Pro Women’s Gold Medal Match from the 2019 Franklin Pickleball Masters

Pro Women’s Gold Medal Match from the 2019 Franklin Pickleball Masters

(energetic music) (moved into upbeat rock music) – [Male Announcer] Alright. Welcome back. We are here and the Franklin
Pickle ball Masters. This is the Gold Medal Match. Women’s doubles. Serving, Lucy Kovalova and her partner Simone Jardim. Serving to Regina Franco. And her partner Sarah Ansboury. That first return is long. – [Different Male Announcer]
Thank you for joining us from around the world. (hitting ball) (cheering) I think the crowd’s gettin’ revved up. What do you think? – [Male Announcer] I think so. Lucy and Simone have not played a lot. They played at the Texas
open and won gold there. Just the other week. (hitting ball) They’re trying to win some
more medals here again. – [Different Male Announcer]
They’ve had so many great matches against one another over the past few years. It’s great to see ’em teaming up. (hitting ball) – [Male Announcer] Sarah
Ansboury and Regina Franco, hard fought battle. Especially that last semi-final. Pulled it out and now
they’re here in gold. (hitting ball) (cheering) (laughing) I think Simone wanted that call but (hitting ball) just out. (cheering)
Wow. – [Different Male Announcer]
That’s just so tough. Regina stands in there and gets a couple really tough balls back
from Simone and then Simone just rips one on the wire. She’s the best player (hitting ball) on the lady’s circuit. Just no doubt. – [Male Announcer] Looks to
jump over the corner of the kitchen. Ends up hittin’ it in the net. We are in the women’s gold match. (hitting ball) One, four, two. It’s a side out. Lucy Kovalova and Simone Jardim in the near court. (hitting ball) So we goin’ to second
server in the far court. We have Sarah Ansboury in the blue shirt with head logo on it. (hitting ball) Regina Franco in the tank-top. – [Different Male Announcer]
Thanks for the question Nathaniel. Simone and Lucy I think you’re going to see a lot more of them in the
future from what I hear. So power team. (hitting ball) (clapping) – [Male Announcer] Thanks
for your note Deane Norman. One of the great Kansas
City players up there. And a lot of watchful
eyes I know up the road. There are other Chicken and Pickle watching this match tonight. So thanks for tuning in. (hitting ball) (clapping) – [Different Male Announcer]
Simone tries to heat that up. Regina takes it cross court. And it gets hit by Lucy Kovalova. And now we got 2nd serve. Simone Jardim. (hitting ball) (clapping) So if you’re just joining us. You can see behind Regina there, the Chicken and Pickle. We are at the Franklin Pickleball Masters. Hosted by Chicken and Pickle. The Women’s Gold Match. We have the initial lead has
gone to Simone Jardim and Lucy Kovalova in the near court. (hitting ball) Alright, Lucy has something on her hand. (hitting ball) – [Male Announcer] See if Sarah Ansboury. And Regina
can get something going here. Just struggling to score
points and the moment. – [Different Male Announcer]
Still early enough in game one. One six two. (hitting ball) – Simone Jardin able to get the ball A little behind Sarah Ansboury there. For a side out. – [Male Announcer] Just a great angle. – [Different Male Announcer] Jesus. For those of you watching
we are recording iso cameras live time, one of the live streams. It is what it is. We will be re-releasing
these matches periodically there’s some things
that had gotten missed. With technical and we’ll re-edit
them together and release them in their entirety. Ball hits the net and goes just long. Moving onto second serve. – [Male Announcer] Simone Jardin
serving to Sarah Ansboury. (hitting ball) – What you’re seeing is just very, very attacking aggressive strategy. From Simone and Lucy. That’s normally the way they play. They certainly can play
any style but their showing a lot of assertiveness in this first game. And its working so far. (hitting ball) (laughter) – I think, Lucy regretted that poor drop shot but Regina didn’t do anything with it. So great return on the back line from Lucy. (hitting ball) (cheering out) Wow, gotta love Regina Franco she stands in there. She is a tough little competitor. And just love seeing her
game elevate as it has. Sarah’s been on the top
scene for quite some time. – [Different Male Announcer]
Regina Franco is newer to the pro tour I guess if you call it that. Sarah Ansboury is the veteran
