Ranking Fast Food French Fries From Worst To Best

Ranking Fast Food French Fries From Worst To Best

There’s a surprising amount of variety from
one fast food spot to another when it comes to spuds, but only one fry reigns supreme
… can you guess which? We dare you not to race out for an order of
fries after making your way through our ranking of the best (and worst) fast food fries in
the nation. Has anybody ever not had an order of White
Castle fries where at least half of them were not crispy at all? The Castle does a lot of things well, but
their crinkle-cut style fries aren’t one of them. If they’re not limp then they’re almost always
lacking in salt. It’s definitely not an issue of just one location
not having its act together either … this is true no matter what Castle you choose to
frequent. Yes, Dairy Queen does fries, but they probably
shouldn’t. Hit up DQ for a burger and some fries and
you’ll start questioning your life choices because you’ll be paying way too much for
a not-so-great meal. Fries aren’t tough to get right, but part
of DQ’s problem seems to be getting them cooked completely. And that results in nothing but sadness. But here’s the thing: Dairy Queen actually
gets some points for their fries, because you can make them better. Use them to dip in some ice cream, and suddenly,
they’re… “Perfect!” Shake Shack is the hippest of hipster places,
with lines out the door for their burgers. The Shack had quite a blunder in 2013, though,
when they switched fries from their crinkle cut to something more in line with their image;
fresh cut. It didn’t work. They went back to the original style, and
took out all the bad stuff to make a fresh-frozen crinkle cut fry. But it’s still not very good. Johnny Rockets fries are made with the skin
on, which is awesome and really, the only way fries should be made. The problem starts when you add things like
cheese, chili, and bacon … which is exactly what tends to happen when you’re at Johnny
Rockets. That’s when they tend to turn into a mushy
mess because a lot of the time, they just don’t stand up to the topping. Skip the chili, get the fries, and you’ll
skip the regret, too. This chicken finger joint is a fan favorite
any place where you can find it. The chain serves up a fine piece of chicken
and a nice signature sauce. The fries, however, aren’t great. They’re crinkle cut, but they’re often soggy
and inconsistent. They taste pretty good with the chicken and
the sauce working together. But on their own, Raising Cane’s fries are,
well, kind of gross. There are certainly people walking among us
who think waffle-cut fries are superior to regular fries, but those people are wrong. If they were right, Chick-fil-A wouldn’t be
the only chain selling them. Chick-fil-A’s waffle fries feel like the potato
wasn’t sure if it wanted to be a chip or a fry, and this odd compromise is what we get. If you get a fresh order that’s crispy because
they’ve been cooked a little longer, the fries will taste pretty good. They also pair nicely with Chick-fil-A’s various
nugget sauces … which is what you’ll need to have in order to give these bland potatoes
a bit of flavor. In-N-Out Burger is known for making everything
in-house, from their hand-formed burger patties to, yes, their french fries. The fries are hand-cut and cooked in 100 percent
sunflower oil, then sprinkled with salt, which sounds like a winning combo … but unfortunately,
they fall flat. If you order a regular fries, they’re typically
pale, and lacking in crispiness and flavor. You can go off-menu and order well-done fries,
but if you have to go through that trouble just to make your food taste good, then that’s
a sign the classic recipe isn’t working out. “But, we’re working really hard.” “You’re not working hard enough! I need results!” The fries here are good enough, but they’re
certainly not the stars of the menu. The natural-cut fries have a little potato
skin left on them for texture, which, of course, can be a positive or negative depending on
your preference. Regular fries not your thing? Then try the ones topped with truffle cheese
and bacon. Even with those tasty fries, we doubt you’ll
be completely satisfied with your order. Even when smothered in sauces, these fries
aren’t tasty at all. In 2018, Taco Bell introduced Nacho Fries
to their restaurants. These crispy fries are different from their
burger chain counterparts in that after they’re fried, they’re coated in a signature Mexican
seasoning blend. Then, they’re served with warm nacho cheese
sauce. Believe it or not, these fries deliver. The potatoes themselves are crispy outside
and soft inside, and the Mexican seasoning blend is just spicy enough that the nacho
cheese sauce dip has a cooling effect. They’re indeed worth a try, but we have
to warn you: they’re only available occasionally and they come pre-seasoned. So if you don’t love that blend of spices,
it looks like you’re out of luck. “No offense, but bad luck seems to really
be following you around.” If you go to Popeye’s, you could get an order
of the chain’s Cajun Fries as a side to your chicken, but honestly, you might be better
off with a buttery biscuit. The fries aren’t that bad, but there are some
notable flaws. They have a crispy coating, but it seems like
some sort of flour or cornstarch batter, and the fries themselves don’t have that ultra-crisp
exterior you hope for … they’re actually kind of floppy beneath the coating. As for the seasoning, it’s decent, but verges
on the side of a little too salty, and if you’re going to call something Cajun, it better
set our taste buds on fire. “It’s not so bad.” “It’s more tingly than hot.” Jack-In-the-Box serves both plain and curly
