Raising a Sterling Silver Teapot

Raising a Sterling Silver Teapot

This summer I’ve been working on a
sterling silver teapot through the process of raising. Raising is an ancient technique. The Egyptians used it. It is before machinery made teapots and cups. You first have a flat sheet of metal and once you draw your design on it and
your lines to bring up the hollow form, you put the metal at a 30-degree angle against a
steel stake and you hammer it along those lines to
get your hollow forms. So once you hammer it and it meets the stake you move it over to continue hammering
to bring the shape up. Now that we have machines to do this, it is a dying art form and it’s mostly
only artists who continue the raising
process. I was so fortunate to receive the
Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship grant to fund my sterling silver teapot because the price of silver is so high right
now without the funding I would not be able
to afford a project this scale. Obviously it’s not finished. There is
some raising to do. I still need to have the walls go in more to complete the round shape. Once
finished with the body of the teapot I will begin working on the spout and the
handle and the lid and the base and then I will
begin putting my artistic voice into the piece with many details. Once completing my teapot I plan
to have it professionally photographed to put in my portfolio for graduate
school and to enter into juried art shows to put my name out there and have other
professional metalsmiths to see my work. Hopefully this leads
to great opportunities in the metalsmithing field.


  1. Hand raising is not a dying art. It is still used today, but obviously it is a highly skilled operation. Perhaps also it would be good idea to wear ear defenders!

  2. I watch these amateur videos with a sinking heart in the knowledge that many people will see them and think that what they see is real craftsmanship – much of what this girl says is incorrect and her technique is not even at the level of a first year apprentice – what is worse is that someone has taught her – someone whose skills and knowledge are rudimentary at best

  3. I am sorry you are receiving rude comments. I raise silver and appreciate your technique. I start off using a wooden stake. It is much less expensive to have some stakes made for you or you can do it yourself if you can work with wood as well.

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