Ready Player One | Copper Key Race

Ready Player One | Copper Key Race

Aech, are you seeing this? Yeah, I see it. That’s Kaneda’s bike from Akira. It’s a licensed skin over a standard frame. No, not the bike. Forget the bike. The girl, I think it’s Art3mis The Art3mis? The Sixer Fixer? I’ve seen all her walk-throughs, her Twitch streams. It’s her. It’s defiantly her. Go, go, go! Get there! Come on! You got it, you got it! Balls. She’s not gonna make it. Bail! Bail out! Bail!


  1. I remember watching this scene in 4DX theater, holy shit our seats were moving along with the race and feeling the wind behind us! It was an adrenaline rush!!

  2. So happy they got an experienced director like Spielberg to do this film. Every scene was interesting to look at, and this sequence is one of the more exciting car chase sequences I've seen in the last few years at least.

  3. Movie is enjoyable imo for the sake of pop culture, but the book is by far better. It feels like it was meant to be a reference to everything 80’s, or rather about everything 80’s. I thought as well how the copper key was acquired was more interesting than the race, but obviously this way looks more fun 🙂

  4. Can we talk about how amazing the references are? We’ve got kaneda’s bike, the Delorean and the batmobile, King Kong, its endless! I love it

  5. Favorite video game/ movie characters

    In a rank

    4.Michael Myers
    7.Rex (Fortnite)
    8.Pirate guy (Fortnite)

  6. i really love that there is no dramatic music in the background. just tires, crashing sounds, explosion, and pure destruction. and i have to mention that these special effects and camera work is top notch. best $1.25 I've ever spent at the redbox lol

  7. I am hugely disappointed that the Oscars this year (2019) didn't nominate this movie for ANY of the sound categories. An absolute shame for a fantastic movie with great sound design.

    This scene alone would have been worth a nomination.

  8. Yeah but if I could have any vehicle like ever would I pick a fuckin dmc tho? C’mon bro get some style, it would’ve been lit if they had the Supra mk4 from fast and furious in the race

  9. Marty could go fast, but you couldn't get it to 88.
    And even if it's a car from a cool movie, why the heck would you want a Lemon?!

  10. A lot of movies nowadays use music to make up for sound design in action and race scenes and such. I don't necessarily blame them, I mean, for movies like Avengers: Endgame it must get pretty difficult during the fight sequences.
    But the fact this scene doesn't need any music to keep the tension and action up is amazing. The sound design team did an excellent job on this scene, especially with the Batmobile tires making the "Na-na-na-na-na-na…" sound.

    If this movie ever gets re-released in IMAX theaters, I advise everyone see it.

  11. After I watched this movie, I read 124 pages of the book and the Copper Key part was wayyyyyy not expected. He knows where the Copper Key is. It's right beside his school but like 10 miles away I'm pretty sure. My God what a difference

  12. 最後通せんぼされるとか普通に進んでクリアできないじゃんね はいクソゲ

  13. Absolute chaos and mayhem, this scene holds nothing back with action that's got you on the edge of your seat. I love this movie so much, I swear to God.

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