QUANTUM SLIMES | Slime Rancher #14

QUANTUM SLIMES | Slime Rancher #14

*WAPUSH* Top of the morning to ya laddies, my name is Jacksepticeye and welcome back to Slime Rancher with all my little boys! Hello, my family. How is everybody doing look at my little water dudes They’re the cutest ever I love you guys don’t ever change um So I don’t really know what my plan of action is for this episode. Well, I never really know what my plan of action is for Slime Rancher I kind of just get in and stuff happens, and we we see what goes on but fun little factoid it is currently 2:30 a.m.. I was hanging out with friends this evening, and then I kind of messed up my schedule a small bit so i’m kinda recording this one a bit late But I needed to record something to kind of keep the schedule going so I figured what better game to record at a time like this Than slime rancher because it’s so calming its so nice its so peaceful and I’m kind of addicted to it I kind of want to play it like all the time just to keep gathering supplies and making sure my little ranch is okay and all the little dudes are okay but they are cuz they’re the best little boys! um I think I might end up changing out my my slimes this episode. Oh, I got new upgrades as well that I can start looking for, so we might do that. Get rid of all this oh yes. We’re in the money, we’re in the money! Nice! Look how much the gold sells for! If only I could harvest the gold. Oh! So I got some information on some of these, these are… …glass, or something? They’re-theyre in the glass desert there-there’s something like glass slimes or something- Mosaic Slimes! That’s what they are. I don’t know where the glass desert is- these are obviously fire slimes, which is kind of a letdown because we just have booms and then fires but whatever, I bet they’ll look cool, and these are quantum plorts from quantum slimes! Dunno what this one is… Nobody told me what that one is, or that one. But people DID tell me what these few were- well I guess what that one was because wasn’t that hard, but these make sense and then obviously we have the gold and the hunters, but- Don’t know why you guys could be. So there’s one-two-three-four-five other slimes that we haven’t found yet Which makes me really excited, because I love finding more slimes! Might unlock this area… Boom, because if I remember- wait this should lead out to the docks as well, but if I remember… yeah This is the area that has like a shit ton of chickens in it so we have more chickens And we’ve more vege and everything so this might end up being my crop lot And then I might turn the rest all into like areas for- turn the rest all into areas for- My slimes, and then have a shit ton of slimes out there. I built this area myself by spreading soil from the moss blanket all over the ground Just to see what would happen I was hoping it would attract a hunter slime or two But no such luck. Maybe I need to get some of them big mushrooms to grow here instead? They sure seem to like those- hanging around those things. Fair enough. Can i just go straight to the docks? Yeah! So this leads me back- where did this end up going? this leads me at the other side of the tabby The big tabby slime was here. Okay, cool, and I have to find some of the gordos that were around before… Cant remember where some gordos are- there are some at the moss blanket… and then- What’s out here? Whoa! This is all new! This wasn’t here before! Hey, there’s a bunch of dudes! gold, gold! Shit, I need something to throw at him! uh-uh-uh, boom! uh, boom! uh, boom! Fuck! I just killed some children to try and get him- isn’t it the gold one that you fire stuff at him and then you get something out of him? Or can I just go up and go bah! and- oh my god i’m sorry! :c Ohhh no! Right, so there’s a tabby there… I can end up getting a bunch of chickens and- Doing something with them. Whoa, there’s some big skeleton bones here! Look at that! That’s fucking cool. What are you going to tell me? “I used to come to this beach to think. I’d sit and stare at that those distant rings and ruminate on who created them and for what purpose. But most of all, I’d sit here and think of her.” Getting a bit of a love story in it, so maybe they’re not skeleton bones… …cause that one actually looks like a structure. Hmm. The fucking tabbies- you’re falling into your death! Chasing those chickens- and now a chicken just jumped into its death! The chicken was probably like, “Well, I either drown or get eaten by this fucking cat.” What? Here. I need chickens! Look at all them- CHICKENS! You know what, for your indiscretions… INTO THE OCEAN! Bloop. I’m sorry, but fuck you! You