Red Copper Flipwich Review | Testing As Seen On Tv Products

Red Copper Flipwich Review | Testing As Seen On Tv Products

Red Copper Flipwich | Testing ‘As Seen On Tv’ Products are you tired of wasting your
hard-earned money on sh**ty kitchen gadgets that don’t work
Vivian calls the BS with Vivian Tries you just sit back and enjoy just like
hanging in your kitchen with a good ol friend
I love you guys and welcome back to another Vivian Tries. is me I am a
stormed today I have for you this thing red copper flipwich which is like a
grilled cheese sandwich maker all kinds of sandwich thing and look kinda
interesting so about it let’s give it a try today we are going to make grilled
cheese sandwich and apple pie and we are going to make french toast all with this
little thing in the infomercial she does all kinds of things in here so I picked
the three things I thought that would be cool we’re gonna make those today so I
have my bread I have cheese I have apples and I have eggs to make my french
toast this makes me feel cheese sandwiches
Cathy Mitchell made all kinds of things with this it looked really cool in the
infamous teammate cherry pies she oh it’s tiny guys it is itty bitty look a
little bit so I’m really surprised I don’t know why I’m surprised by that the
size of a slice of bread will fit in there nothing else let me turn on my little hot plate here
where you start with a grilled cheese sandwich real basic I’m not gonna put
any oil or anything on it because first of all it’s the famous red
comfort nonstick surface I also want to see if it a really Gorillaz sandwich up
without any additional butter or oils scrap some bread
let’s make sandwich let’s wash it washed I’m sweating loaf of bread I’m just
gonna put it right there pretty easy right some yummy cheese this is some
Velveeta cream cheese I shouldn’t melt nicely in
there this can’t fail I’m not sure how we’re gonna do that french toast I’m
gonna put three slices of cheese in here because if you wanted to be Oh a gooey
cheesy but find out how that french toast works
out there we go now we close it moving instructions for this guy close and then
you clip this little thing here at the end have a little clip down here you
can’t see it let me move this has a little tiny show tear has this little
thing here to close this like this now we wait I guess let me see this hot on
this side okay it’s not hot on this side that is so weird how’s that gonna work
okay how did it pop how do I know what to turn it over hmm how about that
there’s nothing really fancy about this thing okay wait you can’t open it while
opening that I’m messing it up you gotta let it grow real good I guess you just
flip it over and over until a big crunch let me go get the eggs while we wait for
that my eggs this is the mixture for my french toast we’re gonna make french
toast that’s gonna be delicious if it works I’m afraid when I pour that in
there it’s gonna spill all over the place we’re gonna have a problem Cathy
we’re gonna have a problem she has never watched this show before I
don’t know why I’m always talking to her like she’s here but you know in my
imagination okay let’s flip it over flip you want to open it let’s open it let’s
just see what it’s beautiful oh my god okay thanks leave it alone
close it back on the little flip thing okay nice excited okay so far so good
I’m impressed like always Cathy like always I’m
excited about the other two because this is pretty basic this has to be a winner
now the real test would be with this liquid here when we make some french
toast that’s gonna be the real test okay wait I think it’s burning
flippity good one did I burn it oh no it’s already nice it’s not ready yet
okay look at that that side is not ready see the bad thing is that each side
starts to cool down when you flip in it take that into consideration
that when you flip it the other side starts to cool down it’s a it’s a little
hot but it starts to cool down obviously because there’s no you don’t it so I’m a
thug but I keep grabbing my crotch because it’s really low it is like I
don’t know what the hell is going on here that’s okay nobody looking at my
crotch Oh smoke do you guys see smoke oh my god
smoke okay wait oh okay that side is uh well now I’m flexing the other side flip
it let’s see yes perfection oh that’s hot okay let’s get this guy out of here
Verna’s very nice to see that guys both sides beautiful let’s cut back I want
I want to smoke let’s see that’s that guy oh look huh
look at that cheese it’s so perfect the perfect Bhoomi grilled cheese sandwich
look at that oh yeah leave that to me gooey grilled
cheese look at it what a beautiful thing it worked
grilled cheese check next we should do the pie because I’m excited about making
fun oh that’s hot pie mix she does it was bread she
doesn’t do it with any kind of pie crust or anything okay so she just puts a
piece of bread down then she has I think she does it like a blueberry we’re gonna
do apples okay well we have apples I want to make it’s not too like chunky
right cuz I want it to close I want it to hold together I should say good
enough I’m gonna say that’s good now it’s the second slice of bread on top
okay close it the little clamp thing on there to hold
it closed okay oh it’s pretty I want to pie look at how
delicious that frickin and grilled cheese sandwich looks
you did good Cathy this thing that works well why is it smoking already Bettina
see the smoke it’s really smoking okay I’m going to flip it
let’s take a peek inside heart wait that wasn’t even like a
minute okay I just burned that bread does not my fault because what the f**k
I wasn’t even a minute this thing goes really fast huh okay come on see I don’t
know the other thing is and we have to guess like is it ready or not whoever
you’re guessing okay I don’t want to burn it like the
others this was almost a fail because of the other side burner let’s give it
another minute on this side just to make sure it’s nice we toast it on the
outside come on little guy do not burn on me okay it’s not smoking I think if
it’s smoking you know you’re done because there’s no other way to know if
this thing is okay this is pretty fast I can’t believe that that sound looks like
that that’s it’s okay let’s flip it now boom I’m saying that’s pretty good take
it off I need different butter butter nice but
whatevs there we go guys here it is apple pie made with bread
different and on the stove with your flip which way that nah mm-hmm
look at that apple pie guys it is perfect and it did not like food out or
anything see I was afraid it was gonna like ooze
out of there but it didn’t now for the one that I really think is gonna be the
real test which is f**kers that’s hot the French toast all right here we go
there’s one and you have to work fast because it’s gonna start okay it’s just
one I think she just does one in the infomercial she just pours her eggs over
the top like this your egg mixture these not gonna do all of it something for the
other side okay now we’re gonna wait to get in there now how she did it I don’t
remember okay that’s okay I didn’t do it right I
think I should have just poured it on the top okay
closed let’s wait for this movie we’re gonna get like yummy yummy french toast
from this thing because this is awesome look at this beautiful salad you that
grilled cheese mmm apple pie delicious oh my god you do all kinds of things
with this couldn’t you okay I’m gonna flip it now this is gonna be the real
test here one two three go flip it okay eggs didn’t go all over the place we’re
going to open it down for some more on this side Oh just going to pour one from
the top I just want it to get onto on all the bread okay close it
how exciting is this maybe it’s small it worked fast and so far it has not
disappointed let’s flip it again let’s look at this side flip it I’m gonna fold
it I don’t think I’ve flipped it oh what a dum-dum okay guys I mean flip it I
didn’t flip it I was admiring my costing too much I forgot to flip the thing okay
let’s see what this side looks like real quick let’s just take a peek okay
oh s**t it got stuck I got stopped look oh there it is
came out oh oh let’s try this again see you see right here it kind of got stuck
there for a second maybe it’s good I open it to seven give it a minute
Ian now open it on this side ooh I like it
oh it’s nice and fluffy too I love all these things I mean do you really need
this separate from like just a grill pan I don’t know but it’s working just as
advertised so I’m impressed okay flipped over one more time let’s
take a peek I think it’s ready I’m gonna call it and say it’s ready pop
it in to my plate then perfect clean it’s very clean
this eggs I got sucked out of there how I told you guys don’t use metal utensils
and I just use that like that please no sticking no nothing clean clean we got
to french toast perfect grilled cheese sandwich perfect apple pie I’m gonna say
this is a winner so I’m gonna give this guy 5 Vivian heads now I don’t know you
need a separate salad grill thing but if you’re looking for one or maybe you’re
just a single person who wants to make one serving meals like this all right
you guys that is it for another baby and drys I hope that you have enjoyed this
video if you have give it a big thumbs up
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share the video with your family and your friends
alright guys that’s all that I got for you today I’ll see you in the next da-da-da-da-da


