Rescue Dog and Her Mom Try Paddleboarding Together l The Dodo Destination: Firsts

Rescue Dog and Her Mom Try Paddleboarding Together l The Dodo Destination: Firsts

We’re gonna go paddle boarding, probably go for a hike. Sounds exciting, eh? You can show everybody what you can do? Gem was injured in a domestic dispute at three-and-a-half-weeks old. We couldn’t get her to a vet very quickly, so they had to fly her in. The swelling around her spinal cord hardened. We’ve been told that can’t operate without losing complete use of her backend. So in the beginning, she didn’t move as much. She more hops. We call it ‘scooch.’ She scooches, pop, pop, pops up, and then she walks for a little bit until she loses the balance. She’s just a go-getter. She never quits, and she just loves life. Cart’s in the truck? Okay. Her sleeping bag? In the truck. Okay. Her treats and food? Check. Do we have everything? Yeah, I think so. I think we’re good. Sweet! Let’s go, Gem! She’s never been to Sleeping Giant. I think she’s gonna love it, especially once she gets in the wheels and runs around. She always starts out a little bit nervous for everything new at first, But once she starts doing it, she just gets right in there. Gem! Are you ready to go on an adventure? Gem’s never been out to Sleeping Giant at all. She’s never paddle boarded. Lots of firsts for Gem. “I’m outta here!” What a difference in carts, eh? She loves going for hikes and walks. I think she feels like all the other dogs when she hikes. Are you gonna push her back? Good job! Come on, buddy! You got this. She tries to do everything the other dogs do. You made it, Gem! Good job. Good job, Gemmy. Sometimes I think she’d do this forever. She’s learning her limitations. But she doesn’t seem to quite know them. I can’t believe it’s raining. The weatherman said it was zero percent chance of rain both days. I’m just gonna cuddle with Gem. For me, it’s nap time. Come on, Gemmy! Let’s go paddle boarding. Let’s stick your leg in down there. One bad incident hasn’t changed her life. And she still can forgive, forget, and move on, and be happy. I think Gem had the biggest smile on her face when she was paddle boarding. She loved it. She loved that I was doing the work. That might have been her favorite part of the day. Gem rocked it. She took on some pretty big rocks, pretty big cliffs, Sometimes she fails and falls, sometimes I have to pick her up and carry her, but she still does it.


  1. How did these people get their money? I know we're all just supposed to feel good about the rescue etc. but all of these people in these videos are quite wealthy and I'd just like to know where they got their money.

  2. What heart and spirit Gem has , you do know that there is a higher power to all animals that we have barely touched on they know and recognize our language , our moods etc . Why would we not know the same for them . I love this Dodo , shows you know this and bring us a dose every single day ~ ////=^} ~ Blessings

  3. If this case was in the UK. There is Prof. Noel Fitzpatrick who operates on similar cases with great success. However it would depend on CT scans results to see if operation is possible. Good to see that there are loving people looking after the needs of these pets.

  4. Great people. What monster could have hurt that pup. Can you say product placement? Good job Blue Buffalo. Hope family was compensated. 😄

  5. She is a go-getter indeed. Greetings from Germany. This is where tolerance, inclusion non discrimination and equal treatment is visible and easy to understand.

  6. God Bless this Beautiful dog; she's a joy🥰. People please don't leave pets behind when escaping domestic violence situations!! While your personal safety is of utmost importance, please make arrangement to remove your pets from the household too (contact animal shelters and explain your situation). As we see in this story; Domestic abusers abuse animals too!!! Animals have no way of calling 911 for themselves.

  7. Inspirational women, inspirational dog! I’m so glad you guys have each other. Thanks for giving Gem the life she deserves.❤️

  8. Love this dog and its family.Its nice to see something that just makes you smile and legit happy online so thank you pup and your family.Gotta get her a life jacket though or maybe that's just the worrier in me.😊

  9. I had a german shepard and towards the end of his life I would always help him walk by picking him up like that, there is not a moment that dog looks sad, he is always happy all because his parents love him and helped him.

  10. It always hurts my soul to see an animal struggling but I love seeing great people looking out 😔😀👍✌

  11. this is cool, but one question, why isn't the dog wearing a doggy water vest/life jacket? I mean the owner is wearing one for safety why not the dog?

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