1. He couldn't believe that one of "ours" could do this….. HAHAHAHA WOW! Glad you sent him off with a full belly before he went and stalked the community.

  2. Finished watching Golden State killer: Unmasked today. I had a feeling he might have been a copper. DNA is such a fantastic tool to have, I hope the victims can now have closer, my thoughts go out to all victims and their families.

  3. The sketch with the parted hair that looks like Opie is a dead giveaway, it looks just like his picture with the parted hair

  4. Unlike Fox News that thinks all cops are heroes, I don’t trust em. Most are power hungry bullies or have been bullied. Every copper should be required to submit dna.

  5. What are they just holding this guy until they find a loophole in the law that prolly makes is unconstitutional to get his DNA the way they did. He is obviously guilty but the government is becoming big brother.

  6. Cops dont go into force to protect and serve. The do it for a badge and gun. DNA should given automatic by ALL police and judicial servers hired.

  7. You know how to find a dirty cop? Call the police station. It don't really matter who answers…..hahahahaha….
    Joking ofcourse. I love LE!

  8. Deangelo is getting Set Up …poor man i feel bad …you really outta becareful.. i know the real EAR and Poor Deangelo just his scapegoat.. innocent tell proven guilty!! Last i heard..? never the less god gets final judgement over ones soul…so make sure you don't condem yourself trying to do the judge's are Gods work ..Trust me Deangelo is no more the EAR , then M.J. or President Trump…if i didnt know any better? ..I would say the American people were zombies …wake up this is a bunch of garbage…and a dam waste of tax payers money…I know the EAR and he's a real scumbag …He's had his family telling everyone in town.. that he's only got 3 months to live.. For the last 20 years…

  9. Question: What does the phyc. Evaluations performed on officers say about situations like this!?
    Answer: That they don't work! And there are a lot more officers with a wide range of mental health issues. A new effective phyc evaluations should be made. All officers should be made to be reevaluated. People have a hard time believing cops could do something like this! But its the perfect job to be a criminal!

  10. You sign off on a disclaimer when you submit your DNA to a website. This interviewer sounds sympathetic to any killer that gets caught like this. Weird vibe from her.

  11. He wasn't even the Zodiac so who is the Zodiac he was doing massive amounts of criminal activities too in and around San Francisco

  12. On the run? Nonsense! Lived in the same house since 1978 and no one had any idea who he was so I don't see the logic in saying he was on the run for decades when after the murders and rapes he got to enjoy his freedom, get married, have Kids and grandkids, work ect….

  13. Why do reporters and anchors keep saying he was "on the run"? He was literally just living in the same house he's had in Sacramento since '79…When police arrested him he said "I have a roast in the oven".

  14. Deze man is gestoord dat niemand van zijn collega's iets gemerkt heeft is nog gekker dan gestoord dan ben je niet geschikt voor politie agent

  15. Noticing the overuse / repeating of "actually", "basically",
    "obviously", "at least", "a little bit"? Find out why on facebook.

  16. "He was a policeman just like the others " – just like the others . So their are more , scary wonder who he's talking about . just like the others – scary words .

  17. DNA recorded after birth! would solve a lot of other issues too. In the UK they have started taking ear prints. Apparently they are more accurate than finger prints.

  18. Pathetic bastard make him walk and talk or give the judge a high voltage cattle prod, that sickening scum will talk and walk like he was doing before his trial hearing.

  19. You could hear the reporter trying to hold back her disgust when he said he thought, back when he worked with him that is, that he was a nice guy. You could audibly hear her child back a noise of disgust!

  20. All police officers should give a DNA sample, and it should be run against the system. Hes not the first police officer to turn out to be a serial killer. Honestly, most police officers today are part of the fascist gun culture and desire killing people, we should probably start the search with the police…

  21. We're all lucky that the killer was a cop no more, otherwise he would have only gotten two weeks off work with pay (and we would spend millions in tax dollars to the surviving victims). Thank goodness he did not still have that badge.