fries, but we’ll stick to their standard french fries for the purpose of this review. The straight-cut spuds are crispy, not too
salty or bland, and have a deeper potato flavor than those served up at other chains. That being said, there is a bit of an artificial
flavor to them, and a sort of greasiness that begs for ketchup or a dipping sauce. And, though they’re tasty when they’re piping
hot, as soon as they get cold, their texture becomes spongy and dry, which makes them a
pain to consume. There’s nothing more difficult to cook perfectly
than the thin fry. It’s as much of an acquired taste as the fresh
cut thick fry a lot of popular chains use. But Steak ‘n Shake does two things very well
… they’re consistently crispy, and they’re consistently hot. Shoestring fries might not be your thing,
but at least you know what you’re getting, which is a plus. And as a bonus, you can request to have them
covered in cheese sauce, which automatically makes them ten times better. Wendy’s has the set up for what seems, on
paper, like they’d be perfect fries. The fries are cut from whole potatoes and
left skin-on, and they’re fried in vegetable oil and seasoned with just a bit of sea salt. But there’s just something missing. The fries are crispy outside, yes, but they
don’t have the moist, fluffy interior we crave in a fry of this width … instead they’re
curiously dry. They also don’t have a lot of flavor. Bojangles does a lot of things right. One of those things is all-day breakfast,
another is great chicken. And finally, they make a wonderful, seasoned,
flat steak fry. The easy way to season something is to make
your seasoning overwhelmingly salt-based with some heat …you’ll find that at a lot of
restaurants that claim to serve seasoned fries … but not here. At Bojangles, the true Cajun kick really shines
through in each bite. It’s just a great fry, no ketchup needed. We’re going to go out on a limb and say that
most A&W diners visit the place for its root beer. But this eatery also makes delicious french
fries. Although they’re not the best we’ve had,
we wouldn’t turn them down, and we definitely wouldn’t share them with a friend, either. “There are several sacred things that you
don’t ever mess with. One of them happens to be another man’s
fries.” The skin is left on and the light salt and
pepper seasoning is a perfect pairing with the obligatory root beer float. So to dip or not? That’s up to you. In a world of generic fast food french fries,
Arby’s curly fries are an outsider. They’re a bright orange color and when every
other fry plays it straight, Arby’s look like corkscrews. The bold, yet not-overwhelming, peppery seasoning
pairs up perfectly with Arby’s roast beef sandwiches. Most of the time, Arby’s curly fries have
an extra crispy texture to them, though you may get the occasional random fry that could
have used a little more deep fryer lovin’. Either way, they’re superior in all aspects,
hands down. A taco place with great fries? This doesn’t make sense. But you know what Del Taco is? Familiar. Their crinkle cut fries have a taste you’ve
had before … just like the ones mom made for you on a Wednesday night. They’re not trying to be anything fries shouldn’t
be, like one of those other taco joints we can think of. Their inviting flavor makes a trip to a taco
joint just for fries so worth it. “I’m hungry. Let’s get a taco.” Burger King employs a strategy that includes
a classically uniform and crisp food fry, but made thick, like a hand-cut restaurant
fry. Burger King’s fries are made from real potatoes,
but they utilize potato starch, rice flour, and a few other choice ingredients to boost
the crunch factor and seasoning. What they’re missing is flavor. Unfortunately, these fries can be a little
bland. Drenching them in ketchup definitely helps,
and they’re by no means bad, but Burger King’s fries aren’t the best of the bunch. A lot of people may not realize that Wingstop
even sells fries, but it turns out this is one of the best items on their menu. They start with hand-cut potatoes, which are
then fried until crispy and tossed with the chain’s signature seasoning blend. The seasoning adds a light salty, peppery,
and sweet bite to each fry, bringing out the caramelized notes of the fried potato. That being said, they do have a homemade vibe,
meaning some fries remain softer while others get extra crunchy and browned … it’s a textural
wonderland. Add a side of dipping sauce if you’re feeling
fancy, and these hearty fries can be your whole meal. Every fast food chain on the planet should
be second-guessing their fries because of Five Guys. Hand cut fries? Check. Generous helping? Check. These fries have the perfect amount of salt
on them every time and have a texture that sits right in the sweet spot of being crispy
without being dry. Sure, they might cost more than whatever sad
potatoes Burger King is handing out, but buddy, they are so worth it. This isn’t some hipster list where we name
something you’ve never heard of and declare that to be the greatest. Some things are classics for a reason, and
that can definitely be said of McDonald’s fries. Each fry is skinny, with a thick layer of
crispy potato yielding to a moist, fluffy interior. The ratio of crunch to soft is spot on. They’re the perfect combination of potato,
savory beef flavoring, salt, and crunch. It’s not hard to understand why everyone
loves their fries so much. Check out one of our newest videos right here! Plus, even more Mashed videos about your favorite
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  1. As a person who has eaten many of these frozen pizza brands, this frozen pizza ranking is ridiculous and not believable. Mashed will lose subscribers and credibility. Shame on them.

