– Come on, egg. (upbeat music) Hello you guys and welcome
back to another Vivian Tries. Today, we have the giant box, and it is the Gotham Steel copper pan. – Tired of food sticking to the pan? You try to scrape it
and then you scratch it, you may as well trash it, not anymore. Hi, Chef Daniel Green
here with Gotham Steel. – I actually bought the
entire set because I’m such a big fan of these copper pans. – [Daniel] The newest
technology in nonstick cookware made with ceramic and
super strong titanium. – But, I still believe
that the best copper pan available to day is the Red Copper pan, which is my absolutely favorite. I have it right here in front of me, and you guys know I love this thing. I don’t know that I should
make an entire video on an update when I have nothing to update other than it’s still brand spanking new. I use it two to three times a week, and I’ve had it for over six months and it’s still beautiful. We’re gonna see if this guy will beat out my Red Copper pan, and
I’m kinda hoping it will so I have a whole set that I love. I don’t know what I’m gonna
do with all these pans if I don’t love ’em. I’m still gonna use ’em I guess. This is a 10-piece set,
they all say the same thing. No oil, no butter, no nothing,
we’re about to find out. I get all kinds of goodies in this box. Let’s see what we get, same handle, at least from the pictures on the box. Same handle as my red copp– As all of them have the very same handle. That’s why I think they’re
all the same thing. OK, here’s one. (paper crinkling) (gasping) Guys, they are not fooling me. This is the same exact pan. This is the same exact pan. You guys know I love my Red Copper pan, so I know it, there, oh my God,
it’s the same freaking pan. It’s the same pan, guys, look. This one is six months old, this one I just took out
of the box, but look. (pans clanking) Same handles, Red Copper, Gotham Steel. Same, this one’s,
obviously I use it a lot. They’re identical. If you just saw these like
this next to each other, you could not tell the difference. It’s when I flip ’em over that I can see that one’s red, obviously, and one’s this dark gray color. What else do I get? (paper crinkling) I get lids, I get this guy. I’m kind of excited, everything copper? Oh my God, look how nice that is. I’m gonna be able to throw
away all my old pots. Boom, there’s the lid. I even get this small one. Did you guys notice my shirt,
it says five Vivian heads. OK, I’m gonna go clean
this guy and we’ll go ahead and use this one just
because it’s the same and I want to keep it all consistent. We’ll start with our egg test,
it is hot and ready for me. (egg cracking)
So here we go. Here it is, come on egg. (egg sizzling) No butter, no nothin’,
so far so good you guys. I just love how it like seals right there. So far, it’s performing just
like the Red Copper one did, which I have right here next to me. OK, that’s very hot, don’t do that. Let’s see if it’ll roll, come on. Just look, look, look, look. Look at it, oh, I’m burning it, oh shit. You guys till see it,
the eg, look at that. You guys, look, aw, I always get so impressed with this stuff. I don’t want my yolk to bust up there. Oh, shit. Ah, flipped it, so far so good. Let me flip it, oh. (laughing) That wasn’t a flip,
that was a flop, right? Flip it, flip it, flip
it, I can’t flip a fu– Ah ha, got ’em, got ’em, got ’em. Busted up that yolk, but it
is definitely not sticking. No oil, no butter, no
nothing, so far so good. – [Daniel] It’s literally
like cooking on air. Everything slides right off. – [Vivian] Let’s get this guy off of here. Then, you just get a paper
towel, and you just wipe it off. See, look, boom, boom, boom, good. That’s all you have to do, you don’t have to scrub these guys, you don’t have to put a metal
utensils on ’em, nothing. Look, clean, ready for the next
thing, and the next thing is going to be cheese. – Look, burned cheese is
a frying pan disaster. Not with my pan, shredded
Parmesan right on the heat. – [Vivian] Remember our cheese test, yeah. We’re doing it again, even
though some of you guys said that cheese has a lot
of oil, but that’s OK, we’re still gonna try it. (cheese sizzling) This time I have mozzarella
instead of cheddar cheese. See what’s happening,
see if it’ll even move. I don’t think, it’s not moving at all. Ooh, I’m gonna use this
just see what happens. Ooh, look how mice the bottom looks. How nice, oh my God, I’m gonna eat this. This is definitely not
sticking to anything. I know you guys are gonna
say, it’s full of oil. I get it, but it’s not sticking. Ooey, gooey, mozzarella. Look at that. Put it to the side, OK. Once again, we’re just
gonna wipe this down with a paper towel. – No burnt stuck-on mess. – [Vivian] ‘Cause that’s
all I need for today. Now, we’re gonna do the
famous marshmallows. In my last Red Copper
video, everybody was asking who would cook marshmallows like this, and I raised my hand and said, “Me, “’cause I want to see if they stick, duh.” So guess what we’re doing,
we’re testing the marshmallows again, it’s just part of the review guys, it’s just part of the review. So farm this has absolutely matched up to my Red Copper pan, I’m very impressed, now let’s do some marshmallows. Let’s see what’s happening here,
let’s see what’s happening. All right, you know this takes a minute. Come on, marshmallows,
they’re already cooking, look. Oh yeah, oh yeah, yum yum. (upbeat music) All right, we’re about to turn this over to see what’s happening underneath here. So far so freaking good. Now, we’re gonna flip, I don’t
know if it’s gonna come off, ’bout to find out. (upbeat music) Uh, this is a sticky mess,
you gonna fall out or what? Nope, they’re not? Actually guys, look how beautiful that is. You guys see that, it’s
not even like burnt. I mean, it’s burned, but it’s not– They’re definitely coming off, look at how beautiful that is. That’s a beautiful, beautiful
thing that smells like heaven. How yum, it is coming
right off, even though that is so sticky, it’s
coming right off of there. All right you guys, so I think this is definitely a winner. If it went up against my
favorite Red Copper pan, I think it is an absolute winner. ♫ Winner, winner, chicken dinner That’s right, I’m gonna
give the Gotham Steel copper pan, five Vivian heads. I do believe they are the same company, just under different brand names. I have them all lined up back
here just like an infomercial. How official is that? All right you guys, that is it for another Vivian tries video, I hope
that you have enjoyed it. I will see you guys on the next one, bye.