as well! Get outta my face! You didn’t do anything to me, but you’re one of them! If we feed this- tabby or- yeah the tabby gordo back here- Ok there’s only chicks playing around- then maybe we get a slime key? Or if the least we get a new… Teleport pad that will lead us somewhere. Why are you guys all jumping to your deaths? It’s like what the chicken was about to do it as well like what’s into happening all over again Fuck does it go in your mouth They did Okay, hi, how’s it going? Hi, I’m the former the one of those chickens fall in the ocean I’m the plumber. I’m here to clean your pipes It’s a weird place. There’s not a whole lot out here I’m curious is here that thing dawn, so we will try and get a slime team this time But I have to start cultivating more chickens need more money more money more chickens more power when you get more chicken you get more love You don’t but can I get some like special chickens in here? See you guys are just hand hands I know give it run. You’re fine. You’re beautiful. I love you guys you Don’t really make the world go around Dewey. You don’t really make blake like the boom booms come out of the potholes a lot Hey, let me just break it down for y’all for a sec my main issue with this is that Well first off. I don’t know what I want. I know I want a bunch of Corral’s that the bunch of flames in them, but I don’t know what flames to put in there, and I keep forgetting What slimes make the best port and trying to make the best combinations and then failing to go fine? And then failing to go out and actually Capture those lines and those floors to be able to make those things so It’s all a fuck really I’m gonna make more chickens in here spinach spread Em and sputtering That’s not I’m not a lot of money leftover. Good old jacket boy is it no, it’s not and Then over here. I’m going to make a silo Maybe actually no I’m going to make a silo in the science area because that’s going to be a place to hold all our floors so I think if we put a silo in there then We’ll be good. I need it’ll be good for us would be nice. Can you guys eat fruit? Eat fruit veggie in meat that he which one of you is that that like Oka okis? Think it might be the boobs Favorite breyer hens never mind, Oka, okay czar the rat? But it’s on any of them really good Come on. Okay, okay. Take a walk. Okay, because the volca okay okeyday, okay? Okay? This is the thing That’s about to happen a lot of things would happen right one side that goes in there boom boom and then I’m taking these back. I’m sorry. I know I gave you like lovely things when you guys like an onion a nanny dS I delete Oka okay, so this guy really was a parent of this action that’s going on Fucking night. How long was I god? Why choice all the fucking board? Put its warren. I was running out from a 10 minutes According to this. I begun for a million years because I not collect there’s Classic these are all is Gone. I Know what’s going on quite? The world crazy game. How are we doing out here? What do you guys go? Eaten all that stuff. That’s my body. That’s what I like to see There we go capture paul m for race you guys are funny. The funny hunters my aunties. Do you guys like mint mangoes? That’s good hunters like rue strokes Okay, so mit mangoes is probably what I should be doing then you guys are making I made one baby. I? think Jesus Christ You Wanna know where so two times borders can be placed Green your own quick traveling? That’s another thing. It’s great that I can make those if I get the materials needed Alright don’t know where to put them because I don’t know the map Hmm, okay, wait hold on hold on hold on and well back out here under go getting mangoes And then I’m gonna feed them to my kids and everyone’s gonna be happy and your mom’s not gonna fucking sue me for alimony money again You know I mean We’re gonna have a good time. It would be like what a big happy family again before she left me for that fucking skI instructor Okay, was a douchebag hanging I didn’t like him Right okay here. We go mid Michael then I go I’m a mango. That’s why I’m growing mangoes cuz you guys like okay Cool That means I can use all my chicken news to be able to feed a big fat cat we have an abundance of chickens out Here do you think you’re going running away? If I don’t think so? Not today. Do you feed my big beautiful boy? Okay, here. We go here. We go. Call the chickens. I’m really providing a service because there’s fucking non-stop endless chickens out here okay, I have 26 heads if you eat more than 26 hands then it’s weight watchers that I’m going to be suggesting Why are you all jumping to your day crazy bastard oops? first post