Rainbow Loom: Double Forward Rhombus Bracelet Tutorial

Hi. This is Suzanne for Rainbow Loom. Today I’ll be showing you how to make the Double Forward Rhombus. This is an intermediate
level design. To make this bracelet, you will need 31 A colored bands, 30 B colored bands, and a C-clip. I will be using red and blue for this bracelet. It’s a good idea to
have your supplies ready before you begin. So pause the video here until you’re
ready to follow along. Now, let’s get started. Turn your loom so that the red arrow is pointing away
from you. Start by placing the first two bands on the loom. You start with A band in you’ll start from the middle pin. Place 1A onto the left and 2A to the right. Next, follow the diagram on your screen to place the next 10 bands
on the loom. 1B will be placed on the left side. 2B going to the middle. 3B 4B 5B Now I start placing A colored bands. 6A 7A 8A 9A and 10 A. Pause the video here and refer to the diagram on your screen as you complete this pattern four more
times. Now I’ll place the last seven bands on the loom. We’ll continue with the same pattern we’ve been following, only the last two bands will be pulled
into the center pin and I’ll show you that when we get there. That was one, two, three, four, five. These last two bands, we’ll be using A bands and you’ll pull those into the center. The last step in placing the bands
will be placing a cap band on the last pin. We’ll use an A colored band with two fingers on each side. Twist it into a figure eight. Turn it back upon
itself and place it on that last pin. There we’ve finished placing our bands on the loom. Now we’re ready to start looping the
bands. Turn your loom so that the red arrow is pointing toward you. Refer to the
graphic on your screen as you loop the first 10 bands. Start
from the center pin. Pull the cap band back with your hook. Grab band 1A. Hold the cap band down with your thumb or finger and pull the band out to
the left. Band 2A will be pulled to the right. You can reach in
over here. Pull the cap band back and grab band 2A and pull it to the right. 3B will be pulled forward. You reach into the cap band and pull that
forward. 4B we’ll be looping up the side. You can reach into the side where there’s the
point of the teardrop. Reach in there, pull back, and grab band 4B and pull it forward. Do the same on
right side. Band 6B will be pulled from the center out to the left. That’s your top B band
when you reach in there. You’ll pull that to the left. The second B band is down in there and you’ll pull that to the right. That was band 7B. Band 8A will be pulled forward. 9A up the left side. You’ll pull all of your B bands above that band. You’ll pull
them all back. Reach in and grab it. Pull that A band forward. Then we’ll do this on the right side, which is band 10A. Again you pull all
the B bands above that band back, reach in, grab it, and pull it forward. Now repeat this pattern four more times. We’ll fast forward from here. You can
pause the video and refer to the diagram on your screen. Refer to the diagram on your screen as
the loop these last 10 bands, but note that the last two bands will be
pulled into the center. I’ll show you how to do
that when we get to that point. This is your band 6B. 7B. Now we pull the last two bands into the center pin. And we’ve finished looping our bands. Now that we’ve finished looping the bands,
we’re ready to finish the bracelet. Pull all of your bands up to the top of that last pin. Slide your hook into the channel of that last pin and tilt it
out to the side. Grab and A colored band place it on the end of your hook. Pull back on that.
Push your hook back as you slide it up through that
channel. Place both bands on your hook and move them up to the thickest part of your hook. Then, with your fingers, you’ll pull
the bands from the loom. If made on one loom, this bracelet will need to be extended to fit a wrist comfortably. Place your loom with the arrow pointing away from you. To extend the bracelet, you must first
decide how many additional bands you will need. Smaller wrists may only need three or
four bands. Larger wrists may need 6 or more, so you’ll
place your extension bands along the side of the loom. Once you place your last band, you’ll place your cap band on that last pin. You look at the cap band on your bracelet and stretch it from
that last pin to the one behind it. Then you loop the Single Chain of your extension and once you reach this last pin, you’ll pull into
the center. That creates an area right here where you can attach your C-clip. You grab your C-clip. Pull the open side forward. Snap it over
that band; make sure it’s on securely. Then you pull your extension from the
loom. On the other end, you’ll pull your hook away from the bracelet. Slide your two fingers into that band. That creates another area
where you can attach the other side of your C-clip. Move all the bands to one side. Snap a
C-clip over that and pull it to the other. There you have your finished Double Forward Rhombus.

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