Reactions of Copper

Reactions of Copper

Adding of Nitric Acid to Copper to form Copper Nitrate, Nitrogen Monoxide and Water. The Copper reacting to Nitric Acid The testing of Copper Nitrate’s PH level. This Created Copper in preticipate form. The testing of Sodium Hydroxides PH level. The adding of Sodium Hydroxide to Copper Nitrate in an
ice bath so the beaker doesnt get too hot. This reaction creates Copper Hydroxide. The Placing of Copper Hydroxide in a hot bath to form Copper II Hydroxide. The removal of water from the reaction with
Copper Hydroxide and Oxygen. Using a pipet. The Adding of 6M Sulfuric Acid to Copper Oxide. This Formed Copper Sulphate and water. The Adding of Zinc to Copper Sulphate and Water. This form Copper in a Preticipate Form.

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