Review of SILVERWHITE BRIGHTENING SPRAY on Grey Hair / Silver Hair

Review of SILVERWHITE BRIGHTENING SPRAY on Grey Hair / Silver Hair

Hey ladies, this is Erica Johnston and welcome back to my channel in today’s video I’m going to be doing a review of Schwarzkopf Royal absolutes silver white brightening spray, I first saw this product on Monique Parent’s Channel And she reviewed it and she had great success from it. There is definitely a very Clear difference in the before and after… we’ll see if it works for me All right ladies, so I’ve got freshly washed hair that’s not fresh I went to bed last night with it washed I didn’t blow dry it or anything like that And then I woke up this morning. And what I did was I pulled forward the bits that have been really exposed to the Sun this summer, and I’m just going to Test this product on on these hairs. I don’t want to test it throughout just in case something goes wrong But I trust Monique. She’s a professional and if the product worked for her then fingers crossed I’m hoping it’ll work for me too. I realized that while I’m on camera here. You can’t actually see the yellow So I’m sure that all of you must think that I’m just a little bit crazy. So I filmed outside in natural light and you can sort of see the yellow On film there. So so before I go on I just want to Bring up the elephant in the room. I don’t know if you notice behind me Yes, I have a bathtub in my bedroom. So my husband and I Last year, we renovated our house and I love being in hotel rooms that have a bathtub actually in the room because for me there’s just something so nice about having a bubble bath and then Did I say bubble bath? There’s something so nice about having a warm bath, especially in the winter or the fall And then just coming out and just sliding right into bed all right, so I will now spray a little bit of water to dampen this hair and Spray the solution on so see what happens All right. So it just sprayed the product on I didn’t use gloves or anything if I just wash my hands afterwards So I just kind of wrapped that little front portion Here in the front then I just put a bobby pin So I’m gonna wait for 30 minutes and we’ll see what happens when I sprayed it It’s kind of got a little like a slight violet tint to it not strong. It’s not dark purple or anything like that It’s got a very nice smell, quite watery I found when I sprayed it so sort of dripping down, but I don’t know if it’s gonna do anything We’ll see really essentially. What I’m looking for right now is just to Lighten up a little bit that yellow. I don’t know if that’s possible. But just kind of brighten it a little tiny bit It’s it’s not that bad. We are all our own worst critic okay, you have to try to say that sentence like three times fast because that took me about 10 tries to say a lot of The reviews on Amazon were actually pretty good. One person said it gave my dull gray hair a brighter Look, somebody else said love this product has helped me while I’m growing up my gray hair this person I think watched the video that Monique did because she said I found this product to be quite good I watched YouTube video of someone using it and the results the woman felt as I did that there was a brightness added to my transitioning white silver hair Yeah, so she says that the bottle lasts a long time – which is great the one thing that I am a little bit nervous about using this product is that I do have quite Well, it’s not quite but I have a dark strip. You can can see it in the video right now. dark strip that runs up the center here and I think that’s my biggest worry. Is that am I just lightening that strip, right? every single time I’m doing these Experiments with my hair. I feel like I’m just messing around with it and I should just leave it be but I’m on like some quest for the holy grail of hair lightening and keeping it nice and bright Alright, so we’ll let this sit for 30 minutes and I will see you In the blink of an eye Alright, so I just finished washing and blow-drying my hair and I have to be honest with you I didn’t notice a significant change in The yellowing that I have on the top again, you can’t really see it here. So I’ll show you my Video from outside. So I didn’t notice a significant difference in the yellowing But I just want you to know that I’m not complaining about my hair. I’m very happy with the color I’m just trying out different products to see if there’s any way just to get rid of just a slight bit of Yellowing sun damage that I have on the top layer, but not to worry. It’s not a big deal We’ve got fall and winter coming up here. I’m not going to be spending oodles of time in the sun and next year I do plan on wearing a hat a little bit more – and using a Sun protectant. So I also purchased a product it’s called a Veda Sun care and this is a protective hair veil and it’s got UV filters to protect hair. So when I go down south on holiday this Coming winter. I’m definitely gonna be using this and I’ll let you know how it goes All right. So, I hope that this review helped you if you enjoyed it give it a thumbs up so until next week Bye for now In today’s video. I’m going to be doing a review of squirts Swoosh. Okay. So what I’m gonna do is I’ve got my hair pulled forward here I’m JEP saying um because I had a comment about um, So my hair I’m just gonna edit it out. It’s gonna edit the word unload. We’re all our own worst critic right so critic We’re all our own worst critic. So worse like why can’t even I can’t talk. We’re all our own worst where we are We are We are oh my god. I can’t talk. We are all our own worst critic critic critic Here I am baby Here I am that’s cool hi everyone


  1. I tried this product last week. I’m growing out the gray, but still have some blonde highlights yet. It brightened it all, including the blonde!

