Rebecca Gold – Interviews part 1

Rebecca Gold – Interviews part 1

Today we are here with Katie
Sheridan Did I say that right? Yes, okay fine, yes. Who plays Rebecca gold, in Rebecca Gold. (Laughs) So, um, how does this interview make you feel? Yeah feel alright? should I be worried? Is it going to be okay? Yes very worried. Yeah okay I should be worried okay well maybe So Katie. Yeah. Did you audition for
the part? No I didn’t audition for Rebecca but obviously Ian sent me the scripts and everything beforehand. And was telling me you know, it was actually along time ago That we were talking about doing it. About seven years ago, and Ian was like, you know, I’ve got this character in mind I could write for you. About an assassin. And er, so yeah it’s been a long time in the making really. I actually did some research on you. Okay. And, I found this show on Nickelodeon you used to do called Genie in the house. Yeah. Can you relate Sophie to Rebecca Gold? (Laughs) Ahh, Sophie’s a really different character from Rebecca. It was a long time ago when I played Sophie. You look pretty young. Yeah. So this is going back away. Sophie was very um, bookish. And quite geeky. But she liked to be in control she liked to be in charge. And Rebecca has that same kind of like, drive and determination Sophie was very determined as well. So I guess there’s some elements but Sophie is very different. Rebecca’s you know obviously an assassin and got a different lifestyle. Sophie was quite sheltered by comparison. Who is agent 9 / Rebecca Gold? Who is Rebecca Gold? Rebecca Gold is um, a girl… a woman… Great description! (Laugh) Who is ah, she’s, you know she’s, basically she’s gone rogue When she encounters her crush, er her high school crush. And she’s quite a lonely person And she uses humor to deflect that And… You know she’s got a lot of quality she’s very brave, I think she’s quite a loyal person And she’s not afraid to stand up for
what’s right. Sounds like me… (Laugh) Who is Katie Sheridan? I am… A woman… (Laugh) A woman… I am, I like um, you know I’ve always wanted to act I started acting when I was quite young, Um so that’s always been a big part of my life I, you know, I’ve got cats I love my cats I love my family, my friends Ohhh. I like going on holiday Traveling, just different bits and bobs really. So Allison how does this interview make you feel? Um I’m not gonna lie I’m quite nervous with you girls, yeah… I’m a bit nervous So Allison, you played Jackie how was it playing her? Um, she is quite complex in a way Because of her backgrounds because she’s She was kind of that sort of mean girl at school so she was out for herself, the popular girl and she’s had sort of a rough ride and so yeah I guess she’s got some sort of yeah some complex issues going on. Was it a challenge to act scared all the time I’m quite used to actually playing victims and that kind of thing so I quite like to him play the scared one things like that it’s quite good fun Who is Jackie Roberts? So she is Rebecca Gold’s high school crush but she was unaware of that when she was at school. So who is Alison Collinge? Ohhh, um so um there’s a tough one. Um I’m a Mum I have two children Yeah, I’m a wife I like to do acting when I can. That’s pretty much me. How did you get involved in Rebecca Gold Ur, so I’ve known your uncle, Ian for quite a few years actually
probably about 18 years or something now Ian, yes spoke to me about this project
and said would you be interested Today we’re interviewing Paul Coster who
plays Doctor Drew in Rebecca gold. Paul, does this interview make you feel? Nervous Who is, um… who is Doctor Drew? Doctor Drew Who is he? Oh wow. Okay he’s uh ex-military man. He’s now a psychologist at the company. And um, he has no family he’s divorced And he’s very bitter very angry and he likes things ordered Who’s Paul Cost… (Laughs) Who’s who, sorry? Who’s Paul coaster? Coster Coaster?! (Laughs) That’s where you put your drinks on. Coster! Laughs) Ur, who’s Paul Coster? Ur, don’t know… I’m a father, I’m sailor, I’m a Actor… I’m a model I’ve been modelling, er… Who am I? I don’t know.


  1. Genie In The House was awesome. Sadly when I mention it, not many have heard of it or they haven't watched of it.

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