– (gasps) It did it again! Ooh look at that. Welcome back to another Vivian
tries, look what I have. Oh my god, you guys have
gone nuts over this video. Where I test this guy. And look, it’s still in great condition, and you can tell I’ve been using it because look at the bottom. It’s all jacked up, wow. No I did not season it because to me, if it’s nonstick, it’s nonstick, right? Also, I’ve had it for
almost five months now and it’s still in perfect condition. I do take very, very good care of it. I am very gentle with it, I don’t use any metal utensils on it because I want it to last me. Of course, if I had a knife or a fork and I was scraping things out of here, of course it’s not gonna work correctly after a couple of uses. But five months later, it’s
still in perfect condition. That’s the update on this guy. Now, another comment that
really caught my interest was that this pan was this pan. So this came out, this green one came out, a couple years ago I think. And they rebranded it and are
calling it the Red Copper Pan. I think this a 12-inch and
this is an 8-inch, yep. I don’t think they’re the
same, but they might be. I mean they’re coming
from different companies, the only thing that I
see that are the same are the handles right here. They’re identical. (pan clank) Let me flip ’em over. See this handle, here, is identical to this handle. But I don’t know if I
would say that that’s the same company. I don’t know. This is Bulbhead…Telebrands made this? Do you think? Do you think? Now let’s get started with
the review of this guy. No I’m not gonna season it. I’m not gonna season it because I did not season this guy. It would not be a good
Green versus Copper. That wouldn’t be fair, so I’m
not gonna season this one. I am gonna make a separate
video, watch out for this, a little update. And also you guys wanted me to scratch it, so I will be making a video
(kisses) to destroy this guy. You don’t wanna miss that video. It’s gonna be good. Now it does have the same
plastic kind of covering thing, and it has the same exact… Maybe it is the same
company, I don’t think it is, but maybe it is. But this one also says: no
oil, no butter, no nothing when cooking. – [Announcer] Scared of
adding oil, fat, and fat to your family’s diet? – I just hate how they do this ’cause I never know how to open it. Oh (blows raspberry) that was easy. (laughs) Stupid. Here are the instructions I
didn’t read on the other one. No, (plastic bangs) I’m
not gonna season it. Okay, it looks nice. Brand spankin’ new. Now the infomercial for this guy says: Chocolate sauce, I don’t
have chocolate sauce but I have caramel sauce,
tomato sauce and an egg. And I’m gonna do an egg
because I want to do a side-by-side comparison
of these two guys with the same egg. If you have not watched this video, watch it after this one. It’s pretty good. – [Announcer] Is your nonstick
pan a sticking nightmare? – Okay, I think it’s hot enough. Okay ready? (eggs crack) Okay, let’s see what happens. Ooh, look at that. People in the comments were telling me, “Of course it’s gonna
work after the first one.” What the hell do you want me to do? What do you want from me? Don’t cry, don’t cry. Ready, I’m gonna try to … Remember I did this in the other … Oh, it’s smokin’. Why you smokin’? (gasps) Oh it’s again! Look! Oh my god, let’s see. (gasps) It did it again! Ooh, look at that. Let it go Vivian, I’m so excited! In the commercial the girl
even like, blows, like… – [Announcer] Foods never
stick, so you never scrub. – (Blows) Oh! (gasps) Did you see that? Okay, I’m gonna turn it over, cause I don’t want it to burn. (gasps) Look, guys. Oh, flip. Oh but wait a second, it’s sticking. – [Announcer] Don’t worry
about eggs sticking to the pan and ruining breakfast. Your sunny-side-up will slide right out. – [Vivian] It’s sticking,
is that my fault? No guys look, I don’t know,
look it’s burning and sticking. I don’t remember the other one doing that. – [Announcer] With ORGREENIC kitchenware. – [Vivian] Well it’s stuck. Look. – [Announcer] Slippery,
durable nonstick coating. – Nonstick, fo’ sho’. Look at that. Them, out. Just like I did in my other video … Oh, this one’s not …I don’t know. I like the other one better. It seems like this one is not as great. Let’s do the caramel sauce. (pan sizzling) Whoa! Lot’s of smoke. Now that should burn really fast … (sighs) Smoke up my house. (pan clangs) I don’t know, it’s sticking. – [Announcer] Heating chocolate sauce can be a sticky nightmare, but the ORGREENIC nonstick
ceramic is so superior, even this bubbling chocolate sauce glides around the pan with no problem. – [Vivian] I have one of
these spatula things … I don’t know, do you
guys think it’s sticking? Let’s clean this. Okay, as you can see
there, the caramel sauce is not just coming right off. I can’t wipe it right off. I already rinsed some of it out, but let me go back to the sink. – [Announcer] Look how with just water, burnt fudge cleans up in a breeze. – [Vivian] It’s clean now, but I had to scrub, you guys. That was a fail. Now the tomato sauce. Ready? I’m not sure, but let’s try it. ‘Kay. Here we go. Let’s see. See what happens here. (pan sizzling) I don’t know guys, what do you think? I am not impressed with this one at all. – [Announcer] Watch this tomato sauce slide right across the superior
nonstick ceramic coating. – [Vivian] See in the middle right here? It’s like I burnt it already, you see it? Let me go rinse this off,
so I can check it again. You can see where it’s
already stained the pan. You can see the tomato sauce. Oh my god, it’s already stained the pan. Fail after fail after fail. One last thing, the cheese test. Remember the cheese
test from the last one? Let’s just do it for fun. Ready? (pan sizzling) Come on. I mean … it’s fine, okay, that one worked. Ooh, look at the yummy cheese. Okay. Now the scratch test. Ready? (laughs) Oh what a total waste of everything. (scratching) This guy, now let’s get this guy… (scraping) Oh! (scraping) Not horrible but… Ready? (scratching) Okay, I mean I see a
little bit of scratching, but not bad. (scratching) I’m definitely scratching hard, and I mean I can see a little bit, but it is not bad, at all. I’m not impressed with this thing. Actually, I am disappointed. I was expecting it to work
just as well as this one did, and it did not. I think the only thing
I was impressed with was the scratching. I was scratching it hard and there really is no scratches on there. That’s probably the only
thing that I can say about this guy. It was a total fail. Total fail. Things were sticking to it, it’s just, it’s already stained
from the tomato sauce. I understand why they’re probably not making this guy anymore, and
it had such horrible reviews. So I’m gonna give this
guy one Vivian Head. One last think I wanna point out, this one has like an extra
little glaze coating on it, and this one does not. This one has a more matte finish, maybe that’s why this guys is not working as good as this guy? Green versus Copper, I’m takin’ the Copper any day of the week. Alright you guys, that is it for another Vivian tries video. Thank you so much for
coming back week after week. I so appreciate you. Alright, I will see you
guys in the next one. Bye.


