Red Copper Mug Review | Testing As Seen on TV Products

Red Copper Mug Review | Testing As Seen on TV Products

– Today I’m gonna put the Red Copper mug against the Yeti tumbler. Hello, you guys, and welcome
back to another Vivian Tries. Today I have for you another,
another copper product. This time, though, it’s
not something to cook with. It’s something to drink with. Dah-de-de-dah! There it is, Red Copper mug. I don’t know how I feel about this. The Red Copper was a non-stick pan. Now they’ve morphed it into a, it’s not a non-stick cup, I was gonna say it’s a non-stick cup. It’s not a non-stick cup. They’re just gonna keep
pumping products out and just slapping on
this copper spray paint, and then just saying it’s
copper, whatever the hell. It’s a ceramic-lined cup. And I thought, how am I gonna test this. Because it claims that it can hold hot drinks for eight hours, and cold drinks for 12. We know that there are
50,000 of those tumblers going around, that is a hot thing now. And this Red Copper company decided that they’re just gonna jump
on that bandwagon, as well. So, I thought how am I gonna test this cup besides put it in the fridge or leave a hot drink
in it for eight hours. I thought let’s put it
up against the company that started this whole craze. And that is the Yeti cup. So, today, I’m gonna
put the Red Copper mug against the Yeti tumbler. Tumbler against tumbler. Ding-ding-ding. This guy is $35.00 I think I paid for him. This guy was $19.99. What do you guys think? To be honest, I’m not
even sure about this guy. How am I gonna test both of these guys? I have this little thermometer where I can stick it in the liquid and we’re gonna keep
track of the temperature in both of the cups. I’m gonna fill both of the cups with boiling hot water. I’m going to check the temperature. Before we begin I’m gonna
put them in the refrigerator to kind of speed the cooling process, and then I’m gonna check
back in about 30 minutes so that we can see which
one cooled down faster. And did you know that
Walmart does not sell Yeti? They’re not allowed, I did not know that. Yeti’s too good for Walmart. Alright, let’s open this
guy, see what’s inside. Why does the bottom screw on? Why is the bottom like that? Oh, it’s like a suction. When I zoom in, we’ll test that part. It says it will not tumble over. Here are the claims
from the Red Copper mug: leak-resistant lid, we’ll test that; insulated double-wall construction, we’re gonna test that; topple-proof mug, we’re gonna test that;
top rack dishwasher safe, we’re not gonna test that. Nobody’s got time for that right now. Now the Yeti cup, we’re just testing it for temperature because this $30 Yeti cup does not give me all that. It just says it’s gonna keep your product hot or cold, that’s it. Is it worth it? After I feel it with
this hot, boiling water, I’m gonna put it in the
freezer for 30 minutes. Then we’ll check back to see which one has cooled down faster. So now let’s zoom in so you guys can see me filling these
cups with the boiling water and checking the temperature. Okay, let me put my favorite gloves on because there is hot water
in front of me in a pan. There is your Yeti cup and
here is the Red Copper, that’s what they look like. One is way taller than the other, which I don’t get because this one is a 20-ounce and this is a 16-ounce. But you can see at the bottom the Yeti doesn’t have like this little suction, which is really cool. So it like locks into place
so you can’t tumble it over? I think that’s pretty cool. See, look. Impressive. Look, see, it won’t tumble over. Look at this one. Yeah, Yeti, no. That is cool. Okay, I’m already sold on this guy. Look, impressive. I can do this all, okay, nevermind, don’t do it that hard. And remember the Yeti,
it’s not leak-proof, this one is leak-proof. That’s what they claim but, obviously, the Yeti is not leak-proof
because there’s holes in it. Ready? Here we go. Here’s the first one, our Yeti. Pretend that’s coffee. The second one, okay. A little bit more, I’m gonna fill them up. Water’s going everywhere, okay. So now, first one, temperature reads at, I think you gotta give it a
couple seconds, don’t you. Okay, holding steady at 194. Second one. 194, perfect, holding steady there, cool. Seal them up. Both have been sealed, boom, boom. Okay, alright, sealed, sealed. Okay, I can’t feel the heat at all. Good, good, okay. Now, we’re gonna put them in
the freezer for 30 minutes. Then we’ll check back and
check the temperatures again. Alright, so I left them
for a little bit longer. I left them for one hour in the freezer instead of the 30 minutes I said. Alright, here we go. I’m gonna take it off, okay, there we go. Oohh, did you see the
steam come out of that one? Let’s check the temperature. What do we have, what do we have? It’s been in the freezer for one hour and we’re still at 162
holding steady, beautiful. Okay, let’s check the Yeti. What do you guys think? Ha ha, let’s see if this Yeti
is really worth the money. Alright, Yeti holding steady at 162. I’m impressed with the Red Copper mug. I’m very impressed. It held up to the $35 Yeti cup that is hyped up so much
and it is so expensive. And they don’t even sell it
at Walmart, what the hell? Alright, you guys, so I am so impressed with the Red Copper products. Not just this Red Copper cup, but also the Red Copper pan that you
guys know I absolutely love. It’s leak-proof and, not only that, the temperature kept up
with this hyped-up Yeti cup. Temperature in both cups
was absolutely the same. This one is totally worth money. Alright, you guys, that is
it for another Vivian Tries. I hope that you have enjoyed this video. I’ll see you guys in the next one. Bye.


