[PREVIEW #2] Just Gold – Remix by ForceBore

[PREVIEW #2] Just Gold – Remix by ForceBore

TIME FOR THE MAIN ATTRACTION THE STORY MUST BE TOLD TIME FOR A CHAIN REACTION IT NEVER GETS OLD SOME BOTS GET SATISFACTION BREAKING THE MOLD SOME BOTS ARE JUST DISTRACTIONS SOME BOTS ARE JUST GOLD I’m not the bad guy, I’m just a bit surprising It’s not worth losing sleep It’s not worth analyzing There was a time, not so long ago at all I was just like you, can you hear my call?


  1. Most parts I have fixed from previous preview, so now it kinda looks fine. (I have done far more than this. I am not showing other parts, because the song is very short (2:42) and I have done 1:18 at the moment) I hope that I will be done with this project on next weekend, if not, then it will take another 2 weeks to finish it. Cuz' I am going to be away again.

    Next parts will have a lot of editing and I hope you all will like it 🙂

    FNAF VR: Help Wanted Map is in W.I.P. stage by MiniFigJoeSFM (it will be released when he is done with all maps) And Glitchtrap with eye / mouth bones is private! Sorry!

    About Behind The Mask… I WILL ANIMATE IT! Just NOT NOW. I am waiting for some stuff to be done, so I could continue on working on it! Sorry that it takes so long, but I will try to make it as good as I can.

  2. Wow this animation is getting better and better great job Xboxgamerk 👍👍 continue the great work💜❤💜❤

  3. WHOM GREAT JOB THIS IS SO COOL i like how you made glitchtrap/virus mouth move i never seen that in a animation so cool😎💯😲👌👍🔥🎉

  4. Guess what

    I've been watching you since 2015 you made a lot of progress xbox gamer like different intro's and anmainton and my personal favorite is mr. Fazbear

  5. SpringTrap:m not the bad guy, i just came here to sell you some pizza! crosses his fingers
    Night Guard: oh, cool! But if its an lie i will burn down this building
    SpringTrap: wait what

    This animation looks so cool! And its so fluid, i'm impressed!

  6. Круто, я скоро зделаю анимацию в sfm………….посмотриш…..а хотя нет не надо смотреть мои не до анимации не тровмируй свою психику не смотри…всё

  7. okay gonna say this, i love how you change the area the glitch trap is in like he is making it change with his powers by glitching, nice touch

    Edit: also i'm not sure if i am the only who saw but at the start chica rolled her eyes

  8. It's cool that glitch trap in this Animation moves his eyes and mouth but isn't he a costume ? Any ways good animation

  9. I love how you added the new spring trap it looks so clean it’s definitely gonna be a really good full animation can’t wait xbox gamerk UwU ^^

  10. I remember watching your SFM animations ages ago
    You’ve improved so much from being amazing to fantastic it makes me happy to see some of the SFM artists that showed up during the FNaF craze are still doing good. Just wanted to leave this message 🙂

  11. Если я смогу зделать свою игру про андертейл я добавлю тебя как посхалку но правда я не уверен что я её вообще зделаю потому что я "криво жопыпй руко жоп"

  12. I though Glitchtrap can't be more creepy. I was wrong. :O
    0:33 OMG! I'm always imagine that Springtrap make fingers crossed when he tell a lie. I'm love it.

  13. 0:37 springtrap: I'm just a bit surprising. ( springtrap teleporting to the door) me: oh god, you are surprising, you just teleport to the door.

  14. Meh heart is bumping, hoping to watch the full video! KEEP DA HECKIN' VIDEO UP, KAT! You inspired me, so keep it up..👌

  15. bro she just used the HW springtrap edit because i told her to use the HW springtrap and others told her to use lettuce boi springtrap so she basically did both

    Yeah, this is big brain time

  16. Is it just me? Or does the start look like:
    Freddy: hollo everybodeh!
    Bonnie: i found mah guitar!
    Chica: rolls eyes am bored… le gasp A GREEN HARE!!
    Bonnie: le gasp A GREEN BUNNY!!
    Freddy: IT'S A RAT!! A GREEN ONE!!
    Glitchtrap: PICK-A-BOO!!

  17. Does anyone realize the fact that wonder over yander and this song share the same lyrics??

    “I’m not the bad guy. I’m just a bit surprising.
    It’s not worth losing sleep, it’s not work analyzing.”

    But other than that great song 😄

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