  1. I came back to this video just to update on mine. I have had the orgreenic for a few years now and I never reach for it because it stopped being nonstick in no time (with proper care). I reached for it today and I even sprayed it, but my eggs were soooo stuck on (and no i didn’t cook on a high temp at all) 😩 this pan sucks ass.

  2. ALL these coating are NOT SAFE!!!….Do some research! Before you give advice!
    These are microscopic poisons that collect in you body…and eventually cancers will start to grow…
    Shame on you!!!

  3. Neither one are worth a shit after several uses. You won't be able to cook eggs over easy with oil, and damn sure don't use butter. They make this gimmick shit look good on tv but they won't tell you that is shit! You get what you pay for. Go with cast iron!

  4. I bought one of the green pans a couple years ago. It worked great for a while but after it was burned ONE TIME it was never the same, then EVERYTHING stuck to it and I ended up throwing it out

  5. Love your vids, you're funny and entertaining. I seriously doubt that the red copper pan has any copper in it. Copper is very soft and would likely scratch quickly. Probably named for its color. But it does appear to be superior to the orgreenics pan.

  6. Great review. But, it looks like before you start video, that you like the green pan and hate the copper by the tombs up and down when first holding up the pans in the video preview. I thought that until I actually started the video. Glad I followed up on it.

  7. If they share parts they are likely made by the same factory in China, however the materials and cooking surface of the pan itself could (and should) be entirely different.

  8. Lol seems like comments were really annoying you in this video. Just let it slide off, people are gonna comment! Just do your thing

  9. Don't buy this crap. In time these pans will fail and they will end up in a junkyard somewhere.
    Just go with cast iron, it will last you a lifetime. And as far as cooking an eggs, just get yourself a aluminum pan,,, you know like the ones they use at the cafe.

  10. My wife bought one of these pans a few months ago. I wish that we had watched this video first because the pan was junk!!!!

  11. My Dad brought home the orgrenic and it stuck right away. When the copper came out and I was sceptical about it but I got a great deal on Black Friday so I bought a square griddle. I LOVE LOVE LOVE it. The copper pan I make bacon, pancakes and grilled cheese on it and they literally slide almost off of the pan.

  12. You are so funny. I love your approach. Makes me feel so much better about when things dont work properly. Did you think it could be the user and not the pan.

  13. I have an orgreenic pan and it's had a large stain in the middle for a while.. but today it started burning right in the middle!

  14. I seasoned a pan (as per instructions) once…. a very expensive pan….. worst thing I ever did!! 3 months later I threw it away…. have never seasoned a new pan since then and my pans are nearly 10yrs old and still perfect!!

  15. I've owned bought pans and their both crap. I bought a marble coated pan from Cook N Home for $18 and so far it works just fine.

  16. I'm so confused. As a lover of all things cast iron, I thought that was the only material you had to season. Who's out here seasoning nonstick pans???