  2. So the yellowing comes from the sun. Good to know. Thanks for another great video. Love the bloopers. Um they were funny lol

  3. Ha , ha holy grail of whitening hair spray, so happy my colour is so like yours, and same lenght nearly, only touching a year now grow out, bottom 3 inches still black brown , looks ombre sometimes depending which way it flips, sometimes I look in mirror and think oh no the dreaded yellow! But it's just foundation that's touched my hair line some how? Maybe we need a white foundation for our hair strands ? With gloss please, luv from Liverpool U.k

  4. I’ve used this several times and had no success with yellow removal. Still looking also without getting purple hair. I’m glad to know we’re all goofy lol

  5. Ok Erica can you try the baking soda and let us know ?! 😂🤣. Listen to me…. acting like you’re our guinea pig or something. 😆 Seriously tho, would love to know if you would be willing to try it and video it. ♥️♥️❌⭕️

  6. Hi! I didn’t really see a lot of yellowing in your hair at the beginning (your outside clip). Could that part be just where your still dark hair is blending with the allover silver?

  7. You must try Fanola purple shampoo and conditioner. Works like no other. Will get rid of any traces of yellow or red in your hair. This line has been a godsend for me.

  8. Maybe this has been discussed already, but today my stylist told me that you use shampoos with a purple hue to neutralize the yellow hue. It is purple and yellow are opposite on the color wheel, so if you bleach hair and get a green tint, to neutralize it would mean to apply more red.

    It makes sense.

  9. A purple shampoo and conditioner will do a better job. Fanola makes their no yellow shampoo and conditioner masque you can get on amazon 🙂

  10. Ummm, ummm is your blouse new? I love the bloopers…you are so entertaining.😄 I'd like a full shot of your top, please (and where to buy, if possible.) Thanks! p.s. my hair is white and no yellow, so far. One year dye free.

  11. You're so funny. You make me laugh, which is a great thing and very appreciated. I've seen many of your videos and never noticed you saying um although it was hilarious the way you put that together in the bloopers section! So funny. You look gorgeous, as always. xoxo

  12. It was funny that you got an Aveda product at the end. I was going to recommend Aveda Blue Malva shampoo and conditioner. I think it makes my hair brighter… The picture you see I'm realizing in this YouTube content is older and doesn't reflect my gray hair… I LOVE it…

  13. Hello Erica! New follower and just want to say I'm enjoying your videos and I 2 have grown out my hair for me it's been over a year now. And my advice on others commenting on how you speak or your choice of words like "um" or "like" is your least of worrying please continue just as you are. I don't mind it neither do I really give it much thought. Just be "you"!🤗

  14. I've been reading about great anti-yellowing results using baking soda, rosemary essential oil, and 3% hydrogen peroxide. The rosemary is purported to have brightening properties so about 20 drops with say 3/4 c bs and enough hp to make a paste.

  15. Hi Erica,
    You could try Mulato, Blue Planet, treatment to eliminate
    yellow shades in the hair.
    It is a French product which gives excellent results on my hair. And I am not saying that because I am French 😂

  16. 1.1 ratio distilled water and white distilled vinegar works wonders at keeping the yellow out. You may rinse with it after shampooing & conditioning. Or for stubborn yellows, leave it in up to 20 mins. Won't harm your hair- actually makes it feel soft. Remember to always do a final rinse with distilled water. it doesn't have any impurities. Don't use apple cider vinegar, the yellow color will stay in your hair. Try this. You'll be amazed!

  17. Sun does not turn gray hair yellow. Let me explain. . . I was a hair dresser for 17 years and taught classes all over California. There are 2 things that will cause gray hair to yellow. One is hard water and the other is your own natural oils called sebum. I would almost bet that you run your hand though your hair all the time which is why your not seeing it any where else in your hair! You are transferring the oils from your hands to your hair which over time will turn yellow. Solution? While the hair is damp in the shower apply white vinegar, then sprinkle on baking soda Bentley work it into the hair. Rinse and condition as normal. I promise you this will remove yellow and make your hair sparkle !

  18. I'm so glad I found your vlog. I just used my husband's trimmer and used an 8 guard to get it to an inch. All Gray and silver. I keep wondering what color to transition to so that i could look younger (Since I have a one year old) but it's so much work to color my hair every month or so, not to mention, super damaging.

    Hair goals, let it grow out 4 months for now, without color to see how I feel.

  19. If you shampoo with a clarifying shampoo, condition with a purple conditioner, then use a sunscreen for silver hair, it really helps! But only clarify every three or four weeks. Best of luck!

  20. Hello, are you natural gray or is it coloured? I'm transitioning to natural gray and am looking for something to brighten the salt&pepper areas.

  21. Erica, far from finding fault with your way of speaking, honestly your voice is beautiful, your laugh is gorgeous, you are utterly charming. Change nothing x

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