Rainbow Loom: Triple Single Bracelet Tutorial

Rainbow Loom: Triple Single Bracelet Tutorial

Hi. This is Suzanne for Rainbow Loom and today I’ll be showing you how to make
the Triple Single Bracelet. This is a beginner level bracelet. To
make this, you will need 13 green rubber bands, 14 blue rubber bands, 13 yellow rubber
bands, 10 white rubber bands, and a C-clip. It’s a good idea to have these items
ready before you begin, so pause this video here until you’re
ready to follow along. Now, let’s get started. Start by placing
your loom with the red arrow pointing forward. The first step in making this bracelet
is placing a row of green bands around the left side of the Loom. We’ll start
from the center pin and stretch a green rubber band from
the center pin out to the left side of the loom. Place it far enough down on the pin that you’ll be able to place another
band above it. We’ll continue laying bands, one over the other, up this side of the loom.
We’ll fast forward from here until we’ve reached the end of the loom. Now we stop at this band, one away
from the end, and then we’ll place that last green band
from the outside in to this middle point. Then we’ll go back to
the beginning and we’ll place a row a blue bands going
up the center. Start from this middle pin. Pull that out. Make sure it’s far enough down on the
pin that you can lay this other one above it. We’ll continue laying a row of blue rubber bands and we’ll fast
forward from here. Go back to the beginning of the loom and we’ll start with our yellow bands. We’ll start from the middle pin and pull it out
the right. Then we’ll lay a row of yellow bands up
the right side of the loom. We’ll fast forward from here, until we
reach the end of the loom. There! We’ve completed laying the three rows of bands. We’re going to place a cap band on the center pin. We’ll use the color of our middle row, which is blue. We’ll grab a blue rubber band, twist it into a figure eight, and loop it
back over itself. Then place it over that middle pin. We’re going to make sure the bands are down low enough so that stays on
there. Finally, we’ll be placing a row of triangles going up the loom. We’ll skip the first row of pins and
start from the second row pins. We’ll stretch a white rubber band over
those three pins to form a triangle. We’ll lay a total of
10 triangles going up the center of the loom, using
three pins each time to form a triangle. We’ll fast forward from here until we reach the end of the loom. And we stop there. We’ve laid ten triangles at the center of the loom. Now
ready to start looping. You turn your loom around so that the red
arrow is pointing toward you. Get your hook; make sure the open-sided the hook is
pointing away from and this back flat side is near you, because you
are you be using the back of that hook to pull pins away. We’ll start from the center pin. We’ll use the back of that hook to pull your
blue cap band back. We’ll be grabbing this yellow band, right
here. So, you reach down and get that. Hold the
cap band back with your thumb while you loop that yellow band around
this left side. Now, you’ll see that that formed a teardrop
shape. You’ll slide your hook into that point of the teardrop; pull all these bands back; slide your hook into the center of the pin; pull up and around; and then loop it around this pin. Now, the next time we loop a band going up, we have
this white triangular band that we need to pull back. You need to put all those bands back;
slide your hook up the center of the pin; bring it up and around; and all the way around. Your hook will work best if you keep it vertical
and maybe slightly tilted forward. That
gives you the best control of the bands as you’re looping them. Pull this white
band back. Slide your hook in, over, and around. Pull the white band back. Slide your
hook in. Grab that yellow band and loop it around this pin. We’ll
continue doing this until we reach the end of the loom. On this last one, we will grab that yellow band and loop it to the center of the loom. Go back to the beginning. We’ll loop the
center row. We put our hook in here. Pull the blue
cap band back. We’ll grab that top band, which is the
blue one. We’ll loop it up and over and around this pin. We’ll use the back of the hook to pull these bands back. Slide it up through the channel of that pin. Grab that
band and lift it up over this next pin. In the center, we don’t
have to worry about pulling back the white bands. You just reach
and in grab that blue band. Lift it up and we’ll continue looping the bands up the center row.
We’ll fast forward from here. I’m pushing all these bands down now, so
get ready to loop this right side of the loom with
the green bands. Use the back of our hook. Pull back that blue cap band. Slide our
hook up through that channel. Grab the green band and loop it out to the side. Reach into the
point of that teardrop. Pull the green bands back. Slide your hook up the channel. Then grab that and pull it around. Now, here once again, we have this white
band of the triangle that we have to pull back
with the back our hook. You reach in with your hook. Grab that green band; bring it out and around. Again, you have to pull back this
white band. Slide your hook in the channel. Grab the
green band. Then pull it around to the next pin and
we’ll continue doing this until we’ve reached the end of the loom. We’ll
fast forward from here. Pull that one to the center. Now we’ve finished looping our bands. I’ll show you how to finish it. Now turn your loom around. All these bands, up to the top of that pin, scrunch them all together. Get your hook and you’ll slide it down that channel of the pin, all the way through
all those bands. Tilt your hook out; put a blue band, again, that’s the color
the middle row of bands. Pull it back. Then pull it up through all of those bands. Get it up over your hook and pull it up to the thickest part of your hook. Now we can pull all of these bands off of your loom. Grab your loom again and you’ll place a row of the blue bands – that was the
middle color of this bracelet – along this loom. To make an 8 inch bracelet, you typically need to
add six more single chains, but if your wrist is smaller, you can get by with
adding four, which I’ve done here. You pull the cap band from your bracelet
and stretch it around those two pins there. Then you will extend these rubber bands by doing a single chain until you reach the end. Pull these bands to that middle pin. That makes it nice and taught so you can
put your C-clip on there. Grab your C-clip so that the open side
is the middle. Place it over these bands. Then you lift them up and you pull your rubber band
bracelet away from your hook. Stick your fingers in there. Then you put your C-clip over the bands and there you have a finished Triple Single Bracelet. Once you’ve mastered the triple single, using one rubber band at a time, we wanted to show you that you can use two rubber bands at a time going up the three rows of the loom. You can create this bracelet. You will only use one band when you’re placing the triangle. The overall effect is a thicker bracelet. One last thing you could do is connect two looms together and create a solid bracelet that wraps all the way around your wrist. Have fun looming!


  1. Great video! The first one I watched was some inexperienced little girl who couldn't do it right, and it took me a half hour and it fell apart! This one only took me 15 minutes, and it was so clear!! Awesome!! Thanks guys, my sister will love her bracelet!!! 😀

  2. Thank heaven a video by an adult. I can't stand the ones by kids they are to slow and the video, most of them, anyway are to poor quality. If an adult can't follow a child's video, how do they expect another child to follow along?

    I have fun loom, and I could still do it because your explaining was great !! (and the close-ups really helped)
    SO THANKYOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Thank you I watched other videos and it went wrong but you have just changed my life.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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  6. I made a triple single bracelet just now and I double capped the triangles to call it the triple single nano

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