Red Dead Redemption: Seth’s Gold – Fan Film

Red Dead Redemption: Seth’s Gold – Fan Film

Oh it’s like that, is it? Not talking to Seth today. The old silent treatment. Oh, that’s quite a stench. Excuse me, are you Seth? Who are you? I’m a friend of Mr. West Dickens.
My name is Marston, John Marston. Goodbye, John Marston.
It’s been a great pleasure. I need your help, Seth. Let me be frank for one
second, partner. I hate people. I need to get inside Tumbleweed.
I was told you could help me… …but I’m not even sure
you know what day it is. I don’t! I don’t even
know what year it is. I knew this was a waste of time. So, you wanna go after
Bill Williamson, do you? You know Bill? Oh yeah. I know Williamson,
Deek and all them boys. They’re hiding my gold… But I won`t
put a single foot on Tumbleweed. I don’t trust you. I trust no one alive. It’s the living who got into
this mess in the first place. Ok, you don’t have to trust me,
but Nigel is your friend. Friend? I don’t have any
friends, friendo. I hate people. What if I help you get your gold?
Will you help me capture Bill? You must be really crazy planing
to catch Bill in his own hideout. I didn’t expect crazy being a problem for you. Will Nigel come with us? He’s in Armadillo. Let’s go see
him and if you don’t like the plan… …you can stay here exhuming
corpses. What do you say? Alright partner. Let’s go! Friends! Hardworking souls
of… Armadillo! Gather around! Do you suffer from rheumatism? Lumbago? Well, I represent
the only company that makes the genuine article… …that cures headaches, neuralgia, cuts
and bruises, dislocations or backaches… …and it adds vitality and vigor to the healthy man. But all of this will astound you
at my demonstration tomorrow. Mr. Dickens! Oh, long time no see, John!
Would you like to try my new product? I’m afraid I don’t have the time right now. Seth and I need your help. Oh, the truth is I’m very busy right now
promoting our brand new line of hair restores. I’m sick of your foolish games.
Either we do this right now… …or I put a bullet in you
and get on with my day. Don’t be like that sir. I’m starting to wish you just left
me for dead in that desert, John. I’ve regretted more than once
getting you out of there alive. Seth, go and get the rifle. You take
care of the guards when the show starts. Oh wonderful! What? Our lives in his hands? This is the worst plan I’ve ever heard of. Will hit them when the sun comes up. Who the hell is this guy? Greetings my good men! What would you say if I said
immortality was at hand? It’s too early for this shit… …turn a man into a beautiful woman. Impossible? Yes, once, but no more. I have here in this wagon some of the
finest goods, some of the best medicines… …and newest inventions available
to you and your families. This miraculous elixir can keep the
muscles supple and relax the chords. Bill Williamson! Come out here right now! I’ve always been fair with you Bill. Drop the gun! Put your hands where I can see them! I’m sorry, John. They’ve got my family, Bill. Maybe another time, John. Are you deaf? Drop the gun! Finally! I see the light, at the end of this very long, long tunnel. After all this years, Seth will finally be rich. What the goddamn hell is this? A glass eye? I’m sure whoever that belonged
to treasured very much. Stupid liars with their stupid chicken
shit maps. Making a damn fool of me. A glass eye! It’s a glass eye!


  1. Me encanta! Esta muy conseguida la estética del juego👍🏻
    ¿tuvisteis problemas con rockstar? A mi me encantaría hacer fanfilms pero no se como va el tema de los derechos, ¿me podeís ayudar?

  2. This feels so authentic! I am from Arizona but live in Spain, This made me homesick! Well done gentlemen, I hope there are more to come!

  3. Ok I just started watching (haven't finished yet) and I've only played RDR1 so I don't know all the weapons from game2. However in the beginning of this video so far that looks like a .50 caliber rifle that would've disintegrated that rabbit LOL. Just saying. I love RDR and will soon buy #2 ✌
    **EDIT** now that I've watch more of the video I see this IS from game1! Awesome!

  4. Calling for a class action lawsuits of rockstar 1000s of ppl can't still get online. We got robed like my self of $99 on services. That never provided

  5. Ok, this was awesome! I halfway expected the video to stop somewhere and I would take over and start playing the game😂👌

  6. Westerns suck like your mom needing a crack-meth hit at a truck stop, while the "Cops-TV show" films it, then your mom pays for it in blows.

  7. Nice acting !! The shooting scene is awesome 👌 why YouTube just recommended this now shit 🤪 after 4 years damn

  8. aw man i vividly remember my brother playing this mission, now im playing rdr2 while he’s out with his girlfriend doing adult things lmao

  9. This is awesome I wish they would turn red dead redemption into a movie I wonder did rockstar entertainment see this and what would they think about it

  10. El vídeo Está muy padre muy chido y muy divertido sin embargo las canciones y músicas de fondo me dan ganas de llorar ya que son canciones con sonidos un poco tristes

  11. Don't get me wrong, I love RDR2, one of the best games ever, but the overflood of cancer comments with RDR2 memes from people who never played the first game is so goddamn cringey.

  12. I don't know how in the holy hell you guys pulled this off… The production quality is amazing. I hope all of you have moved onto great things. You deserve it

  13. i know im super late but how did you make the scars on the actor playing john? i've been trying to cosplay as him but the scars keep messing me up. is it makeup or something?

  14. U no it will be cool to have a sheriff dlc for online played in allso it will be cool to see Jack morston grow up to a the more u game u unlock new badges for Jack morston. It will be cool.jack was raised up by out the second reddead Jack said to John morston. Win he grow up he's going to be a big time lawman.doin the 7 mission.

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