1. Another awesome video. I would love a mug like that for my coffee, mine always gets cold before I can get into work with it.

  2. You should totally try out a contigo mug they are the best and leave your drink warm for around 6 hours and cold for almost 12.

  3. Ode To My Mug

    Oh, mug, sweet mug where you be?
    Could you come back with your sweet tea?
    Little mug, little mug, where you at?
    I really want you, how about about that?
    So, Jason really needs this mug so he can drink.
    He will be thankful, and will give you a wink.

  4. What a great Valentine's Day gift for my significant other. Would love to have it for free. Thanks for the excellent review Paris. 🙂

  5. as someone who is perpetually clumsy, this technology seems like an awesome idea 🙂 I don't do a lot of travelling but I do drink a lot of hot tea. I'm always so annoyed when I have to reheat it because I've been reading and let it get cold 😂 this mug would be super useful!

  6. Love you videos! Looks like a great mug I need to look at getting that one. I love that it keeps drinks warm for awhile and the non spill tip feature would be perfect

  7. yes I love to take coffee in car. so like the red copper mug would work out great. I also like to take ice water with in car. loved the review. Thanks

  8. I bought into the whole Yeti cup fad that hit a while back, I think that's the vacuum insulation technology that's being used in all the new cups these days. I've knocked over a nearly full 30 oz Yeti cup though, the tip-proof designs might be a real boon for me.

  9. Would be interesting to try out. Although I do like the mug I have now, it would be an interesting replacement if it kept my coffee warm for 5 hours like my current one.

  10. love your reviews, I will forever be a fan..you go so in depth with the reviews it's awesome because all my questions I might have are already answered through your video thank you for all you do I will continue to watch and stay subscribed to your channel

  11. Just my luck, my favorite travel mug was eatin up by my dish washer. This would make a great replacement. Hope I win. Take care

  12. The Red Copper sounds like just the travel mug I need to keep my Joe Beans coffee from getting cold at work before I get a chance to finish the drink. Thanks for the review and hope I win.

  13. I would love to have that red copper mug for my coffee when I am at home. It gets cold so fast and I don't like reheating it.

  14. I noticed that with my stainless mug, the plastic lid sweats when I put a cold drink and gets a plastic smell/taste when a very hot drink is put. Can you check if the copper mug is the same?

  15. omg the red copper mug would save my sanity between the car seats being covered in coffee and my husbands desk full of soggy paperwork it definitely would be a life saver tfs Parris

  16. My most embarrassing moment was when I got a little over excited speaking to the owner of a huge company at a conference.
    I ended up with quite a dramatic twitch, which resulted in me throwing a cup of coffee down her.
    Her cream suit…seconds before she was to get on stage to make a presentation.


    I would like to enter your cup competition because I cannot trust my arms.
    Thank you.

  17. I was about to comment on how deceiving metal thermos mugs are with hot drinks due to the cool to touch outside, though even after some hours the contents can still scold the mouth, then you went and did it, after two hours the hot drink nearly scolded your mouth… I would love it if there was like built temp gauge on the lid to highlight this.

  18. I have 2 Thermos brand mugs like that which I used daily for cold water. Refill daily and keep in fridge, but they are not the 'knock over resistance' which is nice as I use mine next to my computer. I still get a laff watching you try to sneak up on it to knock it over lol

  19. I go through travel mugs so often. I either leave them somewhere or loan them to friends and never see them again. I still keep buying new ones though. I don't think I would spend $20 or more for one. Nice mug though.

  20. Parris I would love that mug for tea and especially hot chocolate! I would love one that doesn't tip over I can be clumsy sometimes lol. I have tried finding a similar mug here, but they are all on final clearance and sold out. The one Canadian Tire, outside of our town, had one left. When we called, they could not locate it. Anyways, another great video I love watching your face when you try to knock them over but they stay standing. Looking forward to your next video!

  21. I would sooo LOVE to try a non tip cup! Its sounds SOOO COOL! I also just HAVE to tell you how awesome your theme song is! HA! Really cool!