post post post post post post post post post base base base base base base Are you are you are you fucking are you serious? But let me smile at me here more chicken. Where’s the chicken where that in chicken? Oh, you’re writing Yeah, you’re a stony hand out Very very rare very rare ever I hear chicken Are you up there? What the fuck? Hold on a sec. Hey, make it up there I Just hate no up here. Okay. I can’t go any further into my jet pack replenish them Here we go Here we go. It’s waiting around. Yeah There you go Thanks, uh-huh? Yeah, they’re so adorable All right, hen. You’re at it’s not time for you anymore putting the stoney’s in there, and they’re Gonna have written There’s just endless chickens here This is incredible endless chickens forever per day for always I Like that I have seven more hands this has to be enough for this freakin fat cat okay? Well it was it was what the fuck? What the fuck are? You serious world’s fattest cat I fed you like four. He’s lying 40 Chickens, not slangs Losing my train of thought on some new upgrades here So I can go to 250 power. Yes, and I can also do more is better in this case. I can all fit to you Animate oh, I’ll get you because you’re there cool You guys got any ports for me I already have a lot Crystal do not give me the force that I want oh man you guys have a lot of 40 quarts. Thank you my baby Thank you my precious. This is all right think of time to build a silo God oh my god. Oh my God what it’s happening in here for my beautiful bouncing babies doing good work I hope so look at all them floors for Daddy. Oh My babies are so good they treat me so well, okay silo Perfect. I thinking start storing some shit in there additional storage clinic enough up to four ports for storing ports and resources hell, yeah nice Fuck yeah, it’s like in all different parts and different food and everything in there nice That’s going to come in real handy right now I’m still in there the accruing of monetary value stays where all the ports that I get are actually going back into making me rich So it can afford better things, but eventually it’s going to start going into better technology Look at all this weight the honey’s are only worth 30 for a hundred floors 42 used to be worth Like 80 is Because they spent too many of you and a mess up the stock market No, cuz pink’s are still shit Hey, the market changed apparently don’t come back to me and tell me that the fucking the market is more favorable now She told me that before okay weight watchers and back this better be enough finally The chickens fell to their death, but whatever this is finally done the sacrifices. We made excuse me excuse me Thanks excuse me. You’re not my children Okay, okay, okay? Did you eat the fucking roaster? Did you eat the rooster? The one thing I needed out of all of that was the rooster Fuck ah okay. Where are we going? Om over those things there the rings That’s cool pink oh hi, wait a Fox fur Tabby largo, I’ve never seen the phosphor. Tommy that’s weird though of course acute their Giant tooth lovable flights You know a team? I think nice and cool out here. I Don’t say I think the game just pulled an old shaft to ruin old Jack here. I Think we done got done gone get the shafted. Hey, wait’ll I get my boosters back, and then we’re we’re going sailing We’re sailing with the big time. Oh, just one of you You better have a fucking key at least you eat everything Let me just fill you full of everything. Hey Yeah, fucking tea. Thank you. Okay. Everybody piss off. I can just do that to them Finally another key now We can go to a new area might try and figure out where new slimes are we have to look that up Just so I make sure that I open up a good door so don’t waste this lime key and something we’ve already seen Fucking tears come here queer. You know you know what tastes good. You know tasted, Mr.. Turk the fucker all shit Piece of shit right so there’s one area I haven’t unlocked yet. Which is this here Wait, two of three slime keys what so I think I’ve to go to the indigo quarry I’ll do it. I’ll do a little bit of stock management the livestock management Lord Management ways Renny There are things to open, but all I has are the green one how’s it going to suck up and I’ll take note of everything that’s going on and then I’ll Head out to begin to go for it because there was a door down there, and there’s another gordo down there somewhere Caramel what gordo it is what I remember there was one and then we might be able to start progressing from there I don’t think we can go straight to the glass desert. I think we’ve got to look quite called the ancient ruins first Which I don’t