– Look at it! Ah! No way! (static) Welcome back to another Vivian tries! Today I have a cooking pan. And I think everybody has seen it, it’s this guy, it’s like copper. Red Copper Cookware. We’ve all seen this lady
right, on the infomercial. Yeah, Cathy. Cathy Mitchell. She sells this pot. And I’ve seen it everywhere. And I told my mom I was
doing this Vivian tries with this guy and she
was so excited about it. Because she wants to know if it works. She wanted to buy one for herself. So today, guess what,
we’re about to find out if this thing is the real deal. I’m gonna test it with three items. I’m gonna test it with marshmallows, I’m gonna test it with cheese, and I’m gonna test it with an egg, because it says no oil, no anything. “Cook without oil, grease, or butter. “Nonstick, non-scratch,
fast, even cooking.” Let’s see if this thing
is really gonna work. Let’s see, I’m excited. If it works that is ri– what the heck is happening? (plastic ripping) This plastic thing is like, (plastic ripping) here we go! Oooh! Look at that! How beautiful! Do I look like the infomerical? Look at that. It’s not really copper, don’t be fooled. It’s like a spray or something, a nonstick surface. I have my little hot plate
right in front of me, that’s what we’re going to
try it so you guys can see (bleep) Okay, so. Hot. (clanking) Okay. It’s really hot. Okay first we’re gonna start with the egg. (shell cracking) There it is. (sizzling) Wow. Look at that! Wait a second, I’m impressed
how it looks already! Again, I’m gonna let it
cook a little bit more. Oh my god, it looks like a fake egg, like a tour egg. Okay, oh my god, how exciting, I hope this works out. Come on, look, guys, look at it! No way! Look at it! No way! No way! What! I can’t. This is crazy. Guys, look! Oh my god, it works. I can’t believe it! This thing really works! Wait, don’t do this with your hands, kids. Oh! I just busted my egg, oh! It was a pretest, see, it’s supposed to just slip off though. It’s kind of getting stuck a little bit, but we’re gonna put it on this plate here, like they do on the commercial, remember in the commercial,
they just slip it off and onto the plate. Let’s see. (sizzling). (clanking) There’s a little bit of sticking there. Look at that! I’m so impressed! Oh I’m so impressed! My egg is not cooked. Ha, I flipped it! Oh god wow, ready, here’s the test. Boom. Ah! Super easy, now we’re gonna wipe it. Clean, clean. O-M-G, you guys. Now the cheese. (sizzling) Oh my God. (sizzling) (clanking) How am I gonna flip this guy over? Let’s see what happens. Oh my God! Can you believe that? Look! (clanking) (sizzling) Sweet, here we go, right onto the pan. Oh my God you guys, this thing is genius. Clean, I just wiped it off, look! So now we have the cheese,
here we have my egg. Now let’s try marshmallows. Is this what they’re
doing in the commercial? I think, I don’t remember. You just put a bunch of
marshmallows in there, right? Okay I think that’s enough. I think we’ll get the idea. Okay, marshmallows on. What’s going on in here, okay, okay, we’re cooking. Look at this! Ah! Fluffy marshmallows! This is gonna be the real
test cause these are sticky. I’m gonna need a big plate for this guy. Do you think it’s ready? I need to flip it, don’t I? I made a marshmallow pancake. It’s not coming off, it’s not slipping. Oh, wait wait, can I flip it? No. I’m shaking it. (clanking) Let’s see, come on, it’s sticking. There we go. Oop. I don’t know. That’s a total fail, guys. Okay. As you guys can see, definitely stuck. Look, oh, wait a second. Marshmallows were the true test because they are sticky and it is, take those off, marshmallows are off, but look, it’s still (scraping) I can’t just wipe this down now. I still think it’s a good one. So the marshmallows were the true test. And it got stuck. Not just a little bit, I wasn’t able to just
wipe off the marshmallow I literally had to scrub it with a little bit of water and a brush. So, that’s not nonstick. Also the handle is supposed to stay cool, that’s what it says, and it is hot. So it’s not staying cool either. But for the most part,
I am super impressed with this thing, I am
definitely keeping it, I am definitely using it. So I’m gonna give this
guy four Vivian heads. Alright you guys, that is
it for another Vivian tries, I hope that you have enjoyed this video, if you have give it a thumbs up. I’ll see you guys in the next one. Bye!


