it’s better work so excited what else
can break are you tired of wasting your hard-earned money on sh**ty kitchen
gadgets that don’t work Vivian calls the BS with Vivian tries
you just sit back and enjoy just like hanging in your kitchen with a good over
end welcome back to another vivian tries halloween stuff is
already starting to come out so I thought I would you know take advantage
I have a couple little costumes that I’ll be wearing in some upcoming videos
so I thought I’d start with this tonight I even have one of these things I don’t
know what it’s called but I thought it was cool so I got one of these I got one
of these armors and I even got a shield yeah I got it at the dollar store can
you believe it let’s get to the reason why you’re on this video today I have
this thing do you know what this is of course you do you’re staring right at it
miss Cathy Mitchell has put out an another amazing product well I don’t
know if it’s amazing I’m excited yeah but you know her shoots pretty good this
is red copper 5-minute chef yes it is a lot of you guys have requested this and
I finally got my hands on it in the infomercial she does pizza an omelet and
a dessert today I will try an omelet pizza and a cherry pie this is the best
part of my costume right here I’m not gonna take more and this thing – but
doesn’t fit right in my b**bs too big so let’s get right into this because you
guys know I love news and Cathy Mitchell I wish she would come on my show she
won’t cuz I’m just a girl making silly videos I need you I can’t wait till you
see what else I have for Halloween you haven’t subscribed you need to subscribe
you guys can see all my cute costumes they’re coming up I’ve got a spatula is
that a bonus and it’s red because it’s red copper it’s a five-minute chef
because everything can be cooked in under five minutes you guys believe that
I know what’s wrong here here we go the beautiful product minute
chefs it looks like I’m just wiping it down
just with a wet paper towel what do I have forgot to tell you what ingredient
the rule we have this thing again you know I’m scared to open these is it keep
the crust pizza sauce pepperoni eggs pie crusts for our cherry pies
I have pie filling with extra cherries let’s put some shit in here let’s start
with the easy stuff first I’m gonna scramble up an egg and then I have some
cut-up little hot dogs there’s one okay hot dogs are in think about this is
supposed to get hot on both sides I think I’m gonna love this already whoa
perfect there was two eggs in there we’re gonna close it we’re going to cook
that for three minutes and the infomercial she even flips this little
thing over so you can flip it over we’ll do that we’re gonna try that too you
even get this fancy little spatula so you can turn your sh*t over she thought
of everything on this one didn’t she well we wait let’s open up some of these
other stuff keep the sauce okay my sword is this is called uh what’s called you
guys know my fear of this stupidest but I’m protected yeah ready go I’m still
scared you know with the shield somebody said bang it it doesn’t work these guys over ready one two three go has officially been three minutes let me
flip it back big reveal eggs one two three go oh they’re perfect
holy smokes guys it’s a beautiful thing cannot be she just she just puts out
these amazing products I love her I’m gonna flip it now into the plate so you
guys can see how perfect they are I’m gonna do it like this you guys can see
look at that perfectly cooked eggs just wipe this guy down this is how you clean
it guys you just wipe it down wipe it down see that’s it we’re gonna grab a
little piece of this pizza dough that much pizza dough oh that’s not enough
I have the pizza cutter we’ll do this just like that
oh well spread it out wait a little bit more on the sides now that’s pretty good
huh doesn’t have to be perfect my husband don’t eat anything that I make
for him he’s such a good husband the pizza sauce right there in the middle
now this one in the infomercial she says five minutes no brownie out is we want
it to be a tipper oh oh I forgot the cheese cheese on top like that I wonder
this one we can flip over we’re gonna close it snap it one more minute and
it’ll be ready for us pizza and five minutes and then is portion control
because it’s about that big next we’re gonna make a little baby cherry pie that
better work because I’m so excited we’re ready to open look at that perfectly
cooked frickin pizza look at that guy’s
nonstick just like she promised we just put the freaking pizza in no time look
at that okay I’m gonna mess it up now and it’s so perfect so excited what else
can break oh we got the pie Jedi is trying to catch all the crumbs on the
floor that I am drawing right thank you it’s a 900 he’s a thigh and I’m just
gonna cut it just like I did my pizza dough look at me being all Betty Crocker
there’s the bottom piece of my pie oh wait I saved that that’s a sh*t party
cooking I think I have to go bigger don’t I because I want to make sure it
comes up the sides okay so that’s not still am i coming up the sides but I
think it’s better now we’re gonna put our cherries in the middle oh my god
cherry pie in like three minutes is what she said then we’re gonna oh no this
piece of dough is like falling apart a little piece of dough there okay guys
I’m just gonna tuck it like this piece this together I think it’s all sealed
what do you guys think it’s a patch job like you guys so we do here patch jobs
let’s close it snap that banner three minutes on the clock let’s do this all
right guys I think it’s ready in three minutes
and Jedi is ready for another treat right Jedi Jedi he’s over me one two
three Cathy okay that was maybe my fault let
me read the instructions to see what she says about the pie everything else has
been perfect oh is this five minutes okay my bad
since I opened it we’ll leave it for three so let’s open it ready one two
three go it’s not that guy there jinan why doesn’t it look right oh maybe
I should flip it we should have a flip it guys John you’re supposed to probably
flip it that’s part of the experience is flipping this mother ready one two
it’s just hot you’re gonna be careful one two three flip it okay we’re gonna
leave it one more minute on this side I guess this is our last product I think
Cathy’s got another hit in her hands ready 1 2 3 go
it’s better work look at this oh wait my pie filling is falling out here we go
here we go here we go beautiful look at that pie mmm smells yummy I’m gonna make
another one I’m just not piece this thing together
like this it’s not to be pretty it’s just for me guys okay
cherry on okay look at that perfect got two pies out of that crust oh I want to
get like this so it doesn’t squeeze out okay that’s good enough okay close it
happy I think you have another hit on your hands all right you guys that is it
for another Vivian tries I hope that you have enjoyed this video if you have give
it a big thumbs up not only for the video but also for my knight costume I’m
getting all the Halloween stuff out maybe in my next video my costume will
be completely different you’re gonna have to come back and find out if you
have just found this video and you’re new to my channel I’m putting out 2 to 3
videos every week Tuesdays Thursdays and Saturdays for your entertainment all
right question of the day is what are you watching me on are you watching me
on a television are you watching me from my computer are you watching me from
your are you watching me from a game console
I’m interested to know all right that’s all that I have for you guys today I’ll
see you in the next one


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