Rebecca Gold – Ep 5 Save Jackie

Rebecca Gold – Ep 5 Save Jackie

I’m sure yoiu’ll agree shes lost
the plot sir. It’s time to put her down. Time to put her down? And what do you mean two
casualties? We lost two agents trying to
apprehend agent 9 sir. You sent agents into a safe
zone? They were sent in to secure
her, she turned into a fire fight. I thought You’re not their to think
Hamilton. You’re there to take orders You have no idea what you’re
dealing with. An unstable assest that’s lost
it. She killed Dr. Drew sir. what? How is that possible? Weapons are strictly prohibited
during sessions. She was armed with a pen. A pen? Look this is a cock up to end
all cock ups. We need to contain the
situation. Shut up Hamilton. Secure the perimeter. Stay put I’m on my way. (Exhales) Get to level 3 and await my
orders. (Music) Bitch. Why did you save me? What? Why did you save me? It’s not like we were high
school friends or anything. You risked your life to save
mine Why? You know what I’m gonna go ahead and tell you
the real reason why. You see were not allowed
attatchments. Family, friends. It’s one of the rules. Because of the job you know? Besides I’ve got nothing in
common with people of today Therir a bunch of mobile
obsessed morons. Who can’t communicate without
using emojs. And telling everyone what
they’ve had for lunch. Today I’m being really healthy
and I’m having fish. Smiley face, smiley face, heart
thing, poo thing with a face. It’s like anhone gives a shit. It’s just (Music) You are the only memory I have
of my past life. And… You know what they can suck it. We can be friends right? We can… (Music Continues) Do you know how insane you
sound? Well Jackie there’s something
you should know about me. Because it’s gonna save your
life today. I am without a shadow of a
doubt totally and utterly insane. (Music Continues) Looking for me? (Hail Of Gun Fire) Whoa nice shooting Tex. (Spooked Sound) (Music Continues) (CB Sound) Misdirection the oldest trick in
the book. I really can’t believe you were
stupid enough to fall for it
agent 9. (Radio Sound) See you in a momeent. Genie? (Static Sound) Genie? What’s going on? Where the hell
is Hamilton? Oh shit. He’s played us. He’s hacked into the (Static) (Grunt) (More Grunts) (Gun Shot) (Music Continues) Always one step ahead eh 9? I knew Genie would disobey my
orders and assist you. Who hacks the hacker? Me. Still at least I have enough
footage to retire you. Hammy Hanilton. Still get that I’m Steve Rodgers
and that the program didn’t
work. And your six foot grunts. You made me look like an idiot. You were not suppose to have
this kind of power. Yeah I know. Yeah but if it would have worked
with one of you men instead of a
misdemeanor offender. Then you would have ignored this
very important message. With great power comes great
responsibility. Don’t take the piss. Blimey. I ain’t seen you this pissed
since the doctor became a
woman. Where’s my pizza bitch? Oh well played. Using her to bounce back a
memory. Getting me to compromise on the
rules. So you could justify this rad to
take me out. How’s that working out for you? Very well thank you. (Gun Cocking) Oh God please don’t! Come on Hammy. We’re both on the same team. Can’t we just hug it out? Lower your weapon. (Music Continues) Wow. I’ve never seen you like this
before 9. Vunerable. She’s an innocent. If you got a problem with me
then let’s dance. Problem isn’t with you it’s with
this bitch. Cause protocol dictates that… (Gun Shots) (More Gun Fire) (Hamilton Grunts) (Sounds Of Being In Pain) (Music Continues) (Hamilton Grunting) You have to kill her 9. It’s protcol. Kill her! Shoot her! (Jackie’s Heavy Breathing) (Jackie Whimpering) (Whimpering Continues) (Music Continues) (Music Contnues) What the hell is going on 9? (Computer Sounds) Well sir we had a disagreement. A disagreement? She’s off the rails sir. She killed my men. Shoot her! Shut up Hamilton! Look sir I know this againist
the rules but please. Please don’t kill my friend. We don’t have friends agent 9. When I allowed you to take
control of your assignments is because I thought you’d grown
up. Now I see that you haven’t. Acting like a child. Trying to save someon
inconssquential. The mission takes president. The rules are in place fof a
reason. To protect you, to protect me, to protect the
company. Do you get that? Yeah crystal sir. But this particular rule is
rubbish. Step out of the way agent 9. No and my name is Rebecca. Sorry I know you programmed me
to follow you ordes. Prime directive four and all of
that, but I’ve evolved. Another side effect of the
company’s experiment. So using the whole Jedi mind
trick on me is null and void. Oh please! Kill her already! So we don’t need to listen to
anymore of these pop culture
references. Step out of the way 9. Or I will end you. I’ll do you one better. I’ll end myself if you kill my
friend. I took down Mr. Kil and his men. I’m rated gold for a reason. Cause I’m that good. Yeah I killed Dr. Drew and maybe
he didn’t deserve it. But I’ve also done alot of
good. Killing people who would have
cause misery and suffering in the world. I want my friend to live. And I swear if you kill her I will give Hamilton what he
wants. (Music) I have never asked anything from
you. But I am asking now. Don’t kill her. She’s done nothing to deserve
death. Do you really want to go back to
your superiors and tell them a less successful 300 million
pound assest just killed
herself. So which way do you want to go? Fordwars or backwards? (Music Coninues) (End Credits Music) (Music Continues) (Music Continues) (Music Continues) (Music Continues) (Closed Captioned By Marie
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  1. Ahhhhhh! How can this be the end of series 1? Loved the cliffhanger and Hamilton was hysterically funny. Can't wait for series 2. I'd love to be a part of this series. You guys rock!

  2. Congratulations on your first season! I thoroughly enjoyed it. I get the Chris Nolan feel from this series and I am enjoying Rebecca's journey to finding herself in order to make her whole again. I look forward to seeing you guys get funded for Season 2. Good luck!

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