know what that is, but we will figure it out. I’m lost Should be down here. Yes – Franky then we’re going this might be easy ancient ruins and I have an indicator Be sure this is look at this ah oh You have anything valuable in you dear. Oh, this is cute What was down here? Wait what? Do we need for you the pink has lit off? But I don’t know what I did to do that Look at me. I came all this way, and I don’t actually have what I need to get through So it suck another fucking slime key Then okay. Well I need a shit on a veggie then I guess to unlock that Rad gordo Kind of running out of gordo’s see now. This is where a teleportation thingy would come in very handy Shit thought I was onto a win there guys okay. I think I get this you’re a rock right there we go Okay, the hinge was in this guy Because I was saying what did I do to unlock that but there was a pink over here with a pink in his mouth So I need one of all the the guys that are here Are you a boob kind of boom then a rad? You’re a phosphor? Haha, yeah, I don’t actually think you’re anything over here. We have a rad Get on up there. Oh, oh No get in the mouth. Oh ah Wait, where’s the boom go? I back what all the things I need honey go in here? Super cute um The Tabby one ah there he is Right there, okay. I left the boom in here. Nice dudes were doing it. Oh you can open Hahahaha, so cute. Where do they need all them though? Into the past all that his loss is eventually found and lost once more Hidden behind a vast mountain range the ancient ruins stand is one of the few known unnatural structures on the fire fire range their origin remains a mystery as did the strange occurrences that happen within Home to quantum flames that seem to Express many other possible realities of their being and phase Lemon trees that do not remain in one time or place very long Nature rooms the fire logic and expectation only one thing is certain in the ancient ruins within its deepest Chambers Lie its greatest Secret, ooh What come flying? You guys are normal Please is weird. Oh that one of the trees Weird I want to see a quantum flying This piece is so strange, whoa What it’s like no well? He’s part of the ocean now, so then at home were you are you gonna tear the air? Oh? They’re fucking cool. Oh Wait rocks limbs no one likes you Okay, wait. Let’s see this fascinating aren’t they who do you think constructed these ancient ruins and for what purpose I’d visit this place and Ponder that question often only one thing is for certain These folks like flight in boys and right Eventually I came to realize that this place was for what this place is for and how to utilize it will you do the same? I Don’t know will I do they need fruit okay? Cool. We have a whole batch of mint mangoes back home baby’s Gonna get a bunch of these guys because I’ll be able to mix them with the guys I have back home Whoa, I think opens and closes whole entire areas is that These strange glass doors are a good reminder that you can’t always have both hit that switch over there All you’re like and both doors will never be open Sometimes you got to choose one path or another and there’s no way around it But you know what either the path you choose is going to make you hurt some It’s going to make you hurt some for one of walking the other life is filled with doors like these Solid Life advice It’s always going to be passed open yet, but also uh yet fuck you because I can fly Life just really teaches that part here. I left the map Nice, and we have a pad to go back home if you want you one more quantum, boy One more of my quantum time-traveling boy loads of them Haha, no. He’s so happy Hahaha, I Need more oh, oh. Oh shit. Shit it and I’m a chicken fuck Ha from the portal home Planting right up there landing special in here There’s always something special somewhere more slightly flamed or keys We just need some more area wait does this even lead hole? okay, so because I started to worry because they think there’s I think it’s in the ancient ruins you get a portal to the glass desert and Then we get mosaic slimes Wait, we should read up on our slime boys a little little golden fun boys Favorite is a phase lemon I couldn’t get any of those because all the trees were out of phase Quantum flames appear to have resulted from some sort of event that took place in the ancient ruins long ago at all times The Quantum plane is capable of emitting other possible realities of their being called ghosts these other realities can come True with the quantum flame aligning with the reality of the ghost effectively teleporting Quantum flames can be one of the most difficult times to manage given their unique