  1. that pan is crap, eggs stick with any oil butter or by itself. never buying another product again from these conditions artist it doesn't stay on burner well. I suspected as much when I noticed its as light as a kids play set kitchen. 2 thumbs down. I'd rather pay for quality next time. Lesson learned, TV trickery

  2. First off let me say I totally enjoy your reviews. I have the Gotham Steel and it is working out GREAT for everything. It really pisses me off when people do reviews that are not honest and use the product improperly. I find you are very Honest and also entertaining. Keep up the great work.

  3. Don't throw away your old pans, put them in your empty box and store in the garage. I know this may be overly cautious but wait six months then if you are sure you still love the new ones then donate. i used to keep my old pans for camping.

  4. first time viewer here….how come you didnt show how you clean the marshmallow out?????? you did it with everything else except marshis

  5. Was she being facetious? I will stay with my older non stick pans and olive oil and not stick with merely copper infused coating. Copper mostly refers to color.

  6. I bought this pan today. Do I need to do anything besides just wash it before first use? The lady at the store said something about putting it in the oven for a few minutes. There is nothing on the label that says so.

  7. my Gotham copper pan sucks, everything sticks, worse than the old Teflon standby, I hate it. Really dont know what the hell we did wrong to make everything stick.

  8. We have a red copper pan. It worked great when it was new however after we had it for a couple of months it sticks like crazy and even a steak burns on and requires a stainless steel scratch pad to get it clean. I don't recommend it to anyone. A waste of $20.

  9. I have the 12" pan, it's the best pan by far that I've ever used. Oh forgot to add, it actually says in the instructions, that NOBODY reads, that you should season it with oil and stick it in the oven for 20 min before first use, then it's even better, then every 6 months season it again

  10. I bought the Red Copper pan two days ago at Walmart. It had the Red Copper packaging complete with the picture of the Red Haired lady.. I'm guessing from the commercial. However, as I began watching this video I realized that my pan was not red, but gray. I went into the kitchen, looked at the bottom of the pan, and guess what it said… Gotham Steel. So… I guess the mystery is solved .. they are obviously the same product from the same company. I'm thinking mine was simply mis-packaged with the Red Copper packaging. Lmao.. too funny.

  11. Awesome!! I bought the 12 inch red copper pan and it’s pretty stinking great. I did season it though 😂. I like the appearance of the Gotham steel better. Let us know how the pasta strainer works!

  12. Vivian, I would almost bet the pans are made in the same Chinese factory in China. One line may be for red coloration and the other for gray coloration. Gotham Steel says their surface if Ceramic and Titanium while the Red Copper pan says their surface if Ceramic. As you showed in your presentation, they look the same, they perform the same. One is called Red and the other is called Gotham. I think it is all marketing hype and hyperbole. I will admit, I do enjoy my Gotham Steel pans very much. I do put a scant spray of Pam and a tiny smidgen of margarine for taste and nothing STICKS!

  13. How are the Gotham's holding up 8 months later? I've been thinking about getting the set but I've seen videos where people show that their Gotham's have permanent stains and damage after less than a year. But that could be their own fault.

  14. Well, titanium is considered a better surface for contact with food (healthy, neutral taste) than copper is, so advantage Gotham Steel. Though I prefer the red styling of the Red Copper and realize they may only be superficially different as suggested by the video. I actually don't own a non-stick pan as they've never been proven safe. There are legitimate concerns about older technologies like Teflon. It was a New York Times article about five years ago that made me lose interest in the pans by raising the safety concerns of scientists and public health researchers. This latest generation of non-stick pans seems a lot safer, but they're so new they don't have a health track record. I'm very conservative about what I cook in. I demand my stainless steel come from a reputable manufacturer if I'm heating or storing food in it. The closest thing to a non-stick that I would trust is enameled cast iron, especially Le Creuset. Time-proven and it's essentially a glass surface, and quality glass is the safest, most neutral surface there is. New pans like Gotham Steel claim they work by mechanical means, the way the pans are out together, rather than a chemical coating like Teflon that can be scratched off, but then why do they scratch? And why aren't famous reputable cookwear companies making pans like this if they're so great? They're sold by some unknown infomercial company that apparently sells different brands to give the appearance that there is an industry making these pans. When All-Clad puts their weight behind this kind of pan I'll take notice, especially after reading in-depth food science analysis of the technology and it's potential effects on human health. Currently all my pans are decent stainless or carbon steel. I use a little oil or bitter before I cook anything. It's a tiny amount. My eggs stick to the stainless easily so it usually takes a little scrubbing to clean. My carbon steel is seasoned and resistant to sticking, but is not "non-stick". It takes care to avoid sticking.

