Red Copper Better Pasta Pot Review | Testing As Seen On Tv Products

Red Copper Better Pasta Pot Review | Testing As Seen On Tv Products

Red Copper Better Pasta Pot Review | Testing ‘As Seen On Tv’ Products.
Are you tired of wasting your
hard-earned money on sh**ty kitchen gadgets that don’t work Vivian calls the
BS with Vivian trice you just sit back and enjoy just like hanging in your
kitchen with a good ol friend hello you guys and welcome back to another baby in
trys it’s Halloween time my kitchen we have another Halloween costume we’re
gonna call this the lazy girls Ninja Turtle costume because I didn’t put a
lot of effort into it but I still kind of got dressed up I know Chuck’s here
and my pants I got these little arm things I don’t know what they’re called
got my headband I got my green eyelashes they’re my turtle lashes the back I have
my turtle shell today I have a special video I’m gonna stop saying that one day
before I tell you what I have today do you guys want to admire the kitchen
decor we have the witch holding the vivian head and putting something fun
in my vivian coffee mug the bird in its cage
we have a window of skeletons trying to break into my house now let’s talk about
over trying today I told you guys it was gonna be a copper marathon miss Cathy
Mitchell has done it again, red copper better pasta pot
which at first I was like it’s just a pot on the infomercial she’s making all
kinds of crazy things like always today we are gonna try it with hard-boiled
eggs Velveeta mac and cheese and popcorn so
let’s open this thing nunchuks hopefully will not get in my
way I’m right here at ease iam just in case I have to defend the turtles
ready just released and guess who else released one yeah Gotham Steel is that a
coincidence look how beautiful this is I do really love the red so it had these
two little handles that closed the lid and secure it was my complaint about the
FASTA pasta was that there was nothing securing the lid when I was draining it
that ain’t good so beautiful it is so we have the two clamps here I hold the lid
and you close it then you would drain it like that pretty
easy first we’re gonna start with popcorn on the infomercial I saw them
popping popcorn in here and I thought good idea I want some popcorn from here
I have poured some of the marshmallow tough stuff again and then I have some
chocolate chips for Halloween don’t a lot of people make those up corn I’m
gonna make mine this bag don’t they make those popcorn balls
that’s what I’m hoping this is gonna turn into a giant popcorn ball
first things first let me go clean this and we’re gonna make a popcorn ball in
our red copper pasta pot my pot is hot put some popcorn in there I don’t know
how much to put in there so I’m kind of scared about that because I don’t want
this to explode I don’t I’m gonna explode it you know what I mean
when nunchucks are like popcorn okay lock it down I thought it would clip it
doesn’t like whip it’s just like there wouldn’t you think of like clip on but
it’s not do I need to shake it oh not sure if I’m supposed to shake it don’t
they shake it out like when they make kettle corn ooh kettle corn would have
been nice I love ghetto corn I don’t know how much popcorn I was supposed to
put in there what if this becomes a pressure cooker and then we’re in
trouble oh I probably just cool that shit down
didn’t I along with the how long this is gonna take come on popcorn who doesn’t
want fresh popcorn why can’t I see anything I can’t see in there I can’t
just sit here and just wait I have to like look there stick my finger in there
don’t like ice across it like that just something off why is there water in
there welcome back to another those skills and microwave popcorn
would’ve been done by now and put my name checks back somebody
tell me how long f**king popcorn should be cooking okay I opened it really fast
just to see when I did that it’s like default it how about do you hear it do
you see the white stuff I’m gonna open it really quick one two three go look
why aren’t they all popping we’ll get one like about popcorn can a popcorn
expert to help me out literally been 20 minutes I got like three kernels going I
wonder if it was the point with the panel the kettle there is that called a
kettle Colonel I wonder if it’s the Colonel’s I bought is there like little
small little guys you can do it cheer one I could have popped like 12 bags of
popcorn already this is not a lot of excitement I was expecting some kind of
a show there’s no show happening here what a fail how is this my fault I
wanted like awesome myself flip so much for my giant popcorn ball is gonna be a
little baby popcorn ball here we go maybe there’s a fly in my kitchen I’m
over this because now it just smells like burnt popcorn they’re popping a
little burnt and nobody likes but god damn they’re all burnt
great we’re just gonna call this one a film we’re gonna go ahead and move on to
the mac and cheese for mac and cheese we’re gonna make this Velveeta shells
and cheese bold jalapeno because Wiis bold water
I believe it’s ready for my pasta let’s take a peek don’t get a mistake in these
little handles here get hot you have to be very careful with this pot we all know this is not a cooking show
so I don’t need comments about my cooking skills
so now let’s cook this back on secure it secure I mean that’s what I understood I
want to stir it you know I can’t just sit here and do nothing see a little bit
more a little bit more be patient guys dinner will be ready in a sec meanwhile
let’s practice some nunchuck skills feel that power I don’t know just skills
walked away for one second okay on Monday the pulse is done boom what’s
boiled over ooh now it’s spooky in my kitchen I’m making a potion in my
kitchen do I need a fogging machine for my halloween videos so we can make them
scary this is a scary video okay I think my noodles are done one more minute and
then we add the ingredients let me go drain it and then we’re gonna add the
cheesy cheese’s before I drain it I’m gonna line up the
little holes so you’ll see there the little drink oh goodness
you see the little hole so you can drain do I want to line those up lid locked
pasta drain took forever because the little thing here is so small if you
have a lot of pasta or a big giant tub of water like this it’s gonna take a
minute I guess that’s not a big deal all right step let’s put some cheesy cheese
into our mac and cheese Stephanie putting in both of the cheese packs
because that’s the leader see what happens is all this stuff just
cooking I walk away and then I forget about it that’s not smart look at that
cheese it’s nonstick so it’s not gonna stick smells a dull ish the jalapenos
snow spicy as hell I’m glad I only put into one I’ll be able to just wipe this
thing down again you’re done buddy practically clean already but this one
it’s a beautiful thing – that beautiful pot rinse it off move
on to the next thing the next thing we’re gonna try is hard-boiled eggs she
said you can make two dozen hard-boiled eggs let’s see how many fit in here my
water hasn’t boil let us try to put 24 eggs in here beware that these little
handles are very hot fix my sleep cuz my superpowers get weak playing my sleeves
are scrunched up we don’t need all that let’s do two eggs at a time so we can
get through this I have already counted out 24 eggs I may already have too much
water in here but we’re just gonna give it a try anyway I’m gonna stop talking
and just keep working you guys entertain yourselves okay oh I’m gonna have to
dump some water out you ever done that before you put too much water oh shit
there is too much water you may be 24 will fit in here I think I just busted
that egg I need to concentrate don’t plus the Neng otherwise we’re
gonna have a busted egg with my other goodies busted – busted we could
probably do another dozen eggs oh there’s a floater doesn’t that mean it’s
not fresh or does it mean it’s just cracked 24 eggs fit no problem I just
have too much water look at this again I just noticed that two more eggs
over here I’m even ones to exit still plenty of room did I get them all
lid back on I cracked like four of those they’re gonna be egg white and egg yolk
floating all over that thing so I’m gonna give this guy 4 vivian heads
reason being the handles just got very very hot and this
early Locke you’re holding it in place yourself so I guess your hands are the
locking mechanism so for that I took off one baby in it but it’s still a great
product question of the day is how many children do you have
you have zero do you have 25 do you have unknown tell me in the comments down
below I’ll start I have one kid it’s a girl
now you tell me how many kids do you have are you guys that is it for another
vivian tries I hope that you have enjoyed this red copper pasta pot review
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for you today I’ll see you in the next one