  2. The fact McDonalds is number 1 invalidates this list!! Wendy's, Chick-fil-A, Burger King, and Steak and Shakes fries ARE WAY BETTER!!!

  3. How did Checkers/Rally's fries not make this list?! That's my #1 fo sho!!! That's the ONLY reason to eat there, they have 💣🍟!

  4. I disagree because if it’s called cajun fries doesn’t mean it should be flaming hot that’s not what cajun is all about it’s about that extra added flavors that others don’t have and that unique taste that it has It shouldn’t be burn your taste buds hot! If you think that’s what Cajuns all about then you are absolutely wrong!

  5. In & Out cannot make a "great" fry. I even asked for Medium Well Done, they could not get this correct. On top of that I find
    In & Out burgers basically tasteless. Even with Mustard on both buns, Lettuce, Tomatoes, Pickles, and Onions. Tasteless,
    have not been back. Sorry In & Out.

  6. I strongly disagree with #1, Ive had Mcdonalds fries just a few days ago and they were sooo nasty and soggy. I haven't had all of those fries yet but what I know for sure is that McDs doesn't deserve #1

  7. How the fuck do you rate Chick-fil-A fries worse than fucking taco Bell fries. Taco Bell fries are flavorless unless you have nacho cheese and even then they're still fucking trash. Chick-fil-A fries at least don't give you bubble guts after eating them. And rating McDonald's fries as the best y'all basic asf at mashed

  8. Is it me, or does this list have an agenda and bias against anything but the "typical generic, fast food" fry? (Which are most of the time bland, soggy or just blah?) What's up with Chick-fil-A being so low? And mediocre big chains like Burger King and McDonald's so high? My brother got my family food from McDonald's the other day and they were soggy and cold. And, I don't care what anyone else says, I love In 'n' Out's fries.

  9. 1. McDonald's
    2. Five Guys
    3. Chick Fil A
    4. Raising Cane's
    5. Wendy's
    This list is horrible, I don't know many people who don't like chick fil a fries, and if you get fries from raising Cane's, always eat in the restaurant. They put everything in styrofoam to go which is why it gets soggy, but when eaten in the restaurant they are super crispy and the sauce makes it even better 😋

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