Ravioli Hungry Gold Digger Prank!! Ft. FilthyFrank

Ravioli Hungry Gold Digger Prank!! Ft. FilthyFrank

Hey cutie, how ya doing? You look pretty good, what’s your name? I’m Ethan. [Frank in a manly voice] I’m frank.
[Ethan] Nice to see ya. You look great. You look great, I wouldn’t mind taking you out and show you a good night on the town, d’ya know what I’m saying? [Frank] Okay. Uh.
[Ethan] A really good night. I’mma fucking tear that ass up. Sorry, I ,uh, have a boyfriend already. Oh yeah, you’ve got a boyfriend? Yeah. Yeah and I’m the pope, bitch! You broke as hell! One night. No, thank you. Alright, I see how it is. I guess you’re just not interested in any of my raviolis then, huh? [Frank] Wait a minute… I didn’t know about the ravioli. Oh you like it? Chef Boyardee, huh. You like that? [Frank] Yeah I like Chef. Beef ravioli and tomato and meat sauce. [frank deeply exhales] You like that, huh. That get’s ya salivating don’t it. No. None for you. You ravioli. Digging. Whore. [Frank] Wait. It’s all mine! [Frank] Wait, come on now. Half of this could’ve been yours. [Frank] I didn’t know about the ravioli, that was… Now things— Now things are different. You’re just like every other woman. I know exactly, all the women just want my ravioli’s. They don’t actually care about being with a cool, good guy like me who respects women. You fucking whore! Oh, come on… The… the fupa’s nice. [Ethan from afar] This shit’s ripe boi!
[Frank] The… the fupa’s nice. [louder] This shit’s ripe boi! [Frank] There goes another one. Can I get some of that? You want some of this? Yeah. FUCK NO! You’re a ravioli digging whore! Here, you want your ravioli’s? Fuck you, dude! [Frank] Well… (panting) Only the good— Only the good ones get a bite of my ravioli’s. So tell me about yourself. Well… You like… what do you like to do? I went to Arizona State University. Mhmm. That’s a good school. Two white parents. That’s a good school. I’m in a sorority. (slurping) A really loud one. Nice. We don’t understand volume. We do a lot of clapping. What’s your uh… What did you major in? Ravioli Is that a good- That’s a good major there, huh. Ar-ar-ar… Arizona. [Frank] Culinary arts, yeah? [Ethan] Chef Boyardee. Majored in Chef Boyardee. [Frank] Yeah. Here you go. Oh thanks. Hey thanks for being a good sport, we’re just doing a little prank here about ravioli digging whores. I didn’t mean to make you- here, here you go man. Thanks. Thats for your troubles. You got ’em. Got ’em good. Thanks for being a good sport. You’ll find someone. You’re a sweet girl, you’ll find someone. You’ll find someone to… As long as you got some of that ravioli, you’ll find anybody. I’m set. Thank you. Have a great day. You’re beautiful. [Frank] Merry christmas! Don’t let anyone tell you you’re not beautiful. You’re a lovely girl. People like you a lot. [Frank] Thanks shawty. [frank exudes orgasmic exhales]


  1. They don't actually care about being with a cool, good guy like me who respects women. YoU FuCkiNG WHoRe!!

  2. I don't know what makes me more uncomfortable, the fact that their eating cold ravioli, or that Frank ate a piece of ravioli off the ground

  3. I recently graduated with a degree in ravioli from Arizona State University. Thank God I switched my major from gender studies…

  4. Says he respects women and then call the woman a f*cking whore 0.5 second later.

    That's just how it is

  5. "I'm in a sorority, a really loud one. We don't understand volume. We do a lotta clapping". Possibly the best bit in this skit lmao

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