  1. Hi Vivian!..New subscriber 3 grown kids 5 grand children In Orlando Fl watching your videos they are helping me get through this hurricane Irma! Thank you so much you are so funny!.. love you!

  2. I have this pot with black locking handles! I only use the locks when draining. The black locks do lock in place unlike the red locks.

  3. Hi Vi. I think I have seen all your videos and liked them all for sure. Please do M O R E!!!! Love you and your videos. I won’t buy anything unless you
    Reviewed it. 😘

  4. Another good one!! I have 3 adopted sisters. I've had them for 11 years. One just graduated from college and one from high school both with honors.

  5. GdM Vivian!! I reside in NC (originally LI, NY). I have 2children (17&32), 2grands (10&13) & 5step-grands (12,8,7,4&3). Loving videos so much, I'm going to subscribe today! Peace and Blessings

  6. I have 4, four legged children and 13, two legged children. Did I mention the 2 legged children also have wings? No, they aren't angels.

  7. I love a few burnt pieces of popcorn lol I do. I have 3 kids 2 boys and a girl. They are grown and gave me grand kids. 5 boys and 6 girls.

  8. ok I can't come to your videos if you don't know how to pop popcorn i mean seriously LOL (yes I'm kidding) don't peek at the popcorn the heat pops it!! I have one girl she's 21 in Okinawa right now with her husband , he's stationed in the navy base over there and on deployment at the moment but they ported in Okinawa normally in Saseabo? i know i probably spelled that wrong.

  9. Hello Vivian! I have 5 (2boys and 3 girls) human children ( 4 I gave birth to and 1, who is my husbands from his 1st marriage but I've raised since she was 2yrs old.) and 2 grandson ages 4 and 2. I also have 9 furbabies consisting of 2 cats (Zoe and Ella ), 2 rats ( Haru and Yuri ), 3 snakes ( ball python named Severus and 2 corn snakes named Draco and Lucius ), 1 Bunny ( Alice ) and 1 Hedgehog ( Sir Tucker Pops A Lot, the Spikey Ball of Hate )

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  15. It is the building up of steam that makes the corn get hot enough to pop. Every time you took the lid off, you were loosing that steam. Eventually, all the steam was gone and all it could do is burn from there on. BUT, I LOVE you and your videos.

  16. Your eggs are breaking because you're adding cold eggs into boiling water. Lol you're supposed to add the eggs into water, with salt so they heat at the same rate so they wont crack.

    I have 4 kids. I'm 43. My kids are 17, 18, 19 and 20. One boy and hes the 19yo.

  17. Hi Vivian. I’m a new subscriber & am trying to watch all of your videos! I am so very happy that I stumbled across your page! You have become my favorite YouTuber! I have 1 grown child. He’s 27! 😘

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  20. Hun ya have to leave the lid on and move the pan around in a circle while still on the burner .. ya keep lifting the lid and it let's out heat
    I was taught to put the eggs in the pot FIRST then add water to jus above the eggs…

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  24. i had 4 boys and stepson on the week ends and 2 extra kids on the weekends all spring summer and fall i had 6 boys and one girl lol

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