actually on the court. (ball hitting) and then its Lucy Kovalova
followed by Simone Jardim and Regina in terms of
years of Pickle ball play. Score is 8-1-2. (ball hitting) (yelling) All right so we got a time out here. Jardim Kovalova going in. Up 9-1 And we’ll be back in about a minuet. – Hey everybody. I just wanted to say thank
you to our sponsor Highlands and let you know Highland’s leg cramps, thousands of Pickle ball players use them. But they also have other
products for active people. You have the muscle
therapy gel, Arnic Aid. Acrnic sport. Obviously the leg cramps product . And there is also a restful legs product. Lots of products, we love them a ton. Give them some love and
try some of their products. – [Narrator] Claims based
on traditional homeopathic practice not excepted medical evidence. Not FDA evaluated. – [Different Male Announcer]
All right we are back from time out. We are in game number one of
the women’s gold medal match. Here at the Franklin Pickle ball masters. (ball hitting) – [Male Announcer] All right. It’s been all Kovalova
and Jardim so let see if, Sarah and Regina can get
something going here. (ball hitting) – [Different Male
Announcer] That’s a problem. (cheering) Nobody finished better than Simone. (ball hitting) – Wow, that angle. Simone tells Lucy, “so good” and it was. – Just a little flick of
the wrist, wonderful angle. – [Male Annoucner} Exactly. And getting close to
possibly closing this out. (ball hitting) – [Different Male Announcer] Point away. So a possible game point here. 10-1-1 Hard return. Sarah steps in, poaches that a little bit. Is she able to close it out? – [Male Announcer] Yep, very. – [Different Male Announcer]
Moving onto second serve. (ball hitting) – Wow, yeah. (ball hitting) – [Player] Ugh! – [Different Male Announcer] That’s it! Game number one goes
to Kovalova and Jardim. We will be back to you
with game number two in a moment. Thanks for watching. – [Narrator] You’re watching
the Franklin Pickleball Masters Pro Invitational hosted
by Chicken & Pickle. This live stream is brought to you by Hyland’s Leg Cramps. Stop your cramp, not your game. By Selkirk, we are Pickleball. And by Pickleball Channel, bringing Pickleball to the entire world. Thank you to our sponsors
for making it possible to give you the best live
media coverage of the Franklin Pickleball masters. Hosted by Chicken & Pickle. – [Narrator] Hi everyone
I want to give a shout out and thank you to our sponsor Hyland. We literally could not
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other athletes use it as well. Including Pickleball players. So give it a try and
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on traditional homeopathic practice not accepted medical evidence. Not FDA evaluated . – [Different Male Announcer
All right we are back the beginning of game number 2. The women’s gold match. Ten thousand dollars on the line. At the Franklin Pickleball Masters. Hosted by Chicken & Pickle. (ball hitting) – [Male Announcer] There’s just clearly, a whole lotta offense on
the far side of the net. – [Different Male Announcer]
Yeah Kovalova and Jardim are definitely keeping the pressure on. Game number and you can see by this score, actually which might not be up yet. Went to Kovalova and Jardim. (ball hitting) – [Male Announcer] And
its just very difficult because they’re so strong,
they put so much pressure on Regina and Sarah constantly. – [Different Male Announcer]
That’s a great point. (screaming) – [Both Announcers] Wow! – [Male Announcer] Good stuff! They can see you stay
in a point that long. – [Different Male
Announcer] Pow, pow, pow. – [Male Announcer] And then
one just goes a little wide. 1-0-1 (ball hitting) – Wow. (clapping) – (laughing) Simone says
“oh sorry” to herself. That’s atypical for her to
hit that soft shot in the net. Score 2-0-2, second serve. (ball hitting) – Simone comes across the
poach, hits it just enough. They go to the open spot,
but it goes a little long. If you’re new to Pickleball. There three scores, the first score is the server. The second score is the returning team. That third number is the number server. Each team get two serves per turn. It’s a little confusing but you’ll get it. 4-0-2 Simone serves. (ball hitting) – [Different Male Announcer]
Hits the net, bounces up. Doesn’t quite make it over. And we got a side out. We’re in Wichita Kansas the sun has set and cooled down a bit. Crowd is watching locally are great. (ball hitting) – [Player] Come on! – {Different male Announcer] Ugh 6 serves 0-4-2 and
