PRS Silver Sky vs. Fender vs. Suhr | What’s the best Strat? | Thomann

PRS Silver Sky vs. Fender vs. Suhr | What’s the best Strat? | Thomann

PRS Silver Sky vs. Fender vs. Suhr | What’s the best Strat?


  1. Can I just say I have never felt more satisfied than when I read the comments and saw how many people preferred the Fender. I know it's a personal choice, but just glad other people felt the way I did after hearing those three

  2. I don't know much about guitars but for what it's worth my tonal preference is Fender, PRS then Suhr. The Fender and PRS are quite similar but the Fender sounds just a little bit sweeter. The Suhr has quite a different sound and it seems almost like it should be in another category. With the overdrive example I couldn't hear much difference between the guitars but if I had to nitpick then probably the order would be reversed.

  3. Each guitar sounds best in their own way. Everybody has a different taste. How tedious it would be if everyone had the same taste.

  4. One of the very first things Mayer pointed out about the Silver sky is that it was made to be played on a "fender amp" — and that he saw some guy playing it on a Victory amp and it didn't sound nearly as good because it was made to be played with a fender amp. I wonder if it was you he is talking about.

  5. First of all, I have a case of PRS bias. In this case, IMO, the Fender sounded better. The Suhr sounds compressed along side the others.

  6. Ok, so, nice video and all, but this kind of tone comparison video, I think it's basically useless at comparing sounds because, at least for me, I can't hold the memory of what a tone sounded like for more than a few seconds. The back and forth switching needs to be in quick succession, ideally back and forth multiple times for each sound.

    3 nice guitars though.

  7. I was surprised that I greatly disliked the PRS. I mean I REALLY didn't like it. Sounded boxy and despite the single coils it had none of the properties I love in single coils. Both the Fender and Suhr sounded very good. My two cents.

  8. I really wanted to like PRS more. Because I like the specs of that guitar and I don't want to buy another Fender. But the sound of the Fender is just so sweet. I really wonder do if it is because I'm so used to that sound that that could be the reason why I like it more. I do have the strong feeling that the PRS plays nicer. I'm playing Fender now for more then 20 years and I'm still fighting it.

  9. I can see why people would like the Suhr, but it doesn’t sound like a Strat. The Strat does. The Suhr would be too thick and midrangey in my amp setup and for my needs. The PRS is almost too much un the other direction. The Strat just does the Strat thing perfectly. I mean… duh… but it does.

  10. Love how this "particular" Fender Custom Shop sounds, through this particular amp. As Mayer himself explained, with the Silver Sky he wanted the following: (and way more)
    – Replicate the sound of a 50 year old guitar without having to wait that long (came close, but probably not close enough)
    – All Silver Sky's to have consistent sound, out of the box, with more versatile tone controls. (Which will help achieve that "old" sound, or any single-coil sound to your liking)
    – Have the right amount of string tension for bends, again, consistently with any SS you pick up
    – Feel like a vintage Strat with it's round radius
    – Way cheaper than any vintage/Fender Custom Shop guitar

    I bet two different Fender 1963 Strat Relic's will feel and sound slightly different from one another.

    You get close to a beautiful vintage tone, and a beautiful looking guitar, which would otherwise cost you over 10 grand. Even this Suhr is over $3000. Taking all these into consideration, I would definitely go for the Silver Sky, which I already have, and with no regrets…yet 🙂

  11. PRS is the worst to me. Fender sounds like real Fender, of course. But sometimes Suhr's modern high definition sound hooks up my mind.

  12. The PRS was too spanky and very thick. While fender was, well fender lol. And suhr sounded hallow and soulless. (Ironically thought the PRS was gonna sound like the suhr) sounds like PRS built a nice competition for fender! Wonder when they will do their own tele spin?!

  13. The suhr has an egginess i dont think id like in the room. But overdriven didnt sound bad the prs is to thin. The strat winns! For me anyway.

  14. John Mayer recently said that he saw somebody play Silver Sky through Victory on youtube, and wasn't impressed. He says the guitar is supposed to be played through Fender amps. He was probably talking about you.

  15. I’d say the Strat sounds the best in my opinion. It’s a bit warmer than the prs. But I would give my left nut for any of these lol

  16. For crystal bell like clean:

    For openness:

    1- Prs
    3 Suhr

    For Distortion

    2- Strat

  17. Fender and the Suhr for sure. Suhr Guitars have great features and I would go with the classic s antique if I had a choice and money. For SURE. lol

  18. 4th position sounds more acoustic on the suhr and most useful if you prefer the neck pickup but don't like the hum

  19. That (fender) strat is special… warm and but still sparkles, but isn't it like a good grand more than the others?

  20. The worst headstock on strat copy ever. Silver Sky. And the worst name. Terrible! When the headstock is not right nothing is.

  21. PRS: softer sounding
    Suhr: sharper sounding
    Fender: nicely between the two
    That particular Fender is also particularly great looking

  22. The old John Mayer 'F' guitar? Why is everyone so weird about mentioning brands old guitars? It's not like it's a big secret that it was a Fender.

  23. PRS actually got the vintage tone right, but the Strat is cleaner. It's a matter of who has more practice, love both companies and I believe PRS has some of the best fan service for any company.

  24. I have a Suhr Classic S Antique in surf green and an Elite Stratocaster in 3 color sunburst. The Suhr is definitely the most well made instrument in every dept. and also amazing to play, it has a humbucker in the bridge, whilst the Fender is 3 single-coils. Yet the Fender has the best sound to my ears, so it's swings and roundabouts. Fenders are like Gibsons, in that no matter how excellent other brands make their guitars they can almost never get that x-factor sound-wise that Fender or Gibson seem to have down. The Suhr was around £900.00 more expensive though, so it is the equivalent to a custom shop Fender. So maybe a custom shop Stratocaster would be as well made as the Suhr? I doubt it however, as I have played a couple of £3.500.00 custom Stratocasters and they didn't meet the extremely high standards of the Suhr guitar I own even though they were a good £1000 more expensive.

  25. I love all this three guitar brands .but there was only one jimmy hendrix and there is only one real stratocaster…no matter what pickups installed..LoL cheers n smile 😘😎

  26. Honestly… they ALL sounded fantastic! However, I personally felt like the Strat had fuller sounding neck & bridge pickups… and better 2&4 position tones. I have a Fender Custom Shop 63 sitting in front of me now, plus a fantastic Custom Shop Vintage Custom 1959 Strat that has a 7.25 to 9.5 compound radius… and they’re both absolutely wonderful instruments. That being said, I wouldn’t hesitate to own a PRS if I were looking for another guitar.

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