Rainbow Loom: Fishtail Bracelet Tutorial

Rainbow Loom: Fishtail Bracelet Tutorial

Hi. In this video, I’m going to show you how to make this bracelet. It’s called a Mini Rainbow Loom Bracelet. Let’s get started. We’re going to use the Mini Rainbow Loom that’s provided in the kit. We need
about 45 to 50 rubber bands. Get the Mini Rainbow Loom and one rubber band. Put the rubber band on one of the pegs. Wrap it around the second peg and then put
it back on the first peg. It should look like this. Put a C-clip on the side where we first put the rubber band, like that. Just slip the hook on the other
side of the loom. Then grab two rubber bands and place them on your hook. Pull it through and then place it back on your hook. It should look like this. Get another rubber band; place it on the hook; turn it so that the hook is facing down;
and pull it through. When looping back, hold the turquoise rubber band with your finger. Then, pick up the purple rubber band along with the other end of the turquoise. Twist the hook and pull it through the rubber bands. When looping back, pick the turquoise rubber band and the other
end of the pink rubber band. Let’s do this one more time. Put that
purple rubber band on the hook. Twist the hook so that it’s facing
down. Pull it through all the rubber bands, and then pick up the pink rubber band and the
other end of the purple rubber band. Repeat this step until it’s long enough for your wrist. If the first rubber band slips off the loom, just loop it back – like that – and continue making the bracelet. After you’ve made your bracelet to the desired length, get a rubber band and
loop it through, like you would for a single link. Join the last rubber band to the C-clip. I hope you like our videos. Please
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  1. Sorry I was trying to say that I don't have that kind of kit so if you have it can you make it with cra-z art kind of kit

  2. U did awesome it took me like 1,000,000,000 times too get it . thanks it was my first time trying u helped a lot . thanks again!!!

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