  22. The Copper Mug is awesome! I love the anti tip feature! I always have problems with my drinks falling over from either my puppies banging into the table or me accidentally hitting it on the side when reaching for it! Keep up the great reviews, Paris!

  23. You are one of the best Youtuber in world I hope you pick me and if you could can you get Roxana and Humana in one of epic review gues bidios please I hope I win with the best of luck

  24. Being a stay at home mom I'm always on the go, so having a travel mug that not only won't tip over easily AND keeps my coffee hot would be Heavenly!!!! Please help me keep my caffeine buzz going! 👐👐

  25. Love your honest reviews Parris! I have purchased several travel mugs but none made with "red copper" interested in the non spill technology since I'm often clumsy lol

  26. I like both of those mugs. If you could only get one, which would you get? I'd like to see the stainless version of the first one too.

  27. You make good video's good lighting no music your demonstrations are captivating, I have seen some of these products in stores at a glimpse not giving it much thought until I ran across your channel. Thanks for taking time and spending your hard earned money to show the public these products and their functionality,  a lot of the Items I  didn't  know about .  For one the echo cancelling microphone, and a few other products you have demonstrated. You are calling these makers out exposing their product a real consumers report, the old school way when people cared about other people keeping them from getting ripped off.  And that deserves a big thumbs up!

  28. The red copper mug would be really useful for me at work, no more slurping cold coffee in between patients or accidentally tipping it over on my desk. Great video as always Parris.

  29. The red copper mug looks awesome! I would love to get this as an contest winner! The technology that allows for it to not tip over is amazing! Thanks for what you guys do. I love your videos!

  30. I've been wanting a mighty mug for a lnog time but never got the chance to get my hands on one, the red copper would be great. Hope in win. Happy early Valentines day

  31. I'm not a coffee drinker, but Hills Bros makes a white chocolate cappuccino. I don't own any travel mugs or anything like that. This product would be perfect for me to use.

    love watching your videos

  32. my girlfriend drinks coffee just about every day but she's too clumsy and always tips cups over so it would be perfect if I did win the mug for her 🙂

  33. Thank U SO much for a very helpful review! I'd love to be selected for the give away! But, I've enjoyed your review either way! Happy Valentine's Day to You & Yours!

  34. My mum would love that red copper mug. She drinks tea and coffee all the time and its all ways getting cold before she drinks it. I would love to give this to mum as a birthday or valentine present.

  35. Great review as always! Have you heard of the 'Right Cup'? It's not exactly like these mighty and red copper mugs but it's meant to "trick" your brain into thinking your drinking flavored water but theres no flavor added… it seems pretty cool,,,

  36. Oh how I love the Red Copper mug for me,
    I'd fill it with coffee, juices, and tea.
    I need something like this drinking mug,
    so I'll never spill liquids again on my rug.
    If Parris picks me for the win,
    He wlll forever have a new friend!

  37. I like how honest you are with your reviews.
    Paris is your name? I don't know how to spell your name sorry but please please don't do paid reviews.
    I am super happy to see a honest person doing great-quality reviews! I wish you continue that way.
    Best of luck "your name haha"
    Love from Saudi Arabia <3

    PS I don't mean to offend you with the name problem I really don't know how to spell your name sorry :s

  38. Thank you Parris! I was pretty much unhappy with any travel mug I have ever had…I drink both coffee and tea and have to use one for each type of drink because the coffee taste would get into the tea, and none ever kept my hot drinks, hot or even warm. We have had this product at my place of employment and I had been going around whether or not to invest in this mug. It definitely holds up to its claims. I love it and made my purchasing decision based on this video. I have yet to go the cold route but with the crazy weather in Indiana, hoping to get to the warm climate soon and test my favorite cold beverages!

  39. The problem with your review is that you compared a thermos to a mug. There is a mighty mug thermos that would hold the temp. just as well..

  40. The inside of the mug is coated with ceramic to prevent the metal taste, I would imagine that is why you cant put metal objects in it.

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