Restaurant Serving Dumpster Meat?

Restaurant Serving Dumpster Meat?

present huber it was eight former
employees at the golden corral in part orange florida and recently he decided
to keep to post in video on utube that show and what the restaurant does when
they’re expecting how inspection uh… i don’t wanna get too much away so
i think a quick look at the video this is what my company likes to do to get ready for inspection they like to see that it does and employees here at the market for a
long time and hatfield satisfy from the death what do you think all you can leverage fight it out freely casts all your pad email seized
from sixty through spf basis days and it is near the dancers in the
dumpster right will more dealer now are the owner of that golden corral
out his name is eric homing actually owns a several of the golden cross in
the area has decided to fire the manager of that
particular restaurant because of that handling of food in this situation which excellent sense of problems and
handle food that’s meant for you in consumption in that way so it’s interesting so this guy’s a whistleblower purple grow
name right if by the way he doesn’t get fired which
would be shocking idea we did that the paralegal and recording
corralled traces of please go to the no bomb criticism rapid visit he was a lot of all of our hill
hunted down there right in this kid i presume is not
hiding out in their border in moscow spawn a little different situation and
the senate but by the way in all seriousness i
really do believe that this was a blow is a ten catch-up weekly we gotta be brave
beckett’s been working they’re going for a for a
long time it is obviously riskiest out today actually would like to show
you guys a video when i signed jenks office after the production meeting
today and just getting don’t let alone when i equipment that was evil more out
remember going out of their disappear casper my uh… so download brother but it’s in the
video is like but too riddick they develop but what it would
have been used in europe allowing you to so known as a particular really
incredible things about you to and the power of being a whistleblower on you
too when you read recently did this video he
claimed that he went to several employees and and higher ups within
golden corral and none of them taken seriously he
somebody went to a few local reporters none of that it took it seriously hitler’s video on july first and it wasn’t until now that it’s hard
to get some attention and the reason for that is because the video sorry getting
more and more hits this morning when i first saw the video dot over one hundred
thousand heads and i’m sure at this point it has way more but i love the fact that you put a video out there with some
being a whistleblower for whatever it is that you wanted share information about and all the sun and it goes viral and
people start paying attention and then you see some action india in of course
of the minute you do really going to discover the rich a fleas supportive
proceeded to no avail brown so now one part of the is why in the world is
approved by the dumpster sunday in the dumpster but apparently
with a proper for inspection liberia disproved hai toh hai tum anyway i went out of the in the another part of the city
flies lenny on the paddy’s day the ground beef amber pratt is doing so obviously they must stay there’s something wrong with the food absolutely if they’re gonna hide it like
that and and that’s before they get the that’s before
the accident sir and and and some people might make the argument that well maybe
they’re not actually did take the food back in i mean if it’s near the dumpster
protestant or when the why they have put it in those trade oppenheimer didn’t
know if you want to vote on the grounds that there are two other than that of
the exact is no they’re basically hiding the food from the inspectors probably
because there’s something wrong with the food and also keep in mind how would also on that that is the not
there it’s romney and it’s getting rotten as it’s sitting out there in that sign
that’s right that’s why it might be bolden carell this in the reveal what you have a
legendary love scene obey as buffet pretending it’s larry is the
rosa some sort of drugs


  1. That is much worse than if it was cooked meat. It does not take long for very harmful bacteria to grow on uncooked meat stored at warm temperatures.

  2. I worked at Pizza hut and it was relatively clean but the only thing that bothered me was that old cheese and crust would stick to the pans and no one ever put the effort to scraping it out.

  3. I ate at Golden Coral once. I watched a 500 lb man shove rolls into his mouth while "honey butter" dripped down his arm. Nevermore.

  4. "Random" inspections in a lot of areas in the US have become a misnomer. Even "unscheduled" would be wrong, because really, they're just irregular. Some places require a day's notice before they arrive, for what purpose I just don't know… maybe specifically because of the failing standards, but I really hope not.

  5. It would be OK if restaurants would relay throw away everything that is not good. But those guys moved that food out by the dump, food that would not pass inspection and they knew it. If inspection saw that food they would say "You see that we dumped that".

  6. That is literally true. Foodborne illnesses kills far more people than terrorism, by at least a factor of ten.

  7. Gordon Ramsay: oh my god, food by the Dumpster Meat?. Are you fucking kidding me?. people are going to eat this and you just leave it by the Dumpster Meat?.

  8. Health inspections are random and unannounced. The inspection in question is a corporate mandated inspection which is also random. Management was attempting to hide food that corporate would consider past its shelf life. By no means was the food bad, just considered an inferior product after a 24 hour period. They didn't want to trash that much "money".

  9. That type of dympster is fully attached to the building with no exterior access. That manager had no intention of trashing that food or it would have been in the trash room inside the building, not outside.

  10. Hey I am not saying there the best either but it beats getting sick behind eating at restaurants where you can't even see what the hell they are doing to it.

  11. its because now health inspectors wanted to be treated with respect and want to use their authority to their advantage

  12. Wait.. wouldn't putting all the food near the dumpster give them a lower mark? I mean.. doesn't the inspector check the entire place out?

  13. Are you 'that' stupid? OF COURSE the issue is about the whistle blowing.

    TYT are showing you how whistle blowing works to 'your' advantage against those that wish to break the law in order to gain at 'your' expense. It's not about the food, it's about the whistle blowing.