  22. Rise of the Black Serial Killer: Documenting a Startling Trend: Justin Lee Cottrell:
    This book establishes these surprising facts:
    1. Since Emancipation, there have been numerous black serial killers in the United States.
    2. Comparing decades since 1860, black serial killers have never been less than 26% of all American serial killers.
    3. In the early decades of the 20th Century, black serial killers comprised the majority of American serial killers and, since the year 2000, have comprised over 80%.
    4. Over 58% of American black serial killers murdered outside their ethnicity, compared to 5.9% of American white serial killers who did.
    5. One third of American black serial killers exclusively slew whites.
    The above facts are so surprising to so many for two principal reasons. One is the popular-culture belief, fueled by faulty criminal profiling, that only whites possess the mental makeup to be serial killers. The other reason is that the news media, fueled by overzealous political correctness, seldom inform the public about black serial killers. These problems are examined in the first two chapters.
    The bulk of the book is composed of crime-trend statistics, lists of suspects, felons, and victims, 35 biographies, and over 100 pages of criminal profiles of individuals, duos, and gangs. Dispersed throughout the narrative are around 55 small black-and-white photos of the killers.
    Though it obviously lacked the best editing, this book is written in generally smooth prose with good punctuation and very few typos. There are numerous endnotes, a bibliography, and an index.
    For anyone interested in the subject of black serial killers, this work is a handy, well organized resource. For the public in general, it can be a vital eye-opener.

  23. The reason we have DNA TESTING for all felons is because of this pig. And now that they know who he is we'll never get mandatory DNA testing for pigs in California. In fact now they're trying as hard as possible to keep it quiet.

  24. Surprising…. American police not giving DNA and finger prints. Is this true?? That why police/fbi took so long to solve this case

  25. How this trash white cop going to the donut shops now being tied down on the wheelchair? Talking about black people did all the killings? He don't looked black at all.. Ok, pick one of your favorite color: plain white , flat white and bright white.

  26. No wonder he was able to escape for so long when he was a police officer that had the ongoing info and chit chat talk abotu all of his crimes so he was always "ahead of the curve"

  27. See how the media even now after catching him wants you to be afraid that your DNA is out there "Something to think about, America" ffs

  28. There is nothing too think about America? I think its fantastic. If your a serial killer Rapist murderer than maybe you do have something too worry about. Its Awsome.!!
    They still had too be a detective finding him through all the innocent people and thats a shame and the type of society we live in. OH WELL .

  29. Cops not only cover for each other, but intentionally look the other way when they suspect or even know that their "brethren" are rapists, pedophiles, and murderers. Then they all act surprised when one is exposed for what they are.

  30. He didn't attack Officer Farel and his wife and daughter because he was a cop too. Farel wouldn't have gone down without a fight like the other guys did. My opinion…

  31. It seems as though serial killers, despite their sexual crimes, never become HIV positive or infected with any other virus people often easily get during just one intercourse.

  32. Be couldn't jump 6 foot fences anymore. Not as fast running like he used to so he probably stopped the killing spree

  33. They should make everyone give a dna test and it should be law for collecting dna from newborns!

    Don’t like it – don’t break the law!!!

  34. I once worked with a guy that turned out to be an escaped convicted murderer. He hid in plain sight for 15 years. For the 5 years I knew him, I thought he was great guy.
    It scared the hell out of me.

  35. JOEY! Get ready to taste Cosby's puddin pop. I would say the same thing to Cosby but we all know now he wouldn't be able to find your puddin pop.

  36. They didn't find the match on either of the sites she mentioned. Using lies to try to invite outage.
    He got away with it cause of the good old boys club aka white police force..
    I bet he was pulled over many times for speeding to and from his rapes and let go because he was a cop.

  37. Pol Pot was described as being, "very likeable…a really nice person…friendly…."
    From Philip Short's book, "POL POT: Anatomy of a Nightmare."

  38. Yep another video where we can't hear this supposed Golden State killer speak I want to hear him talk but I guess what? That ain't going to happen because he's really just a demented old man who's being used. The real golden state killer they caught him yes but what happened to him and what they did is unknown

  39. This Reporter is a bit of a sensationalist. She says DeAngelo was on the run, when he was hiding in plain sight, living in the same pace. He was not running from place to place!

  40. Gees! It was a million years ago… I may have met him but
    It doesn’t sound familiar…have to look at my pictures… BET This Sounds FAMILIAR…..

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