  17. My husband just asked me about the copper pans, I was watching one of your other videos at the time, I searched & sure enough, you made one! I keep telling him those are not copper pans, but rather copper coated pans. He wants to try one. His eggs always stick. I guess I'll give it a try. I enjoy your videos,( just hate the bad language. I find that off-putting.) But you do a good job & I appreciate your efforts! Thanks, friend! (I'm also a Vivian)

  18. without looking at any comments i think the size of the pan has alot to do with it and you may have the bigger pan on higher or the electric hot plate your using the setting may say one thing but not be working properly i only know this bc i had 2 of them that never cook the same no matter what 2 pots or pans i used just a thought do a temp test on those pans and see …

  19. Hey Vivian. I love you!! You are awesome. As a year late comment, I had missed this video and just came across it. In May, 2017, Telebrands launched its flagship brand "Bulbhead". So the pans probably are manufactured by the same company. Keep the videos coming!!!

  20. I had one of those Orgreenic pans. It's a piece of crap, everything sticks to it after a few weeks of using it. I have a CopperChef pan now, and it is a better pan. It seems all of the copper pans(Red Copper, CopperChef, & Gotham Steel Copper) so far are the best pans. I used the YoshiBlue pan and that just warped after a few months of use and everything stuck to it after a few weeks of use.

  21. Tell people who the fuck eats off the bottom of pans . Its a pan we are not living in it jesus , girl i have been watching you and It stopped my anxiety so I have your back for any shit talk .

  22. for one you are only supposed to use low to medium heat. Also at the end of your video i didn't see the burnt ring that you claimed happened? are you a sales rep for the copper pan?

  23. No compren, es un engaño, se pega todo enseguida, aunque sigas al pie de la letra las instrucciones. Se pone muy fea rápidamente. Es muy cara para la mala calidad qe tiene. Saludos desde España

  24. I found this video by accident, and I'll just say "where were you four years ago?" LOL
    I have the Orgreenic pan….what a waste of money! I think I'd rather have some Silverstone cookware like the egg pans I used as a cook at a Denny's reataurant back in 1980!
    The only 2 things I can say about Orgreenic are (1) It IS relatively scratch resistant, and (2) when I tried to send my pan back for a refund, Orgreenic sent me a second pan by mistake.

  25. The infomercial cheated. Their tomato sauce and fudge sauces had extra fat in them. You didn’t cheat and that’s why your caramel sauce and tomato sauce stuck.

  26. That’s funny I have the 8 inch red copper pan I just made scrambled eggs with it I do have to spray some oil in the pan and then I found your video

  27. Having been a restaurant chef the handle comments are a non issue. I have held that same handle in 7 restaurants on pans from 7"-14"

  28. who gives a crap about a poll… people guess and have no freeking idea… they just guess… I want to know if their the same if you dont know dont post cause I don't care what you think… but I would love to know if someone really knows ! ! ! !

  29. And only because I had bought 140 $ worth of ceramic pots, I can say those scratches will eventually burn and get worse !!

  30. First time ever watching one of your videos. I'm in the market for a none stick pan. You're very entertaining/funny and I just enjoyed watching you. Keep it up.

  31. I'm curious about what happened with your Large 12" OrGreenic Fry pan. Have you ever tried to get any Warranty replacements on any tested pan that failed compared to the Infomercials? Their manufacturer should not make Claims that are False and then be surprised they get Negative Reviews! Maybe the faulty pan was made in China and they dropped a step or two in the assembly or preparation process? Thank you so much for your comprehensive, humerous reveiws to help us buy better products!

  32. okay. glad i found your video. we have a couple red copper pots. not a whole set. they are fantastic so far. i guess we will be building a whole set of the red copper.

  33. If she likes the pans and says they're good she must be a shill for the company that markets them. Try using these pans in the real world after less than 6 months their non stick coating is shot The 12 in. pan I bought is so thin it warps in the middle, on a glass top range it spins like a top and only gets hot in the middle.

  34. To anyone wondering what’s Seasoning a Pan Mean ?
    To season a frying pan means to treat it with oil so as to create a non-stick coating. This is usually done to cast iron pans. The oil fills any microscopic holes in the metal and then dries like a shellac, sealing the surface .

    To season a pan, preheat your oven to 300°F (150°C).
    Preheat the pan on the stove top. When warm, coat the inside surfaces of the pan with vegetable oil or lard. Preferably vegetable oil for its higher smoke point, although some people claim that it leaves a sticky finish.

    Continue to heat just until you see ripples appear on the surface of the oil.
    At this point, pour off any excess oil, give it a quick wipe with a folded paper towel held in a pair of kitchen tongs , and then put the pan into the oven for 45 to 60 minutes. Remove the pan from the oven and allow it to cool to room temperature.

    Seasoned pans should not be washed in the dishwasher or scoured with abrasive cleaners or pads, as this will remove the coating .
    Wash in warm water with a small amount of dish soap and dry immediately !

    [This is information taking from KitchenSavy(.)com]

    Hope it helps clarify things for everyone asking

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