    Ok, these are my fav Vivian quotes that literally made me LOL!!!! 1) "let me fix my crotch". 2) I just burned that bread. It's not my fault because WTF" and lastly "fucker that's hot". Vivian, you're the most awesomeness of all and this Vitch loves you bunches!!! 💗👍🏻🤣

  2. I love vivian trys.! You are absolutely awesome! I have just found you and I am in love! Lol. You are hilarious, I am sooo binge watching!

  3. I would need 6+ of those anytime they would be used…3 kids and 3 grandkids + hubs and I…lol…1 would feed in shifts!!

  4. OMG. Your videos are the most entertaining and informative. I love the "Here we go, ,2,3". Makes me laugh every time.

  5. You need to preheat the Flipwich if you are making eggs. The sandwiches and pie need butter to be perfect. My favorite is a cheese and ham sandwich.

  6. A YEAR late to the party, but I don't care! Lol! I love Vivian Tries! And the sound track was epic, lol. Seriously tho, that isn't an apple pie. That's a grilled apple sammitch! Rotf! Can't wait to see your costumes this year.

  7. Although it doesn't "need" butter to keep it from sticking, the bread should be buttered for texture and flavor to get a "traditional" looking and tasting grilled cheese. And optimally it should only be flipped once, just like making one in a traditional pan. Also if things are burning before being fully cooked, you have the temp too high 💜

  8. We have a cast iron clam like this is called a Pugie pie maker.
    We have made pizzas cakes pies, tons of things. We would do what you're doing but instead of a cooking element you put it on hot coals of campfire Many good times and it is still going strong..
    Take care Debbie from Northern Ontario Canada.

  9. I love Vivian Tries! 💜💜🤟🤟. You are just wonderful Vivian. I watch you at 3 am … 😎. You always bring a smile to me. Thank you.

  10. Found your channel on accident so glad I did you always put a smile on my face I laugh like a crazy lady watching you love your humor and all the swear words hey part of life right anyway keep making your amazing videos and making my day thanks your awesome

  11. You´re complaining a grilled cheese sandwich maker is only big enough for a sandwich…. what?!


    My husband and I watch one Vivian tries on our phones before bed every night. We always sing the part when you say "welcome back to another Vivian tries!" Thank you so much, and I am sorry that people say things to hurt you. stay strong and know you are loved by your adoring fans!

  13. I 💖Vivian and Jedi! I shared videos with my daughter and she joined the Vitch squad recently. We enjoy spending quality time with Vivian by binge watching playlists together on the weekends when we don't have homework (I go to school too). WE LOVE VIVIAN AND JEDI!!!

  14. The thing is, by the second food item, (apple "pie"), it was already fully heated. Looked like the time you put in the grilled cheese, it was still not heated up the whole way. first sammie = always takes longer 🙂

  15. ok maybe read that lil recipe book LOL but i love this product!! i am putting it on my Christmas list as you can make panini sandwich YUMMY I give u 5💗👍💗👍💗👍💗👍💗👍

  16. You have to l let things cook long enough to form a "crust" on the bottom or it will stick to the pan. Once the crust forms it will release

  17. You look so cute:) this would be good for a kid in the kitch. Maybe a lone camper? Would like to see how it works with biscuits, pizza dough etc

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