Rare 100 carat diamonds worth millions up for auction

Rare 100 carat diamonds worth millions up for auction

This huge, yellow diamond and a diamond ring
are expected to fetch between 2 and 15 million pounds when they are auctioned next week. The “Graff Vivid Yellow” diamond weighs more
than 100 carats and was cut by the London-based jeweller Laurence Graff. Auctioneers Sotheby’s estimates that the yellow
cushion-shaped diamond, whose owner is not being identified, will fetch between 15 and
25 million dollars. A white round diamond of 103 carats, described
by Sotheby’s as one of the largest brilliant-cut diamonds in the world, is also going under
the hammer with an estimated price of $3.5 million. 100 carat daimonds. Clearly that’s a magical
number for diamonds because once it gets to 100 carats its into the realms of extreme
rarity. And the highlight, and probably star of the sale, is the 100.09 carat Graff Vivid
Yellow as it’s called in the books of famous diamonds. And it it this extraordinary deep
daffodil yellow. It’s a charming stone, it’s full of life, full of colour. And we’re estimating
between 15 and 25 million for it.


  1. rofl diamonds aren't rare. Whoever buys diamonds are retarded. Buy rubies. Those are precious. They keep time well in watches, also.

  2. That rock is what is in addition what is wrong with the economy, those who waste money on it, and those who thieved the people to have money to buy it.

  3. its just a frickin ROCK! LOL If the economy collapsed its value would go to zero(where it should be next to most rocks) A can of soup would be more valuable.Β 

  4. even if i am a billionaire.. would have charity To the Locals of Africa, instead of buying a stone, is it just for your prestige?? if it is… then i am out of it., -_- Β Β 

  5. The diamond water paradox…
    Water is worth far more… But it is considered cheap.
    Diamonds are worth less… But are given worth because they are a nice adornment.

    I don't need it, I don't want it. When every body thinks the same every body freaks out and sells immediately.
    I always ask my self why are humans so stupid and so greedy for shit they don't need?

  6. I know they are just stones and they are literally worthless but I and many others think they are still really pretty so much so that a lot of people are actually willing to pay huge amounts of $$$ just to have them. By the way I sense that there are a lot of poor losers who clearly can't afford this jewelries that's why they are hating on it.

  7. As beautiful as the diamonds are, I have to admit they look rather gaudy and ridiculous worn as a ring with regards to their size. If I had the money to purchase one, I'd have it dismounted from the ring and have it made into a pendant.

  8. I always love pearls because my birthday is June and my birth stone is pearl and my zodiac sign is cancer that loves water and my lucky gemstone in cancer zodiac sign is pearl my favorite element is water and wind I will chose a pearl instead of diamonds

  9. These rings drive Paris Hilton crazy.
    She wants to own all large diamonds.
    I just wonder if she attended on the auctioning of these rings?

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