Red Copper reusable stainless steel drinking straws: bulbhead reusable drinking straws

Red Copper reusable stainless steel drinking straws: bulbhead reusable drinking straws

do you like to drink out of straws or do
you want to save the environment by never using a plastic straw again well
this product may be just what you’re looking for
it’s bulb heads red copper straws you heard that right we’re going to take a
look at these today hey this is Jeff with Jeff reviews for you and my channel
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goods and every once in a while I throw in a little DIY just for fun and I like
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notified every time I release the video just like this one now let’s take a
closer look by unboxing these red copper straws by bulbhead these straws are
actually kind of expensive at least what I thought they’re about 13 dollars and
you get eight reusable drinking straws it does come with a little cleaning like
pipe cleaner thing but let’s take a closer look at them all right at first
glance I have eight straws taped in here with my pipe cleaner four of the straws
are bent and for the straws are straight let’s take some of this tape off well
right off the bat you can hear the metal it’s actually stainless steel these
things are not supposed to rust my question is I’ve seen this type of
material tarnish over time a year ago or so the Moscow Mule was all the rage
everywhere and people have their Moscow Mule cups just like this I take care of
mine pretty well but I’ve seen a lot of these turn from this bright copper to
like more of a dull brown so I’m wondering if this will happen to these
straws so I don’t know if that’s something I’ll be able to test during
this next week or so because I’m gonna put a few of them out and just leave
them in sodas or whatever and see if they turn colors so they’re supposed to
be dishwasher safe so that’s cool definitely a friend of the environment
because if you keep reusing the same straw
that’s a good thing – they’re non-toxic there’s nothing here that’s made out of
plastic I said already of course they won’t rust and they’re a food grade
material you know what a lot of these reviews you get only my opinion okay but
let’s real quick see what is my cameraman think of this well I’m glad he
gave it two thumbs up now the directions do say for first use wash them inside
and out with this little thing with warm soapy water this thing goes all the way
to the top I don’t if you can see just pop out the top there what’s this thing
go through and Bend so you go wash them in and out with warm soapy water if I
compare it to a regular straw this is a regular bendy straw right here it’s
about it’s about the same size so you’re not getting anything different but if
you have one of those cups that came with one of those reusable straws and
maybe it broke down or whatnot or you lost it this could be a good replacement
or like I said before if you want to save the environment that might be just
good for you as well let’s wash these up real quick and then what I’m going to do
is I’m going to leave one in soda maybe like a ginger ale or something with high
carbonation for an extended period of time because I want to see what happens
to this material maybe after a few days does it tarnish doesn’t say the same or
will it take a year or so to break down let’s try that now I’m an ice-cold glass
of ginger ale and yep as you can see we are a mason jar family so this is just
regular ginger ale it’s actually diet ginger ale I’m gonna put in my copper
straw and I like real quick how the straw broke right through the ice you
know sometimes the ice freezes and if you use a straw the straw bends and
maybe you have to get another one so that was okay as I drank through it I
noticed that it wasn’t a whole lot of liquid coming through it I don’t know
that’s just because of the diameter of the straw or what but I will tell you
the straw got really really cold as it was coming through so one thing I
didn’t know was when I just first started to drink it it actually hit my
tooth and that actually was weird feeling right because if I use a plastic
one that doesn’t hurt at all but that kind of hurt a little bit so if you’re
gonna use these be careful about hitting your teeth with them because I can only
imagine that’s gonna cause problems maybe even chip let me just tell the
difference with the plastic straw yeah so I right off the bat know that I got
more liquid coming through the plastic straw than I did the copper chef copper
looking strong I guess it’s aluminum but or stainless steel I’m sorry so that’s
something you should know I do like the reusable factor of these because we go
through plastic straws here frequently and I do like the idea of one I don’t
have to recycle straws two is protecting the environment three any in the end it
might be a money-saving thing so if you buy like two hundred straws for three
dollars over time this one will be better
my biggest test and I want to check is I’m going to leave this in here for the
rest of the day until the bubbles go away because I want to see what does the
other end of this straw look like then and after I check that out I’ll give you
my final review okay so it’s been about ten hours since I put this draw on a
ginger ale and let’s take a look to see how it looks now the soda is pretty much
gone flat and so there’s no more carbonation you know what to be honest
with you the stainless steel or the copper look on the stainless steel
actually held up I had kind of thought this was gonna be tarnished after being
in there for about 10 hours so kudos to you bulb head and red copper this one
actually passed my test I will say I have another trial here so this one I’m
gonna put down but I have another one here that I ran through the dishwasher I
don’t know if you can see if I want try to get close to the camera there’s
actually all this spotting that goes down the side here and so I ran this
through the dishwasher one time and there’s the copper look is already
discoloring now this is not something that can be wiped off I’ve tried a
number of time to wipe it off but they’re like little
circles or ovals or different shapes that go down the whole thing so this
thing will tarnish pretty quickly and it’ll kind of look nasty maybe like
something you won’t even want to use well I first started off with this I
think man this is a cool product I’m excited I like to use straws and it
would be nice not to have to replace them but honestly they’re kind of
cumbersome they’re annoying to wash even with that little pipe cleaner that they
came with that’s really annoying it takes a lot of time I’m thinking man
this is silly putting it through the dishwasher over time I think it’s gonna
just they’re just gonna get ruined and for $13 it’s just not worth it I missed
a few people what they thought about this and some thought well maybe I
wouldn’t want to spend $13 maybe I would use them so they’ve been really kind of
mixed but all leaning towards the not really um I will say one negative thing
that really bothered me was this is really hard when I took a drink the
first time I missed and and I hit my tooth and that hurt a lot and I’ve seen
some of these kind of straws that have like a rubber top or it’s at least a
little more friendly if you were to bump your teeth but this one actually hurt I
thought I’d shit my tooth they had to go and check it out but this was my review
of red copper or bolt head stainless steel straws not for me
I wouldn’t recommend him this was Jeff with Jack reviews for you as always
thanks for stopping by and have a great day hey since you’re still here
why don’t you go check out a review I did not so long ago for the handy bright
flashlight it’s a pretty sweet device I’ll link it up here I’ve been using it
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right here so I’ll see you over at this review see you there


  1. Jeff, I'm going to poke around at Rite Aid or wherever to examine these myself; I think I'd do a little better with these than you as I used to be a pipe smoker and am less likely to IMPALE MYSELF with these than you ! Since 1977 I have been buying, using, building, and modifying water distillers, many of which are made of stainless steel. You will find that no matter what alloy of stainless, be it 302, or 440, or whatever, it is generally imprudent to run it through the dishwasher if you don't want a dull or spotted look. ( Stainless does not develop TARNISH, per se ). Instead, polish the items with a Scotch Brite ™ sponge and calcium carbonate ( Soft Scrub ™ ) , much as you would scrub and polish spoons, knives, or forks. MY BIGGEST CONCERN with this item would be to CAREFULLY MONITOR CHILDREN if they must use it, and keep it away from DOGS ! Aside from that, I might be interested in these.

  2. You know I was just thinking what if a little kid fell on that straw? Could they hurt themselves?… Seems like a lot of money. Great review as usual

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