Rainbow Loom Basic Bracelet Tutorial

Rainbow Loom Basic Bracelet Tutorial

Hi, this is Teresa and today my daughter Alaina
and I are going to show you how to make a single chain rubber band bracelet. We’ll be using our Super Loopz Rubber band
loom for this tutorial. If you would like to get your own rubber band
bracelet kit, just follow the link in the description below this video. Ok, let’s get started! The single chain bracelet is super easy to
make. First you’ll need to pick 2 colors for your
bracelet. You’ll need 12 or so bands of each color. Make sure that the arrows on your loom are
pointing away from you, or if you don’t have an arrow, make sure the open area of each
peg is facing away from you. You’ll also want to make sure that the center
column is offset for this project. Most of the time your loom will already come this
way, but you may need to adjust it. Here’s what it should look like We will not be using the left side of the
loom for this bracelet. Take your first band and loop it from the
bottom center peg diagonally to the first peg on the right side. Alaina is using yellow for our first band. Next, loop a band, Alaina will use red, from
the right side peg to the middle peg ahead of it. Then loop a yellow band from this middle peg,
to the right side peg ahead of it. Repeat this pattern until you reach the end
of the loom. Your loom should now look like this. Now turn your loom around so that the arrows
on your loom are pointing toward you. If you don’t have arrows on your loom, make
sure that the open side of each peg is facing toward you. Like this. Starting with the middle peg closest to you,
grab the rubber band with your hook tool and loop it on to the peg diagonally forward and
to the left. In our case, this will be a red band. Now hook the yellow band on the left side
peg and loop it over the next forward middle peg. Continue alternating looping from center to
left, then left to center until you reach the end of the loom. Your loom will look something like this when
you are done with this step. You will need to connect the two ends together
to make your bracelet. Take your hook tool and push it through the
last rubber band on your loom. This will be the peg furthest from you. In our case this
is a yellow band. Lift the yellow band off the peg, and slip
the band further onto the hook toward the middle so you can get a firm grip. Using a side to side motion, unhook your bracelet
from the loom. Pick up a C clip and secure it to the big
loop on the end of your bracelet opposite from the hook tool. Stick you finger into the band where your
hook tool is, and pull the hook out of the band. Make sure you have the band on your finger
securely, as your bracelet will come apart on you if you let it go. Now, hook the other end of the C clip onto
the loop that is wrapped around your finger. Congratulations! You’ve made your first single
chain rubber band bracelet. If you would like to make more bracelets,
be sure to pick up a Super Loopz Rubber band kit. You’ll get thousands of brightly colored rubber
bands, as well as a high quality loom, hook tool, and organizer case. You can order your own Super Loopz kit using
the link below this video. Thanks, and we’ll see you next time!

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