Refining, Smelting & Stamping Silver [Complete Process]

Refining, Smelting & Stamping Silver [Complete Process]

alright Jake Phelps here this is a run down
on all the materials that will be needed for this little project we’re going to go ahead
and under take i’m going to go ahead and do a quick run down on them all you already saw
the coins that’s them right there 30 grams worth then we got the nitric acid right there
that’s what i use the 69.5 i’m kinda showing my skills age by showing how dusty all this
shit is alright you need that right there it’s a really hot oxy and i use this bernzomatic
ts 4000 then got my tumbler it’s a pretty decent one there there’s the actual actual
cylinder right there coffee filters 2 glass containers this is what i use a funnel and
again this is for the whole entire process this is for not only for refining but also
pouring and stamping the final product then i got mu crucible right here you should be
able to get a size comparison by these coins for some of this stuff and iv’e got my flux
right here iv’e got my silver mold right here it makes a good 20 to 25 gram bar and i kind
of you know iv’e been doing this for a while and this mold right here i cant remember what
it was to begin with but i dremeled it out a few times just to kind of give the silver
a fresh surface so that it would pour a little bit better here’s the size of this in comparison
to these coins and iv’e got my stamp right here i ha this special made when i first got
into this i put a certain it says .999 fine silver i put like so many grams on the south
side of it as you can see which actually would have been the top but once i got into it i
realized it is a little bit harder to eye ball that so i just went ahead and dremeled
that off or took it off there some how but this stamp was i paid a good bit of money
for this stamp had it special made it was probably the most expensive thing i got to
tell you the truth just that stupid thing and then iv’e got the copper the ever so important
copper and this is the second frame of this video iv’e made so if there’s anything i’m
forgetting i don’t think there is i’ll go ahead and include it later alright Jake Phelps
here this is stage or shoot 3 of this silver refining video 3 small details i forgot in
the supplies list last time or actually four is this bowl a spray bottle and this turkey
baster type thing right here and also a kitchen sink nah not really but you know a sink and
kind of like a work area that is well ventilated that’s what iv’e got here i know everybody
doesn’t have that but it comes in handy because see what i have here going on is first i have
everything warmed up and then iv’e got a trickle of hot water going into this bowl which in
turn keeps the glass above it insulated and for this chemical reaction to neutralize the
copper and evaporate the silver into a liquid form your going to want to keep the area in
which the chemical reaction is taking place warm you know it’s kind of like it needs to
it’s got to be at least above 50 degrees and that’s to low the hotter you got it the better
so i’v’e got hot water going into that bowl which in turn keeps this which i’m going to
go ahead and call my beaker even though it’s a ball glass warm and it will keep the chemical
process warm so i’m going to go ahead and try to hold this phone with one hand and do
the rest of this stuff with the other alright first step i’m going to put 3 ounces of water
into my beaker here alright each one of these is going to be 1 and a half i’m going to do
this twice with water first time and second time so now there is 3 ounces of
water in there hot water and then what i’m going to need to do is go ahead drop all my
coins in there my 30 grams worth and then there is this part which i’m going to go ahead
and knock out fast because you have to be quick with this because it’s dangerous because
that shit you know puts off some bad shit that you do not want to be breath and will
not get you high it will kill you get my first 1.5 ounces in there hold your breath wash
this out then get out of there alright Jake Phelps here and now what i have going on is
the silver that was in the liquid trading spots with the helix coiled piece of copper
that i have dipping down into this glass and it took me i let it sit by it’s self
in the other room for about 30 minutes that’s how long it took for that reaction to take
place then i went in there and i filled this up with kinda warm water to kind of let the
acid kind of dilute a little bit kind of calm it down a little bit and then came in here
and put it here and then put that piece of helix coiled copper wire in there in kind
of a thicker gauge and now whats happening is i’m getting a little bit of raw silver
there at the bottom and i was a little bit heavy on my acid but that’s all right it wasn’t to bad see that’s my silver my raw
silver collecting right there OK Jake Phelps here like i said before i used a little to
much acid it’s been a while since iv’e done this so i forgot the exact amount so it’s
taking a little while longer for the nitric to calm down but this is what iv’e got going
on that’s all raw silver around the copper right there see that’s all that right there
it just fell i mean it takes a while anyway for the reaction to take place correctly you’ll
know when it stops collecting on the copper that means it’s done Jake Phelps here it doesn’t
really look like the acid isn’t totally neutralized because it’s still bubbling but it’s just
