Leftie firebrand brush with which you are normally splashed by the willfully ignorant. Trust me, moderate is a much worse label to wear, especially with non-partisan attached. Okay, I'm off to tend to my neckbeard now 😀

  10. what a disgrace trump is as a pretend human.he has no comparsion,because he never served our country,he has brain spurs.feeling for others comes from the heart,trump is an embarrassment to our military,he should have let those who have experience send their heart felt sympathys.

  11. He’s a liar…and a thief…please check wether he has paid his bills at all the cities he has had rallies. I was under the impression that he has raised 125 million toward his reelection campaign but somehow he can’t pay the cities where he holds his rallies and tells even more lies.

  12. Donny’s spent decades building an image of business savvy, mega rich, a winner that largely only exits in his head. It’s taken barely 36 months to completely expose him as a conman liar. He like Rudy were greedy, they will pay a steep price. GOOD.

  13. Remembering the slimy words of an evil man is not hard…Especially when we know he deferred five times…When he leaves the White House, it should be thoroughly wiped down….

  14. I recall the interview with some white women voters talking about Trump, stupid, stupid women when one of them said that she will continue to support Trump “ because he is for the people” I’m scared of these people; they may just be stupid enough to vote him a second term.

  15. This is what the ruling class in America thinks of the peasants…you got rid of a king only to elect an emperor 300 years later…and not a very good one at that.

  16. I agree with Ronald Rowe tRump is a fat ugly boated Man-Baby He sits there with his arms folded like a spoiled brat who’s taking his marbles home! Trump needs to shut his fat toilet of a mouth! He has NO right to talk about anything military! tRump is a draft dodging coward disgrace to the office of the president! This overgrown man-child has no empathy I don't believe a word tRump says! tRump is a mean racist narcissist psychopath only a Nazi can be equal or worst!

  17. How much lower can this 45th President go? Just shows how he has no way with words…a mistake was the first time ….we as a nation don't have to make same mistake twice

  18. Trump is a deranged lunatic. Vote these criminals out! We all can do better than wretched Trump. Right? This we can agree on. Responsible leadership that puts Americans first.

  19. Remove Trashy Trump from Office! We Americans deserve proper leadership. Responsible leadership. Trump, his ilk, and supporters are not to be trusted. Respect is earned.

  20. Cadet bone spurs talks about "He knew what he signed up for" says the 5 time draft dodger. No respect what so ever for our troops who have fought and died for our country. The day he is removed from the WH is the day i will celebrate every year on that date it will be a holiday.

  21. President Trump is the best President we have ever had in America.look at all he has done for America.The Dems are doing nothing to MAGA.Trump is innocent.Stop lies against Trump.

  22. Blah, blah, blah, Whistle-blower ! Blah, blah, blah, RUSSIA !, blah, blah, blah, Emoluments Clause !. blah, blah, blah, Kids in cages !, blah, blah, blah, RACIST !, blah, blah, blah, His Taxes ! Blah, blah, blah, Charleston ! Blah, blah, blah, Stormy Daniels ! Blah, blah, blah, SHARPIE-GATE ! LMFAO

  23. Why do you continue to ignore the crimes of Hillary Clinton as she continues to seemingly live free of your scorn? She has a vast list of criminal behavior that reaches back into her political history in Arkansas … and she should have been behind bars long ago. Yet, there she is, walking about as if innocent of her evil deeds.
    That is all the proof necessary that the main stream media is just as involved as she in corruption.

  24. This is coming from a president who claims "I'm the best president ever even better than Washington and Lincoln" as he looks into the pool of water and falls in love with his own reflection (Narcissus).

  25. Think about this next time that Trump brags about his achievements. Trump can never and will never unite America again after fighting a war against slavery and winning. How good is that? Build an f'in wall??? How about freeing the slaves?

    And that fact, in and of itself exposes Trump for who he is- a charlatan.

  26. What disgrace? He’s the only President to attend a Veterans Day event. He’s done so much for Veterans and they love him. Shame on you MSNBC.

  27. Trump knows no better because apart from his obvious afflictions he's an uneducated fool, for him money was not his friend because it allowed him to think he was great when in fact he was an underachiever and an abject failure.