Ansboury serves to Jardim Franco returns. Oh almost Strong angle coming across the court. Ansboury tries to go around the post. Doesn’t quite get it in. 4-0-1 Kovalova still serving. Franco returns, Simone takes it. Ansboury back. Simone ducks out of the way. Ball goes long and we got another point. – [Different Male Announcer] Matrix move. (ball hitting) – You know as dominating
performance as this is here by Simone and Lucy. I tell you they actually did
loose on a match earlier. In pool played Andrea
Koop and Lindsey Newman. So they did not go unscathed today. But boy they are just, so very focused in championship form here. – [Male Announcer] Time out
called by Andrea Franco. They gotta try to stay in this game. We will be back to you with
more Women’s gold action. After the time out. – Hi I’m John BradiyI had
a bad experience after two days in hot weather. I woke up with leg cramps
a member recommended the Hyland’s booth, took some of their pills. I was able to go back to
sleep and play the next day. I played all day and ended
up winning the silver medal. All because I took those
Hyland leg cramp pills. They were excellent,
got me through the day. – [Narrator] Claims based
on traditional homeopathic not accepted medical evidence. Not FDA evaluated. – [Different Male
Announcer] Okay we are back from the time out. We are in game number two
in the Women’s Gold match. There’s ten thousand dollars on the line. (ball hitting) Another point goes to
Jardinm and Kovalova. – [Male Announcer] It’s gonna
be over pretty quick here at this rate. 8-0 (ball hitting) Oh, two handed going to
put that away in the net. Simone kind of smiles
to herself a little bit. – [Different Male Announcer]
Second serve another chance. Great blocks there from Regina. Just a reset get back in the point. – [Male Announcer] Oh
there yah go it worked! Textbook right there. – [Different Male Announcer] Yeah she is hanging in there. Again all of these players are fantastic but it is nice in this tournament to see so many new faces. (ball hitting) – [Male Announcer] Rusty
I want to give a shout out to Tyson McGuffin. He was invited and expected this week. He couldn’t join us because of an injury. So I hope you’re doing
well buddy and healing up. (ball hitting) – [Different Male Announcer] Yes sir that obviously frustrating for a athlete. So that’s a side out. You see the frustration
building in Ansboury and Franco a little bit, trying to
get a point on the board. (ball hitting) – Oh! Holy cow right! – [Male Announcer] Yeah Sarah definitely hit an out ball there,
but it didn’t matter. – [Different Male Announcer]
I don’t know quite Simone and Lucy smiling over there. – Yeah – Happy that they are two points . Did that go, hit the paddle
there so another point. – [Male Announcer] Referee clarifying that it hit the paddle. 10 possible match point. – [Ref] That was out, she
called it out, it was good. – [Different Male Announcer]
The ref called it out, Sarah said it was good. (chatter) – Sarah’s asking if she
can say it was good. – [Male Announcer] Not really
sure what happened there. – [Different Male Announcer] I don’t know, Kovalova and Jardim are allowing a replay. Normally you’re not allowed to do replays but here we are. (cheering) – [Male Announcer] Holy cow! While that was a good finish. The gold champions here. Simone Jardim Lucy Kovalova at the Franklin Pickle all masters. Hosted by Chicken & Pickle. Ten thousand dollars goes. Five thousand a piece. Stay tuned, were gonna have the men
gold coming after this. Thanks for everybody, thanks
to Hyland’s leg cramps for sponsoring this stream. And we will be back soon. (music playing)


  1. It had been a long time since I last saw Sarah A in (semi)final match (on Youtube). She used to be just as good as Simone J. What had happened?

  2. "Well, Regina, we've got good news and bad news. The good news is you've made it to the pros and snared one of the best partners out there." "And the bad news?" "You're playing against Simone Jardim and LUCY ( not Lindsay, like the commentator said) Kovlova." Talk about baptism by fire! I don't see how Simone and Jardim are going to be beaten by anyone any time soon.

  3. Really surprising to see Ansboury and Franco in the final of a tournament which I assume included almost all of the top players. Clearly a huge mismatch.

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