abilities a rancher needs to learn to detect when quantum Flames are primed to take over the reality of a ghost and that quickly So just feeding them or just splashing them with some fresh water as a temporary measure. Oh I some water I could have done it damn Quantum Plausibly Buy money to hold the secret to infinite resources given the quantum flames ability to change reality It’s theorized that unlocking the potential of the quantum floors could allow for a technology That converges the realities of other entities into our reality and well Basically we’re talking about cloning stuff infinite energy chickens, whatever probably no harmful side effects to this at all to walk Ok we have to we have to find out what’s selling the most, so these you myself or 81 So crystals and hunters are my best bet So you can make crystal hunter dudes? Crystal quantum’s and Hunter quantum’s if it can make that I think we’d be doing good You can make you I think everyone for another corral down here. I don’t know how many should be into each area I’m just going to put seven in and then we get some Get seven of these oh Yeah, come on. You guys are able to merge with different time lines. Which are also able to go invisible ow shit Stop it. Oh You’re able to just leave oh Fuck wait, so when you merge or do do you sit up do it? Oh, no? Are you just going to vanish on me? Well that fucking sucks What am I supposed to do with them then? You guys eat fruit right fruit and meat there you go? Ha ha ha ha you a store. I need to go get some more meat mangos I Need to get I need to get as much out of them as they can while they’re here for here eep-eep eep-eep I need to go back and get some water. Maybe you can splash them here we go Here we go So basically I went into that area and got a shit ton of oh How much it in a shit ton of slang for no reason? water It doesn’t do anything. It doesn’t fucking do anything. Maybe if you guys are kept happy What would that work? Oh, God that’s a lot of chicken, so it’s realized I’ve been recording this game for an hour and a half um and It is 4 a.m.. Right now so I need to cut it here. I’m gonna suffer for my baby You guys deserve some good lovin you guys are cute, and I love you all Here you’re my good kid. You’re the ones that done. It’s like It’s like a very growing off of me like your kids they grow up and move out so quick like you kids they grow up and they Teleport away from you so quick, but Then it sucks Don’t a quantum flames well, this is sock It’s actually really fucking cool that you can’t just get quantum flames and put them in because they don’t play by your rules Even though they have some of the best floors that you can get it makes sense that it will be hard to keep them Fucking shit, are you based slowly? One two three four to play put seven of you in there, and there’s a lot more than seven laying around Leave Nicole and vanish Okay, so while I have the courts from the quantum’s I’m not I’m not going to dick around with them I’m going to start putting them in here because I think that they’re going to come in really handy for some of the technology later And let’s face it. I have enough money to Be able to like buy the things I want I’ve enough force coming out of my other guide to be able to do that So I don’t think that’s much of a worry. I don’t think I need to get quantum ports For monetary gain, I think I need it for technology min mangos all right I don’t know exactly where I go from here. I need to get another key again I can progress further but for now I think I’m going to have to leave it here because of important for ages we had some progress done We got a new chicken coop area back out there my God. That’s a lot of chicken Okay, well now I don’t cook and I know there’s too much going on. I have no idea what to do well I unlock this cave area just they give easy access to the indigo quarry because When you go through the cave on the outside of it is the teleporter pass at the end of a quarry we got Some new stuff in there, but it isn’t unlock anymore science stuff So I think I might have to put there put some crystal quartz because let’s say I’ve 11 grand in the game now But I don’t really have a use for it Like I don’t really have a use for putting 11 grand anywhere But I need to get some rock cores to be able to do some of my fine stuff anyway Thank you guys so much for hanging out my little baby boys. This time if you liked it punch, my like banana face Later bird, and they made all right Thank you guys. No one failure Cool 4:00 a.m.. And I’m up hanging out with my little baby boy the good night


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