Pros & Cons of a Labrador Retriever | Dog Breeds

Pros & Cons of a Labrador Retriever | Dog Breeds

I’m Julia Szabo, also known as a Pet Reporter,
and I am the “”Living with Dogs”” columnist for I’ve actually written 6 books and I’m hard
at work on my next one. It will be about about dogs — that’s as much
as I can say right now. I love dogs and I think nobody’s life is complete
without one. So I’m here to tell you about a variety of
different dogs breeds that might suit your lifestyle. I hope you’ll adopt one soon. The Labrador Retriever; is probably one of
the most popular breeds in the world, certainly in America. It’s always in the top 3 of the most popular
breeds. They’re incredibly great dogs, they can be
trained to do so many things. The most recent interesting application for
Labradors in terms of helping humans, is, that, they’re amazing at, detecting the, sugar
lows, that people with diabetes experience. So, uh, their actually what’s called “”Dogs
for Diabetics””, that’s the group that trains them and what they do, is that, they take
dogs, Labradors, who didn’t make it through all the way, to the “”Guide Dogs for the Blind
Program””, and, for whatever reason they flunked, maybe they liked to rearrange a person’s shoes,
and you can’t do that to a blind person. So, that dog still has all that amazing training. So, they’re recycled to actually help people
with Diabetes. So, um, Labs are incredible, they’re very
playful, they’re very athletic, and they love an athletic owner. A friend of mine, um, she’s an editor and
a writer, and she runs every single day with her lab. She’s actually, like, a marathon runner and
the way she stays in shape is running with her lab, and the lab stays in shape, it stays
happy, it doesn’t destroy the house. Um, they’re amazing water dogs. They love to be around the water. So, if your lifestyle in anyway incorporates
swimming or boating or any of those things they would love to be with you.


  1. where did you get that out of a comment i made asking her to show or talk about the animal that makes up half the title of the video??? Maybe face palm yourself a bit harder and knock some sense in..

  2. Wtf is up with all of the pitbull shots? This video was really poorly done, labs are one of the most popular breeds in the United States and you couldn't find one for this vid? And why was the video so short, almost nothing of significance was said about the lab breed. Please use common sense the next time you bother to make a video.

  3. I have a one year old yellow lab named Sadie and she is amazing!!!!! She is my best friend!!!!! I have a heart problem and if my breathing pattern changes,she comes over and lays next to me!!!! I love her so much!!!!!! 🙂 <3

  4. I had a Black Lab. He died and I loved that dog so much. He was so adorable and affectionate. I still miss him.

  5. My chocolate Labrador puppy is VERY energetic and sweet, she's only a puppy and her name is Lily. She also is a mix of blue heeler and bull terrier.

  6. Why do you never explain the cons? Then the dogs you're talk about you never really show! Maybe change your titles or actually make videos showing what your title says. Just saying, Its almost like me titling something saying man chugging water and beer then all you see is him chugging one of the two. I have seen 5 of your videos in a row and there is never any cons. Why?

  7. I have a lab that was on its way to the pound as an 8 week old puppy. I just got lucky and heard the owner at the gas station telling her story so I brought her home and she's been one of the best dogs I have ever had. I can take her hunting then she want to play with the kids in her down time. It amazes me how she can go from one job to the next, no matter how tough or gentle she needs to be.She (Chloe) has been the best dog ever. Loving, Playful, Gentle, Hunter, Protector. What a dog!

  8. This is a lot of the same footage from the "Maltese" video. I thought this was a Howcast "original"! Why not show us a Labrador???

  9. For those wondering about "cons"…Labs do suffer from hip joint problems quite a bit.   And they really like to chew on stuff as puppies…you gotta train them (easy to do….they are labs) and provide them with safe things to chew on.  They also can have a lot of energy and need exercise.   Oh….they LOVE you…you can't leave them alone or they will be miserable.

    I share the question, "Where are the Labs" though….looks odd to see her with her dog when the subject is Labs.

  10. cons?   you're funny!  here's a con i found with mine…he liked to chase the neighbors cats…which is only a con if you're a cat owner that gets all up in a twist when little kitty gets a workout.  it's not like he was gonna actually catch a cat, but it was great exercise.

  11. what a misleading title. 2 minutes of pros, no mention of cons.

    what about shedding? brushing and raking requirements? the fact that a lab needs a "job" and will have a lot of built up energy that often gets spent misbehaving if they dont have a job and also arent getting enough exercise?

  12. This woman is using ALL of these videos to promote herself and her pitbulls. She just tricked us all into watching her commercial.

  13. the pros of a lab are they are friendly,smart,loyal,versatile,and great with children.the cons are they shed,are a little destructive as puppies,and sort of they are not the worlds greatest watchdog,but overall a great breed!

  14. Yeah my friend has a pure breed chocolate lab… She hates baths she hates the rain she hates water..
    She is as lazy as anything can be.. she won't walk more than a block and a half and when we tried to go further after a week or so she began to hate going out altogether..
    She would act like I am not going out!! you make me walk too far!!
    So we cut back the distance to a block or two and she then would go out again wantingly.
    but if we try to go just 5 steps more she will sit down hard and stare at us like no way jose
    She doesn't like running around she just wants to lay on her bed next to the sofa and watch tv with us… Then she is happy.. She is not sick she has been like that since she was a puppy and the vet said that is just her personality… She is a couch potato

  15. I agree with the others. How the heck can you talk about Labs while sporting a pit bull through the whole video. Id hate yo see your books.

  16. I agree with the others. How the heck can you talk about Labs while sporting a pit bull through the whole video. Id hate yo see your books.

  17. I agree with the others. How the heck can you talk about Labs while sporting a pit bull through the whole video. Id hate yo see your books.

  18. I would like to buy a Labrador retriever but the problem is that I have to go to school for 7 hours during that time I might have to leave the puppy alone would it be okay if I leave the puppy alone for 7 hrs ?

  19. You really need to update the title of your video – it has nothing to do with pros and cons of Labradors and very little to do with Labradors at all really. However, I love pit bulls, so it was fun to see your pitties.

  20. the pros and cons were a short list at the end that didn't include cons. I love my lab, but there are cons. like getting bored easily (even at 10), tendency toward obsessive behavior, over excitement, etc. I love my lab, and he's one of the best things that every happened to me, but I'm not gonna lie, it was an adjustment.

  21. Omg why all the hate on labradors? I love my black lab to death they are great for families they are eager to please great for people that are active. My lab is one of my best friends! U have to train it when u are young. And yes, they are hyper, they are big dogs and if u leave them in the house all day they will chew things up when they are young so u have to take them on walks. I taught my lab to go on off leash walks and we do it almost every day.

  22. i just got a LAB R pupy from the pound he is 8 months old but his old family hit him and now he is scared of big peaple.
    what shoud i do?

  23. very little depth to this video. No interaction with an actual lab? pretty awful video don't know why I watched the whole thing

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