  28. How can you compare Lincoln to this grifter the Tramp is ?
    Yes maybe president but a descent caring person he is not by any means ,
    It's ludicrous that anyone would think that this Tramp has any substance of class , apathy or morale to others that's an impossibility from a narsistic moronic ignorant imbecile no.45 is

  29. When you're born, you're automatically $85,000 in debt.
    If you died serving your country as a soldier, your family gets a $100,000. Don't know how I feel about that? My husband served, 1st Cav. M.A.T.H.

  30. the longest war in american history??……what about the invasion, occupation, genocide, relocation of native americans off their land???….from 1500 to 1900 the u.s. tried it's best to eradicate the non whites that were here first….i am perplexed by this statement that we are NOW in the longest war in u s history…

  31. Again, they are distorting the president’s words. How do they get away with this over and over again? This is not good journalism!

  32. Everything that comes out of this woman’s mouth is a total lie. You can tell she is biased against the president. I think it’s a shame.

  33. Veterans families are not the veterans veterans are for trump I’m a 100% disabled American veteran my family doesn’t understand why I’m for trump I’ll tell you why he is right about getting out of theses endless wars his generals are the problem generals love wars warriors dont


  35. Oh my, what is to be said about Mr. Lincolns ability to communicate great issues to individuals, like his letter of condolence here or the Gettysburg address to a nation grieving the terrible looses of a war going on too long. I have read much of what his hand put to paper, memorized much of his writting with out trying and more than once cried.

  36. I LOVE RACHEL MEDDOW! She is so smart. Rachel you probably don’t read this because you’re busy. Bless your ❤️. You impress me every single time you are on tv. Just love you. Thank you from the bottom of my and my family’s heart. God bless.

  37. Drumpf is a moral bankrupt who represents a HUGE swath of the American public (along with many foreign fans) that is also morally bankrupt.

    That is the tragedy, and the possibility: are the morally bankrupt degenerates who proudly screech MAGA! salvageable?

  38. Trump is as stupid as anyone can be. He doesn’t know his right hand from his left. He is the most ignorant person to walk the earth. How anyone could vote for a person that doesn’t know history of their country and where the states are. TRUMP YOU ARE A BOLD FACE LiER, when he crosses his arms in front of himself you know he is lying and trying to protect himself. KARMA will get Spanky someday. Of course he had no intention on sending a check. Most people don’t use checks anymore Trump. I donate to the Guiding Eyes every month and have never done it by check. Maybe one of his rats could show him how to do this without a check and crayons.

  39. Piece of crap Trump faked footsie boo boos to avoid service, I'd love to have him feel what it's like to be a disabled veteran. The photo on the left is my immigrant brother in law who was killed in Vietnam the year Trump faked footsie boo boos. He was given posthumous US Citizenship. The photo on the right is me, Life Member of the DAV.

  40. He is just a cheap gangster and do not deserve to be the Leader of This beautiful Nation. Let's just get him out. No country in the world has any trust in the USA because of this so call president.

  41. Worldwide the mans considered a clown, his high position prevents world leaders from saying what they really think, thankfully I am not a world leader and can say what most Australians think, he is a disaster, a lunatic, America has become a laughing stock and American voters…it's all your fault.
    Ken Pomlett. Perth Australia.

  42. Rachel, great job, thank you… You touched a tender nerve in talking about the world most loved and favorite USA president, Abe Lincoln …he represents the best in America… His expression is pure poetry….abe walking to school in the snow built strong character. I learned so much trying to memorize Lincoln's Gettysburg address on my way to be coming USA citizen… I recited that famous tale to the judge who administer my citizenship test. The judge was immensely pleased and I was proud…

  43. We all KNOW how much he LOVES his country, we've seen him wrap his arms around a flag for all to see while he gave a wide smile. to photographers …. he loves his country so much he was a draft dodger when he was young and ABLE to fight for hs beloved country, yet he claimed he had heel spurs that prevented him from military service. I wonder how bad those heel spurs hurt him when he's shooting round after round of golf?????? This man is a LIAR and a non-human. The sooner we rid him out of the WHite House the sooner we can start repairing the DAMAGE he has done. SHAME on all those who voted for him. You are now part of the problems of this country. Deny it and you're a LIAR LIKE trump.

  44. Jealousy, is insecurity. Trump is soooo jealous of President Obama he can't see or think straight! How dare he say that to a grieving wife. Well remember how he took a photo with a child who's parents were killed at a festival ,and both him and melnia were smiling, he is just a disgusting human being!

  45. I don't know if there's anything old bone spur can say or do that would surprise me but on the other hand the most surprising thing to me would be to hear him tell the truth about anything

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