Hi friends today, I’m putting to test my red copper pan Let’s unpack it and read the instructions Okay before we start using this pan there are certain instructions that the red copper people have given for better performance So I’ve already followed those instructions Now is the time to put the red copper pan to test so let’s get started Test number one. Let’s make an egg without using any oil, I’m going to break the egg in the pan Wow I’ve put it on medium heat It looks it’s sticking, I might have not done something right I Had a bad experience, This got stuck. I was so excited My first attempt failed completely yea Totally stuck Totally stuck Not the way they showed it on the TV Let me see I’m using metal spoon yeah, I don’t see scratches though Yeah, has no not given scratches But yes, my egg was a failure complete failure Well I was very excited about my red copper pan, but didn’t turn out the way I expected this to be like all the things in the commercial There is a possibility that I may have done something wrong and but I did follow all the instructions Exactly the way. They said it But well I don’t think this pan is for me So friends, thank you for watching my video if you liked it Please click on the like button subscribe to my channel and share with your friends Thank you


  1. I was about to ask you did you season the pan but you said you followed all the instructions so thanks for this vid.

  2. My best guess would be you had the heat on TOO high, henceforth why the egg stuck.

    The problem with ceramic cookware and the "red copper" is no exception is the nonstick coating will become less effective over time. It requires regular maintenance (aka "seasoning") they don't work well in high heat, and some even contain traces of lead from the porclain glaze that is used to make the product, which can be a safety concern. The gimmick in the Red Copper pan is they show things don't stick because the pan is brand new, but what they don't show you is the product a year later, when its pretty much useless. Another thing misleading is the pan on the inside is actually ceramic, but the outside coating is copper. Copper is a great conductor of heat, so food cooks evenly, but they are misleading their customers into thinking its a copper pan, when its not. Finally, as with all AS SEEN ON TV advertisements they only show off the "good side" of the pan, but this pan would be terrible for searing a steak. You would need a cast iron skillet to properly do that job. The pan can do certain jobs, but you need the right tool for the job also.

  3. I've had the exact same pan and for a year and eggs are a nightmare to cook in it. No amount of "seasoning" will fix this. on another note it works great making carnitas or any other protein.

  4. This didnt happen to me. In fact, eggs were the first thing i cooked AND i didnt "season" or prepare the pan first. I actually ripped the instructions off. Threw them away lol. Then washed the pan. Threw it on the stove with medium heat and waited a few minutes for the pan to heat up and then added the eggs. No butter or oils. They basically slipped right off when i flipped them. No sticking. No crud.

  5. I have red copper pans and after you season them they work great, low to medium heat. I never had anything stick to it yet. Hmm. But I also don't cook eggs like you.

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