Restock Day! (GamerGreen Summer Of Love) 26 Game Room Claw Machine Wins

Restock Day! (GamerGreen Summer Of Love) 26 Game Room Claw Machine Wins

maybe alright guys we are Smith sisters
in full effect Sophia Samantha and Sheridan we’re on a clock crawl right we
are gonna go into a bunch of places to do claw machines for the gamer Green
Summer of Love we’re gonna see how many G’s we can win at Denny’s Golden Corral
Steak and Shake okay in this video off so guys when give a shout out to Owen
Smith who comments in our last video and asked us to give a shout out so we’re
gonna we’re gonna give a shout out to Owen in this video as well as we walk in
talk about the ecology those are other kind of mystery boxes we can add the
treasure shop see okay some sunglasses let’s check out the flush draw with you
know maybe there’s the plush one yeah there’s titanum they hit the mystery
buyers four of them in there they’re just all hidden all right okay you want
to go ahead and get started all right it’s like an ice cream cone
all right Samantha so you can get anything out of this toy shop machine
there’s a couple of donuts in here it’s kind of cool this is fun right it would
get in the hole but it didn’t spin right what are you doing there’s silly Sophia
he’s just being silly okay Sheringham turn sharing is gonna give it a turn
what are you gonna go for Sheridan oh those are cool yeah well those are
the foodie friends those are the that’s a new thing that they have they have
gamer green on them too so that’s cool well there’s a new game which means go
ahead it’s your turn you might be able to rake that horse that’s up on the top
ok go this way all the way and then you go back now it has the animal face
you’re right ok go to the side now that ball might be in your way a little bit
but ok now we roll him forward forward forward forward forward bring him
forward it’s gonna get behind me again you got 7 seconds to go behind him this
way alright go for something else okay now
palm for Chrome for palm forward there you go okay sorry you’re gonna run out
of time but you can get him on the next turn I think it’s okay we almost pulled
that ball out of there okay now go this way and get behind him
because you want him to kind of fall and roll in okay okay go back now go all the
way behind him over okay now push them and I’ll push them forward and see if he
falls in there you go almost got a tuna one with Stephen you it’s okay go back a
little bit you might be able get the Steven universe guy still so forward and
go to the side as far as it’ll go okay go right there see if you can get that
season universe guy to we do but he’s right by the chute now okay all right
let’s see what you got that yep so charity ain’t got the gamer green let me
see it so okay let me see oh let’s see what you got here Sheridan wiped out
trying to get her thing out it’s a horse that’s awesome gamer greeny well let me
see I didn’t really get a good shot of it a horse with gamer green cool Sofia’s
gonna try for something over here what are you going for the mystery box oh
it’s way up in the front I don’t know if you get that one or not go for the one
back there by Harley Quinn I got the donut I didn’t see and this
tip and Sofia’s gonna dip this mystery box I think hold on to it all right we
got two wins at it two wins in the wrong awesome it’s a donut unicorn I missed me
at the picking it up because I was trying to see help Sophia get that
mystery box all right so you got one more turn on this round that’s pretty
cool cat maybe get that ball wasn’t in the way that fell off it may might get
it nope okay let’s see what Sophia got in
her mystery box up it’s a battering T I need some cooler stuff in those little
boxes we’ve got the same thing every time you see each other
those are cool Sophie likes them there’s a couple of ponies back there – yeah go
for it I don’t know I think it’s a weird shape for this class I don’t know Stan
get under it oh yeah I don’t think I get that let’s see I think I think you might
be able to get this yes you might be able to get that Beamer Green superhero
in the corner oh yeah you have another kid Ian you can get in there you can get
in that little slot probably what are you trying to go okay
you can try to get the dog out of the way okay there’s a collagen okay oh I
saw that you knocked that other thing over huh let’s see the clothes on this
guy I know she’s Sophia or Sheridan thanks again get him out of the way he’s
Santa there’s another mystery box right there
I don’t think you could even see it it might be a tune one nope then you got
the mystery box though let’s see alright so if you got another mystery box okay
Sharon are you gonna do your turn over here