  1. i used mine everyday for 5 months. never put it in the dishwasher or even got it wet. I only wiped it clean after each use and twice I put a dime sized bit of oil on it and wiped it around.
    its been the best pot ever and if it stops working i would buy another. you figure 5 months sometimes 2 or even 3 times a day. I would say I used it at least 300 times, oh yea I have a family of 6, so money well spent. 20 dollars for 300 uses is about 15 cent per use, with many more meals to come

  2. when you purchase cast iron pan, even preseasoned, you are supposed cook bacon, hamburger, steak for a week or two and THAT seasons the pan. not just coating it in oil and sticking in the oven. i wonder if this technique would work on the copper pan too?

  3. Yes an egg is really the ultimate test. Foods like cheese have fatty oils in them, which can deceive a pan test. But an egg (especially the yolk) will have no mercy on a chef's cooking presentation.

    Excellent video Vivian. Thanks for the info……we are updating our kitchen accordingly.


  4. I just cooked an omelette in this pan… even with stuck like hell… had to scrape it with a spatula..what a crock of shit hahahha its not the real deal hahahah

  5. I bought this worked good at first. then all the scratches started. everything sticks and burns. safe your money. Buy cast iron.

  6. I've had mine(3 pans) for almost a year and no issues. It works great on our induction cooktop. You treat it like cast-iron and season it much the same. If you wash it in soap you will have to re-season it or stuff will stick.

  7. The pot an pans had to be season before use for better performance . Cover with olive oil an bake at 300 for 20 min..,

  8. You must never put it on a burner that"s over medium heat! Soon as you "accidentally" use it on high heat it's ruined and starts to stick everything, even pam sticks to it!! Sorry but most of use have better things to do than wait ten minutes for the pan to heat. Same old junk as everything else!

  9. Does red copper require or state to season pan?? i started with the Green pan and its says to season it with oil, later found that it HAS to be a certan oil ! ! It did not last long …SO now have the Gotham steel pan and no were does it say to season and now about 12 uses the eggs are sticking !!! PLEASE HELP

  10. I have one of these and I like cooking in it. I've noticed some nix in it though.   Be careful what utensil you use on it.  I use wooden items or  silicone spatula.  Some food does stick to it but it's easy to wash off.  Also I still drizzle oil in it when I cook certain things because I like the way the food turns out a little crispier and golden.  I plan to purchase a few more of these pans.

  11. Too many people crying about seasoning a pan. Not everyone “seasons” their pans. Only now am I finding out what that means. I’m glad she did a review without seasoning the pan. I would never have thought to do it nor am I inclined to do it now that I vaguely know what it is. Good grief!

  12. It’s like she’s never cooked and is amazed that the egg turns white when it hits a hot surface and that cheese melts in the pan. You do know almost any non-stick pan will produce the same results? Of course the cheese comes off with the help of a spatula. Almost anything would unless it’s cast iron (that isn’t properly seasoned) or stainless steel. I make these same things all the time with the same Teflon skillets I’ve had for years and get the same results. This isn’t something exclusive to copper. On top of the “miracle of heat and how food reacts to it” she never washed it out of the packaging. That thing could have been sitting on the shelf for months gathering dust and dirt, in the warehouse and on the store shelf. Unsanitary.

  13. Wow it actually works! That's cool and all, but it's not made out of some shit that'll make me sick or something years later, right?

  14. I have a square one that I really loved until my husband managed to scratch it somehow.. it is still awesome, but I know that is the beginning of the end

  15. I saw a review that said after 3 months their pans started sticking and was hard to clean.. how long have you had your pans and have you had these issues before with red copper?

  16. I just got this for mother's day and it is great. I used it to make my crispy juicy chicken wings sauteed in fresh garlic and they came out wonderfully. They cooked up crispy and juicy in about half the time. I plan to buy at least one more of these pans.

  17. The most important thing is how long does the coating last…..because any non-stick pan should work this well at 1st!

  18. If it sticks, chop ends of green onions, little oil. Let the onions smoke. Bonds the non stick element ( molecular) char the onion. Good as new. Your welcome.

