Read Aloud Books for Children: Grandpa’s Gold

Read Aloud Books for Children: Grandpa’s Gold

Grandpa’s Gold The children were talking about their Grandpas. My Grandpa can build a tower to the sky, said Giraffe. Once he built a skyscraper for a king. My Grandpa can fish for anything in the sea,
said Cheetah. Once he caught a whale and kept it in his
bath. My Grandpa can climb to the clouds in the
sky, said Mountain Goat. He climbed the tallest mountain in the world,
in just four hours. My Grandpa can cook a feast, said Elephant. Once he cooked a meal for a president’s birthday
party. All by himself. Well my Grandpa doesn’t build or fish or climb
or cook, said Monkey. But he owns gold! He hides it in his mouth. And at night he soaks it in a glass of water. No, he doesn’t! Yes, he does! No, he doesn’t! Well, come and see if you don’t believe me,
said Monkey. So the children went to see Monkey’s Grandpa. You see? said Monkey. And he can take them out. No, he can’t! cried the animals. Waaah! said Grandpa Monkey. And there are enough?… …?for everyone!

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