  1. Love your videos thanks for sharing,I was just looking at this product last weekend๐Ÿ˜ŠI am sold! Hope you have a amazing day!

  2. Hey Viv good morning,,just wanted you to know I am a HUGE coffee drinker and I use the Contigo coffee mug and it works wonders,,I've always wondered about that yeti and if it was worth the money,,,but I like the cooler mug and the fact that it sticks I'm going to try it out bc I haven't seen anything beat the Contigo mug yet,,so I'll let you know

  3. Actually, Walmart puts out their own version of the Yeti Cup. It's brand name is Ozark Trail, are 30 oz, and costs $9.74 and I've seen it tested against the Yeti and it worked better than the Yeti. I've got 2 and absolutely love them!!!

    I guess I'll have to watch the video again to see the comparison review. โœŒ๏ธ๐Ÿ‘

  5. I had to laugh when I saw the products today. I just received my 2nd and 3rd mighty mug stainless steel mugs yesterday. red copper got the no tip from mm. Love love love the stainless steel ones. coffee stays hot for hours. and tested iced yesterday for first time….12 hours later there were still some small cubes in the tea! with that said they ARE hand wash only but still love em. enjoy your red copper one

  6. You didn't use the same amount of hot water and only did one test? You should've left it out over the course of a day…

  7. Seen the Yoshiย  Copper Grill mat at our Giant Tiger (Canada) , then seen there is a same product different brand also available.ย ย ย ย  vsย ย ย

  8. Vivian, We have an: (as seen on T.V.) store, in the mall where I live .>OHIO< ,I hope you test all the products they offer to the public.and give your opinion

  9. Amiga…Nice video Now I have a ??? WHO and WHY would someone need to keep coffee hot for so long I mean youmake it to drink it not it put down for hours and expect itto be FRESH like the beginning JUST SAYING ….Keep them coming and As always KEEP BEING YOU>>>>

  10. Hey Vivian love your videos!! But this one,um I have reservations about. Years ago when you were a kidlet they sold water bottles that were coated on

  11. Love your videos! But this one I have reservations about. Years ago when you were a kidlet they sold coated water bottles, before the plastic ones were recyclable and easily available. They neglected to tell us that the coating inside the bottles was not permanent, or that after a couple of months of filling and cleaning it would have "worn off " completely leaving a bottle that no one could consume a drop of water from( my dogs refused to drink water that was in therefore 20 minutes). My fear is that could be the result even more quickly with hot liquids. Use this $20 cup with care and vigilance. The other solid stainless is more expensive but also safer and more long lasting and will not hold flavours like it's "painted" cousin. I have and use daily solid stainless cups that I purchased 20 years ago.
    Just my experience and opinion.