these are really cool this one’s got pizza in his hand this one has ice cream
cone the kitty has was a kitty holding french
fries maybe tag Oh Michael I grabbed by its head is
it the same thing another chattering teeth oh ouch
yeah okay step down Sheridan’s toe grab his head almost oh it’s so close it’s
gonna fall though weird I just have french french fries in this yeah well
now but you got the thing you can grab on this we’re gonna clock up what
happens you bang it up against the edge Spencer should not get forward like oh
let it go nope alright we’re just gonna have to
know that it’s gonna drop right yeah go to the left of where you want to be so
this way farther the other way it’s gonna drop straight down from where the
string is no I think you got around it too much
oh it’s under the thing oh man now it’s upside down it’ll be tougher that’s okay
show me something yeah it’s like those it’s kind of like a Popeye ones it’s
like a like a weeble wobble let’s see that looks better it’s underneath I
don’t know if we can get it now no but it found maybe into a dead zone let’s
see oh maybe you might be able get it okay that got around it and see if we
can get it forward enough there we go it’s not under it enough though it’s no
fall again oh man it’s so close guys Hey look all the ponies are in you though
Rainbow Dash Pinkie Pie you probably get them now cuz they’re open there were
water sign that’s my light where we want to go for this cat right now I’ll try to
get this cat food frenzy cats Samantha is still trying for this Pat we’ve
picked it up and dropped it like four times that’s oh you had in the right spot go back a
little farther all right they’re right on top of it Sophia can you get another
mystery box oh my gosh you got another mystery box I think so if you had got
three mystery boxes today oh my gosh all right I see it Samantha you get anything
over here the claws not open bang it up against this ice cream cone to try to
get it open there you go you gonna try to knock the
ice cream cone off you might have picked up the pizza thing that’s gonna follow
that I’ve been checking on Sophia see if she can get her mystery box open another
terror attack nope this one is a triceratops but it’s a dinosaur they put
together I’m gonna try to get the ring the Twilight by the legs I think now I’m
gonna try to drop it between Twilight and Fluttershy see if I can get to spin
like this right here I can get around the body of 12 fireside it stuck her
head a little bit too much they get her by the main got Fluttershy by the hair
look okay stop fighting Hey look Fluttershy it’s old Fluttershy it’s evening to Twilight that dog got in
the way a little bit but now it’s tipped over pretty good so I think you probably
can get it you can get just around the neck and that might be okay it’s under
that one leg the closest to you in the nose hold on I got under the leg in the
nose you can see in the mirror back there held on by her nose it’s not
coming off is it look Sheraton Twilight Sparkle’s found pick ball it’s really
stuck there we go all right Sparkle who wants to help I Sparkle all right
Samantha still trying to go for the food frenzy dog see step that ball under his
chin but I think it’s gonna slip off okay it didn’t open a little bit better
now have it in a better spot that’s kind of where I wanted it to go see the
clamps good it slipped too far forward there it’s gonna fall though nope all
right we got it you got the food frenzy as a gamer green tag on it we still
gotta get this Steven universe person to please Samantha got the history box in
the box you’ll see you’re right the one flaw is inside of the ball hopefully it
falls out now okay step all right so it’s not we’re gonna to bump it on
the box on that side I think I’m the thing ready this is what you do we get
stuck to drop it and then you hit the prize shoot thing at the bottom so that
it still didn’t come out usually that will knock it out it should open up
though and then I’ll fall off there you go that was a tough one though I can
knock this guy and finally grab his head and lift him up drop him in there we go
and it almost got the ball to you you got a pterodactyl okay sure he wants
to try to build one too though guys to get to the another mystery box but it’s
underneath this Bugs Bunny can you get back to the where the loop of that bug
might might go get it off the box and you got off the Box a little bit we
might be able to do it now all right so far we’ve won food frenzy coffee to
My Little Ponies bed Sparkle and Ray and Fluttershy were Steven universe and food
frenzies donut certain in a food frenzy donut unicorn fast I think you’re off to
the one side a little bit too much yeah it’s in the box yeah it might not fall