  15. Warranty on these suck. You have to mail pan back. $8.00 and also send them a check for $9.99. Forget about it. $17.99 . You can buy one for that. Their warranty simply lets you buy another one from them. Some warranty.

  16. Vivian, the one difference is that the Gothom steal is not steal it's aluminum so it can not be used on any indication cooktop. But Red Copper and Copper chef are both able to be used on an Induction cook top.

  17. I've had my Gotham steel since black Friday, and it's a piece of garbage. Everything sticks. Eggs, cheese, steak leave crusted blood then it burns, and it takes a scrubbing pad to clean it off.

  18. I like the bottoms on the red copper pan better – the Gotham bottoms do not look as functional with the paint in the middle and not the full silver bottom.

  19. I’ve been scared to try these pans/pots. Copper pots have been horrible in the past. Maybe I’ll get “one” to test out.

  20. I bought one of the red copper skillets last year. Followed the seasoning recommendations in the package. Afterward I set the pan on my glass cooktop and it was so warped I didn't even try to use it. Packed it up and returned it where I bought it. Mine was garbage.

  21. My family has the Gotham Copper Pan. Plus we have a square version. The round one is good. The tip is if you burn something get water in it right away. The square one not so much. You definitely need oil especially for eggs. Then rinse it right away or you have to scrape and scrub. Even then there will probably be residual food.

  22. I have a question. I noticed you just cleaned the pan with a paper towel. Do you ever need to clean the pan with detergent, or can you just clean it with a paper towel and put away until you use it again? Iron skillet people say they never use detergent on their skillets, and I don't know if that's sanitary and safe. Is it?

    Great video too.

  23. Red copper sucked it lasted a week then my pancakes started sticking and not just sticking but like actualling becoming one with the pan i ended scrathing the piece of sh*t

  24. I almost bought that set, I got the Rock instead cause I already had a Rock pan that I was impressed with. Now I know I chose the wrong choice. But I still like the Rock. Thank you Vivian.

  25. I haven't got a red copper or Gotham steel pan yet. As for who would cook marshmallows like that, I would. But I would put Graham crackers and chocolate chips on top and call it my skillet s'mores!!!

  26. There is a difference! Red Copper pan has a small red dot on the back and the Gotham pan has a bigger dark gray dot on the back of the pan. One is red and the other is dark gray. LOL

  27. Vivian…I picked up both pans at Walmart and the Red Copper was heavier. On the Red copper site you can actually order the pans in the deluxe version with a double coating rather than a single coating!

  28. Love your videos! You have a truly great sense of humor and are fun to watch. Please give us an update after 6 Months. I bought the Gotham Steel set and loved them at first because nothing sticks. Then like some others posted, after a few months EVERYTHING stuck and I learned to hate them. I loved them so much I left the entire set with my ex when we split. Everyone do yourselves a favor and check out amazon reviews and see this brand has many dissatisfied customers.

  29. I just got my set after watching your review I'm super excited to try them! I would of never thought to buy this girl but when I seen u do the review I was like yaaaaas ! Thanks vivian love your vedios💖💖💖💖💖💖


  31. I have had two Gotham pans for over a year and love them both. I've had ABSOLUTELY NO problem at all. I also know to keep the heat at no higher than medium (on my stove, that's straight up and down on the control). They're great for everything I do, steaks, burgers, eggs, what ever. Anyone who's had a problem probably didn't know how to use them properly.

  32. Yo tengo este sartén y lo usaba con aceite pensando que se me hiba a pegar me la trajeron de Estados Unidos y no sabía como usarla🙎la e estado usando mal 😣.
    Gracias x este vídeo la usaré sin aceite..

  33. I have 2 and to me they don't work eggs get stuck meat also gets stuck I trew them away and got me better ones smh

  34. Guess I don't know how to cook an egg. Mine spread out all over the pan and stick; they do not slide out.
    Bacon sticks too,

  35. Esos sartenes no sirven es un engaño. Ver quejas en Amazon. Compañia no permite exponer la información.

  36. I like how you're not immediately jumping to conclusions when something isn't moving by just shaking the pan. Like the cheese. It was "sticking" because it was liquid, but once it browned a little, it was sliding around. Same with the egg. Things like that stick until it actually cooks a little bit and then it's fine. Same with meat too.

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