Rachel’s Best Friend Copper – The Bachelorette 13×2

Today is my first
one-on-one, and it’s with Peter. -Wow.
-I know! This is about
to be us, huh? Surprise! I hate to do this
to Peter, because I know he thinks
we’re having a one-on-one, but
today’s gonna be a two-on-one,
actually. We are going
to Palm Springs. But before we take off
and we get out of here, I have to
tell you something. Uh-oh.
Um… I know this is
a one-on-one date. Yep.
And you thought it was just gonna
be the two of us. Yep. One of my best friends was in a really,
really bad accident. And I haven’t seem them
in a really long time. And so, if that’s
okay with you, I’d really, really like
for him to come with us. Absolutely, 100%. Okay. Is this
an ex-boyfriend? ♪♪ Hi, honey!
What?! Come here! Hi, honey! Awww! Hi.
This is Copper. This is your dog? Yes.
What? Hey, can you say hi?
[ Laughs ] Copper, say hi to Peter! Hi, Copper.
I’m Peter. Thank you
for letting me share a date
with your mom. [ Growls ] Let’s do it.
All right. Come on, honey. Rachel:
Copper’s my dog child. He’s not just
my best friend, he’s also my baby. And I’m putting Peter
to the test early because, you know,
my best friend can be a tough critic. -Hi, bud.
-Look at you. If you touch him,
that’s all he needs. Yeah? I feel like
that’s most guys. Did I miss that?
[ Laughs ] Peter: Copper and I are
gonna be best buds. We’ll get along
really well today, and Rachel will see that. Yeah, I think I’ll be
a good dad to Copper.

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