off but I have to use no I turn to get it off let’s see I fell okay alright
let’s see what’s in this last mystery box we got three of them already okay yeah okay
where’s we got for those are this is yeah we have five of them today it is
shattering teeth done done all right all right so here’s our haul we got five
mystery boxes and six plush we’re gonna head off to the next spot that’s cool
listen that all right we’re full effect with all three Smith sisters again
Sheridan Sophia Samantha we’re on stop number two
steak in shape yeah right now it’s everybody we’re
going to Steak and Shake for gamer greens Summer of Love we’re on a frog
fall crawl run o’clock crawl every time I go stick
it together it’s try the treasure each other tyrants chest Star Wars crazy claw
restock another one is brown bagging this one doesn’t grab very good though
it looks good but it’s tough he doesn’t go over to the side part
right let me try to shake it for you okay ready hit the button ready let me
tell you when did it hit it doesn’t go over to the side part over to Mantha we
go for a pinkie pie no football we got a ball what’s the flashlight how
do you know I don’t see a flashlight okay I see you know P I go this way
yeah probably right there see Samantha’s gonna go for donut but it was too far
back get it right on top of that thing right on top of it but I don’t think
he’s gonna grab it oh the nose doesn’t know when I yep yes now it’s better
you got the know Sofia he asked him a question in the yes then he answered it she’s good at she’s good at him
Milo indeed we did win something because you won that thing alright our next stop
on our gamer green claw machine crawl is taking shape
we have Sophia Samantha and turn it up they like to push the button to open the
door and the door automatically opens let’s see what they got going on in here
let’s see how weak this machine is it looks like you just go stick all right
right in now this one doesn’t oh man it fell off okay forward a little bit so
you don’t hit that other box yeah looks good Sheridan got it cheering Samantha’s
going for this doughnut see if it pinches it good looks alright see hold
on to it and you got the doughnut I told you they’d have it somewhere else
now we got two of them hi nights at Freddy’s blind bag all right all right
you can open it we’ll see about this hamburger on the back by the Hat now we
finally got the hamburger he got it by the Hat we haven’t had that one yet that’s the
only way we didn’t have for the check for the collection sizzle cool grab him
by his hat oh you got foxy rule all right Smith is gonna try for pinkie pie
ice cream comes kind of in the way stabbed it push it down it might be
better now if the ice cream comes out in the way though
Thank You oxy that is cool awesome we gotta go for that evening dad if it gets
under your chin is pretty light it should grab monkey gonna try to pin the
pink bear see might just grab it he’ll fall in there it goes tip the pink bear
and she’s not gonna move there you go
ah I don’t know if you got far enough fat maybe to see if we grab his head or
not it’s gonna fall you can get him now though you can probably get him now what
if Sofia’s gonna name on whatever she wants yeah you could get under his chin
enough I don’t know if it’s gonna get under his chin enough to slip to the
side a little bit since PI didn’t go get me the codes where you go close that
wasn’t fast enough though maybe Superman almost fell off you aren’t you hope hope
Superman we’re willing you go for that cat ready down there you oh it’s one of
those ones that the food’s gonna fall I can show
how’d you grab that one out of the bottle pretty cool that’s that’s for
sure and shooting him her though they’re the bear them which need your nose Oh
God let’s see about Rainbow Dash grab the
legs he’s gonna fall off but you might be able get them better now you can get
Rainbow Dash that looks pretty good if it closes at all I gotta do it again it
didn’t close you know it closes you’ll have it all right I think you got it
hopefully doesn’t came straight sideways or that’s cool
Rainbow Dash usually it goes all the way forward and go sideways that one one is
ankle there you go let’s see think you might he got the donut all right Sophia
there you go all right guys we just got back from our clock Rome we want all
this awesome stuff we got a bunch of food frenzy stuff with gamer green some
My Little Ponies Steven universe Superman we got Twilight Rainbow Dash
and Fluttershy and a bunch of other a bunch of donuts commented let us know in
the comments what your favorite win was and don’t forget to Like and subscribe
to our Channel thanks for watching guys you

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