kind of eating the copper it’s not really it’s not solidifying the silver into a raw
silver concentrate so i’m going to go ahead and go on to the next step
you want to be careful too that your wire is thick enough and you’ve got enough in there
so that your not so that the wire doesn’t break and then you’ve got copper mixed in
with your raw silver because that would totally defeat the purpose you know you got to really
pay attention to what your doing as far as that’s concerned and think about it a little
bit alright in this part what i’m going to do is alright iv’e got this lets see here
iv’e got this coffee filter right here what i’m going to do fold it in half then fold
it again so you got that and un-due it and put it in here so that it kinda goes in there
and you don’t have a whole bunch of folds for your concentrate to get stuck into something
kinda like that you don’t gota do a whole bunch of scientific cutting and whatever else
it’s not rocket science see it’s in the funnel and i put that in the cup and i’m going to
do all this with 1 hand going to try to and put that in there see and then start pouring
this stuff get the top straightened out a little bit this shit will make your fingers
yellow so you should probably wear gloves i don’t know whatever i usually use a smaller
funnel then this so it’s a little easier to work with and then with this part kinda slosh
it around a little bit straighten that out and i’m using one hand here so you gota give
me a little bit of slack dump that raw shit in there and what i usually do when i have
2 hands is hold this like this and spray with my spray bottle at the same time so that it
loosens it up and it just kinda drips right in there so i’m gona go ahead and do that
right now alright Jake Phelps here i went ahead and did that sprayed it out with this
and held it up right i couldn’t do that with 1 hand so had to put you on hold for a second
and now what i’m gona do is just kinda spray it down so it’s flat at the top and that’s
that and what i did here is i over filled my jar a little bit but that’s alright just
keep on spraying it down alright and then you got it like that so then alright Jake
Phelps here and then what i did is i just kinda squeezed it i folded it up at the top
and just squeezed it to get the as much of the liquid out of it as i could alright instead
of having to go through some drying process that’s my drying process and then the next
step i’m gona do is i’m gona take it out of here and i’m gona put it in my crucible and
i’m gona finish drying it with that alright Jake Phelps here i finished up with
the with the melting down the silver the raw silver it was all wet in there i just dried
with the blow torch and melted it down you know it takes a little bit of time when you
do it like that but i don’t know it just kinda quickens the whole process up and then after
i did that i poured it in there and it’s not real easy chances are you might not be able
to do a to get something like that on your first pour like i did that’s pretty nice hopefully
if i can stamp it correctly i’m not even going to need to i’m not even going to need to to
tumble it because it didn’t get any of the slag or anything on it alright Jake Phelps
here in the last stage of this that’s what iv’e got a beautiful piece of solid .999 fine
silver i’m getting ready to go ahead and stamp it i’ve got this vise it’s got a real heavy
steel i got this piece of cardboard try to center it or whatever however you want to
do it i kinda like it a little bit crooked i think it looks neater and that is a very
crucial part as well if you mess that up you gota go remake the whole thing and that’s
what iv’e got right there .999 fine silver made out of some coins pretty cool alright
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  1. hello I got several kilos of 90% sterling scrap and over a kilo of 40% old coins. What would you charge to purify and make me some silver shot ?

  2. can this same method be used for gold refining? I mean with using the copper rod or wire to collect the gold or do you just haft to dissolve the gold completely and use something else

  3. Hope he realises that it's like 90% steel because a coin only has a thin layer of silver. If it was all silver it would
    be worth lots more

  4. On your filters what you can do is take a old t shirt to cover the mouth the jar, Get a big enough rubber band that tightly holds the t shirt in place. make sure you put a dent in the
     t shirt

  5. Thanks for video. Can you simply melt your coins directly in the crucible, versus going through the whole dissolution process?

  6. Isn't some old silver coins worth more than their weight? Morgan silver coin can go for way over 300.00 each. Some are worth 3 bucks each. If you going to smelt silver make sure it's not worth more than the weigh of the coin.

  7. Just a Suggestion instead of putting the coffee filter in the funnel take the coffee filter place it over the top of the jar and put a rubber band around it That might actually help you out

  8. "you should probably wear gloves, i don't know, whatever" is now my most favorite line uttered in a youtube video. ever.

  9. If you use coins like dimes and just heat it up will it take out all other substances like the copper and nickel that may be in the original coin?

  10. You did all that with dangerous chemicals, toxic fumes, and a blow torch….. And you go outside to stamp it!?!?!? Epic dude

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