BRACELETS Hogwarts HOUSE In this video I’ll explain how you can make all the bracelets of each house As you can see, I did not do Gryffindor yet The one of gryffindor is the one that we are going to do Each one takes its color according to the shield to which it belongs It is very simple, you will only need embroidery thread, or the thread of the thickness that you like, a clip, and ready to make the bracelets of Harry Potter The image shows a pattern of how these bracelets can be made and the direction of the threads They would be two red threads, one yellow thread, three red threads, one yellow thread and one red thread. We placed the first two red threads, followed by the yellow thread Three red threads A yellow thread And a red thread We’ll get them together as much as possible Once we have gathered and aligned the threads as much as possible, we will fix it with some American tape If the American tape does not fix anything, it is that that has no arrangement. To make the knot, the left thread will make a four on the right thread We passed the thread under the thread on the right Passes thread above the thread itself and through the hole forming the thread from the right to the left, that is, above the hollow that forms four. Finally we pull the thread of the right as much as possible, raising the knot upwards Pull the thread and climb as you can see in the picture To finish the first knot, we would repeat the same four again. The thread on the left passes over the right formed a four Passes under the thread that forms the straight stick of the shape of the four and we pull it out and pull it to the right by going up with the anterior knot. The thread with which we have made the knots passes to the left side We would have the first knot made Now we would do the same with the following two threads We repeat the same thing. We make a four The yellow thread passes below the red We climb the thread We pull up We have the first part of the knot made Repeat the four with the yellow thread to the left, pass over the red, then pass under and pull it through the gap between the yellow and red thread So we have the second part of the knot made The yellow thread would now be to our right and the red thread to our left We would do the same with the next pair of threads. The two end threads on each side We climbed them and separated them from the rest of the threads We now repeat with the remaining threads, which are six, the same process, with the first two we make a four, we raise the knot, another four and we raise the knot And we repeat the same principle process by remembering that each thread passes from right to left found once finished with six wires down the two that are above, we would have eight threads and would repeat the same process The first time we use the outer threads, the next time the outer threads pull them apart.


  1. Hola.
    me encanta la pulsera, voy a intentar hacer alguna pero…
    como tiene que ser el grosor del hilo?
    Es un hilo de esos finos que están enrollados en un tubito?

  2. muy buen vídeo👍 solamente que no entendí ¿cuantos listones se necesitan y cuáles son sus medidas? gracias.

  3. Me ha gustado mucho. Gracias. No se por que la gente da a dislike, solo lo hacen para llamar la atención, me imagino.

  4. Ummmm what strings would you recommend. Also is it just the four knot over and over just asking cuz I am confused really confused

  5. please can you just tell me when i have to make only one loop at the terminals instead of two, and please can you just put subtitles because i can't understand any word and thank you <3

  6. Hola! yo quiero hacer algo más ancho que esas pulseras, tengo que repetir el patrón de los colores? El diseño va a quedar igual si repito el patrón? saludos!

  7. How long is each thread at the beginning? I am able to copy the pattern but no matter what the size is too small. I tried 40 cm long each thread and then I tried 60 cm it still is too short. Advice?

  8. Muchas gracias, este fue el único vídeo decente, no sé por qué la gente te dió "no me gusta" si el vídeo está bien y dice lo justo y necesario

  9. No es por nada pero hogwarts no es una casa es una escuela de magia y hecizeria……..

    Pero me gusto mucho tu tutorial…..ame la manilla de gryffindor ❤💛

  10. Hi, just wondering if you still have the templates, it says when I open the link that it's expired. If you do still have them please could you send it to me?

  11. Wow recién descubrí este video, esta muyyy buenoo intentaré hacer una de Gryffindor y una de Ravenclaw para alguien muy especial 😊💖

  12. Está todo muy bien explicado excepto el final, me perdí en la parte de los nudos para terminarla, no entiendo como hacerlo😔

  13. Hufflepuff se pronuncia como "Jafelpaf" y creo que no lo dijo porque no sabía pronunciarlo, ya que en la de Ravenclaw dijo "Ravenclau" y es "Reivenclou" xddd

  14. With the camera angle, it makes it kinda difficult to see. I don't mean for this to sound rude, so sorry it it does. However, after you take the left thread (I'll name this one 1) and place it over the right thread (named 2) to make the four, do you curve the left thread (1) up, and under the right thread that has not moved its place (2), or it there a different step?
    This is a great video by the way! Just want to make sure i understand it fully before I make these for my my friend and I.

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