  12. I don't get the craze, they're both extremely scammy cups. Essentially nothing more than stainless steel cups. One painted red, the other left silver. Nothing amazing about it and definitely not new technology.

  13. I have the RTIC brand, that was I think 20 dolla before I heard about the Ozark trail brand which is only 10 dolla (make u holla) and you're beautiful ๐Ÿ˜€

  14. Looks like the copper mug would fit nicely in a car's cup holder thing. I don't know about the Yeti. It looks wider.

  15. I use Contigo mugs and the 16oz size fits under my Keurig coffee maker,I have to take the drip tray off but that's not a big deal.

  16. I have a Zaza . I think just as good as YETI for $12. Same stainless steel and double walled. Great for cold, left over night in Fl and still had ice.. Also great for hot,, did not leave in car?

  17. i liked the coper cup review. great testing especialy with tipping it. loved it. when will you have a live video again i miss thoes.? ๐Ÿ˜ฅ

  18. you should try the contigo mug against the copper mug!! The contigo has a leak proof lid as well!!! and keeps liquid hot for a really long time as well!

    And i really like your videos!!! Seem so much more believable than some of the other ones out there!!!

    Keep 'em coming!!!

  19. Red Cooper Cup Very impressive…I would get the Ozark Trail..I prefer stainless steel..35 dollars to much for Yeti mug.

  20. I'm gonna have to point out 2 obvious observations… #1 Since these are insulated and double walled, this test did nothing. #2 If we are honest, the yeti mug ISN'T sealed and was able to keep the same temperature.. ALSO there was no drip test for the copper mug. I have to say as much as I like watching you test these items, I CANNOT trust your reviews. I think some of the products you've had such issues with could be corrected by simply reading the directions and maybe some common sense. Please do not hate on me as I am just stating MY opinion. I do love you Vivian, but I am annoyed with the abandon you influence people…

  21. You should do a test comparing the 30oz Yeti and the 30oz Ozark Trail from Walmart. Pretty sure the Ozark Trail is why Walmart can't carry the Yeti ones. They are the same thing or so close it's not even funny. The Ozark Trail here where I live is $9.84

  22. great video Vivian You look beautiful in the video and has there been a product that was so bad that u never flim it.

  23. The copper one was not opened, the yeti was open, so ya know it is unfair, plus it lost a fair bit of heat being closed, imagine if it was opened

  24. there's a lid that you can purchase on amazon for the yeti that makes it spill proof. yes it is sn added expense but if you need a travel mug then that may be something to look into. i saw it on freakin reviews. awesome vid.

  25. The Yeti is just a myth ya know don't you? I guess there tumbler is too. I do like the song they use in one of their cooler commercials, Fish Assassin

  26. Hey Viv I actually have the Yeti cup in 32 ounces. I use it all the time more for cold drinks then hot. I was looking for a cup that was leak proof and would not topple over because I have Epilepsy and when i go into a seizure it would be nice to know that my drink will still be as full as it was before the seizure when the seizure is over. With the Red Copper cup someone would have time to grab my cup before the seizure peaks and it is comparable to my yeti as far as keeping my drink cool. I can literally put ice in my drink of a morning and at night i still have ice.

  27. I love that you checked the temps on camera like that. I love these dang tumbler cups & now I need a red copper tumbler too! ๐Ÿ˜

  28. I have a yeti and it works awesome for cold and hot both and not only that but it come with a warranty and u also get a free gift

  29. We bought the red copper mugs after watching this review. They are horrible. I used one at work yesterday and my coffee was completely cold my first break. The cheaper stainless steal cups we got from Walmart and Safeway work much better.

  30. Vivian, can you do a redo on those two products the copper mug and the yeti. But this time try cold liquid leaving it outside in the Heat and see if it works. Because sometimes mugs will hold one temperature and Will Fail another temperature..

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