  19. Vivian you have to try Curtis Stone cookware,it is the best. It cooks better then copper red and the other cookware. You can use your fork's in it, will not hurt the nonstick. Try it!!!

  20. Intro Title says "Red Cooper Pan" … Top quality production. A simple review of the project before final edit should have caught that…

  21. Thank you Vivian. Just bought today the copper pan for 14.99. Amazing. Roasted beef on it without any oil. And then clean it without any soap,just with sponge.

  22. You needed to lightly coat the pan with butter before adding the marshmallows, it was the burn that made them stick, butter prevents that.

  23. Mine worked great until i wound up very slight scratches, then everything would stick. Even after seasoning it again with oil. I eventually threw it out.

  24. I love people like you. I remember watching an infomercial on these kind of pans that tell you to keep no higher than medium heat, How hot was your cooking? low? medium? high?

  25. Got introduced to this awesome thing thanks to Jaboody dubs, and I loved Cathy ever since, maybe do more of her products…Or maybe Perfect Pancake.

  26. Vivian, I saw a commercial earlier today about a granite faced pan set (big pan and little pan for one serving of eggs) Something for you to 'TRY'

  27. This is garbage it sticks after you wash it not worth the money unless you want to throw it in the garbage which this is what this pan is garbage

  28. Hi love, you didn't season it, it comes with a paper for the instructions on it. And mine scratched as soon as I let a guy cook in it

  29. I did the double TV offer with the "non stick/ever-sharp" knife (spoiler alert, it's neither).
    The pans worked great,at first (after seasoning), until I added Worchestershire sauce to the ground beef I was cooking…took the seasoning right off, & no amount of re-seasoning fixed it. The company had to send me a new one.
    Anyway, to make a long story longer, I learned that, when adding Worster, it's best to give the pan a shot of Pam first.
    Next I learned that, when things do stick (& they will) not to wash the pan in any grease cutting soap (like Dawn) as that will take any seasoning off. Just wash it in HOT water and wipe dry.
    Finally, I learned that every few months, you will need to re-season the pan.

  30. I wonder if a Ninja Turtle would stick to that pan?? I have a set of All Clad that never gave me a problem. Now I only use my Ninja Foodi.😁

  31. for the most part this pan does the job for cooking the meats, veggies, and essential breakfast/lunch/dinner items. The marshmallows is really a odd test since most people won't be melting marshmallows in the pan unless your'e doing smores or something.

  32. I love your channel but when I tried to fry an egg in my pan., it stuck and I had to scrape it off, t hen had to clean the pan with a scrubbie to get the egg off.

  33. DON'T BE FOOLED! I bought two "copper" pans that were endorsed by the guy who sells the pressure cooker. They are both totally scratched. Also, I burned the insert to the pressure using it as a slow cooker. It won't come clean, I' m so disapointed.

  34. Vivian, You got me hooked on a non-stick skillet and I know you like the blue skillet so I am buying one just because of you! Hank, Mark and the late Fussbudget

  35. I bought one last year. Worked fine for the first 4 or 5 uses.after that, things began to stick. Now I can’t even make a hamburger without having to scrub pan afterwards.

  36. One I hope you wish the pan before you used it into where do you wash it after you wash it stuff will stick again maybe the detergent I use this Dawn so that might not work I don't know but after I wash mine it stuck but not bad

  37. I haven’t watched the video yet. I just wanted to comment that I bought mine a few years ago at Target on a whim, and I still use this pan for omelettes all the time, exclusively. This has been one of those serendipitous purchases. I always wash mine in the sink with dish soap. I do not, however, ever put it in the dishwasher. I own La Crueset and Lodge cast iron, but always reach for this. So much lighter.
    I just discovered Vivian and I am hooked! You make me laugh (and we certainly all need to even more so nowadays!). Thank you, Vivian! Viva Vivian!!! ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜

  38. Is this supposed to be a comedy? It just might be my cynical, satirical British humour creeping out. She thought that egg was well cooked! I suppose if you like your fried eggs to look like deformed, rubber offerings then it does! I gave up after the "egg incident". 😂

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