  14. even more interesting is that reginal manager that fired the manager. most likely that is what he told him todo. the manager getting fired was probly just better for PR.

  15. Stored at warm temperatures of course, but some restaurant chains even have the policy that you can't even store prepared food cold. Essentially, that once you prepare it you have to cook it. I knew a district manager once that would throw food out if it was pre-prepared..even if it was covered and refrigerated. Sanitation Inspectors might have the same policy.

  16. Sounds like a good policy. If I go to a restaurant I do not want to be eating food that has been prepared and the refrigerated. When I go out I want my food to be fresh.

  17. He's a traitor because he gave information of The Golden Corral to the customers and of course to the competitors. Life sentence!

  18. I found a fly in the fish buffet part of Golden Corral restaurant in OKC it was nasty!! I actually had it on my plate.. My wife told me before I even started eating it..

  19. You can expand that thought onto places like meat suppliers, (from many years ago, that could not happen now because of very strict regulations), & other Food factories..workers spitting in the product as it's processed, etc, spoiled returns being tossed back into the grinders to be re-processed into "fresh".
    & the "winners" are restaurants where Cat & Dog meat were found in the dishes in place of Beef & Chicken, & customers who did not finish their plates, re-heat to someone else.& spitting.

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  21. Oh, he'll be fired. That or he'll be treated so badly he'll be forced to quit. Rest assured. People don't like people who disrupt the status quo. ESPECIALLY employers. Do you think they give a shit about that guy? Hell no. He's calling out their mistakes. No one likes being told they're part of a problem. I think that's why so many guys passionately hate feminism, for example. They don't like being told they're doing something wrong. It's incredibly childish but, well, you've seen the comments.

  22. The problem with the food is temperature. You have to keep cooked and raw food below or above a certain temperature in and out of the cooler. All of that food was probably standby food. To warm too roll back into the cooler or not hot enough to just have sitting on racks. The raw beef can be out if it is on ice and covered. The inspectors check the temperature on everything, in and out of the cooler/

  23. The only reason I can think of for why a restaurant manager would do this is if there is not enough space in the walk in fridge to store all of these trays of meat that are obviously ready to go into an oven as needed. In which case, the restaurant is over preparing trays of meat or needs to expand its storage. Whatever. It's disgusting since the food is likely going to be brought right back into the restaurant when the inspector leaves.

  24. If you ask any Libertarian, they'd say the restaurant industry will regulate itself! You fukkin schmuck, if it wasn't for the whitleblower nothing would've been done and they would've kept that secret from the regulators, and the rest of us!

  25. ok i get that but fuck man do you think everyone knows about every damn part of this world? i mean yeah everyone should know geomatrics and stuff you know but man usa gets 51billions dollars from students so no shit but hey when you get older you should study that easly. anyways so that will say you really think he handles all world news? there is severals places where there isnt any people too report too someone. i studied media and communication so i know some about it peace bro.

  26. Hi Reginald, you ever hear of sick cattle being pushed onto slaughter trucks? Yeah that's right the stuff you buy at the grocery store has whistleblower videos too. You're only solution is to grown your own cow and slaughter it yourself.

  27. It's possible the fat cat owner won't purchase or lease additional refrigerators to keep food in that is to be cooked that day, while still keeping food that is not ready to be cooked. Deliveries coming in on top of other food creates a problem. To avoid the inspectors seeing the food "sitting out," they hide the food outside the main kitchen area.

  28. ewww gross. I saw the video and I wanted to throw up. I applaud the guy who exposed this restaurant's evil ways.

  29. Why is other species going extinct relevant to breeding and raising animals for food?

    ".You realize how ridiculous it is?"
    So Instead of addressing why it's ridiculous you think you have answered to it?

    Cattles is a way to stop deforestration and world from becoming desert. /watch?v=vpTHi7O66pI

    Not to mention what do you expect to happen all those cattles that we have now, if we stop breeding them? They will die literally. In fact they will go extinct.

  30. No they aren't. THey're just ordinary naive liberals. THey're sincere at least.

    Cenk just took a shot at OBama in this video.

  31. Businesses should be run by workers & consumers themselves, not elites detached from the actual interests of ordinary people. (For example, Mondragon, the 7th-largest company in Spain, is a federation of worker-owned cooperatives.)

  32. It was probably yesterdays leftovers i bet thats why they did it that way cause the inspectors could tell 🙂 some actually do instead of throwing out the leftovers at the end of the day sell it t o the people the very next day make more money that way it's bullish!t that the owner didn't know

  33. I live less than two miles from this restaurant. (1) how can he be working there for a long time since the restaurant is there less than a year. (2) I drove by there yesterday and the parking lot was packed! So much for whistle blowing and the masses actually paying attention to this newsy video!

  34. this is on golden corral from a few years a go this is not a new a search on golden corral and you well find an even more disgusting story on them…

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  36. You need to be more careful about who you decide to call your heroes. There's a difference between revealing the truth like Snowden and Manning and lying to get your 15 minutes of fame (and an attempted extortion for $5k) like this kid.

  37. All that food was later thrown away beacuse the manger put it there to get it out of the way of the inspectors and didnt have time to put it in the dumpster    check for yourselves

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