Rhino 3D Learning for beginner #09

Rhino 3D Learning for beginner #09

Lets see another type of ring using Polar Array it’s like a duplicate multiple times along a circle. We could just use a simple torus 0 I won’t put any measurement So you get the concept. Then we’ll do a simple box on the top. We could go from center. Here or we could press ALT so it doesn’t snap We could draw a box on that. Goes up a little bit. Move it into place. I want this to be roughly here. So now there’s a Command Could make it maybe hair wider. Press ALT to cancel or snap and lets prepare. And it shares the common
used a front usually to use it because it’s view dependent. Array Polar, polar means angle. Center of the array zero. How many item I have no idea. Let’s try 10 and 360 yes enter Now we can see, If we want more we can go here Item, We can go 12 or even more 14 and check like 12. Enter. So now we got this. Not very interesting but what I wanted to do with this was actually cutting. So now I can go Boolean difference and subtract from is this. Enter. End with it’s all. As long as they touch they will cut. (typing) Enter. We could do some
simple field edge here, But I just want to show you the get the principle of this or you could add and that would be Boolean union they would be paddled. There is many many thing you can do just that simple technique. So using this technique now
will do a more complex ring. So first, I would go…….. rectangle. Center around it from the top view. So zero center and here
I’ll shift some square. A little bit of footage just like this. Then I’ll go CI full circle. Zero. Still in the top view hold Shift and that’s gonna be a stone holder. Now I want to move this up. In the front view somewhere here. And now do extrude curve but this is a new command. It’s called extrude curve to
point that means it doesn’t extrude the twist single
point a table or one. We want solid to be yes and
here we can just type zero. So we go to zero. Now we’ve got the extrude. We don’t really need the curve so I could just delete
or hide them just one. Yah. And now we can use that
technique we just learned and so array polar. Enter. center zero. How many copy I don’t
know, 12 maybe Enter. 12 is not enough so I go maybe 18, Still not enough. 20. That’s better Enter. So now we have the shape. Now I need some poles
here to hold the stones. So what I could do it’s poly line Zero. Press ALT so it doesn’t snap. And then I need this
to be here on the edge. So. If you really want to
do it well you need two, one here and one here. But I’ll simplify it and here
I want this to go to the side. So I’ll go here. And move this with the
blue just a little bit. Let’s see twin between those
two maybe a bit closer. Escape. Then I want to give this
thickness I can go pipe. There’s a common command pipe and he wants to know the first diameter
on the bottom here. I could just type 21 and
not sure maybe point 25. Enter. That looks pretty but too thick actually. We’ll keep it like this. Uh. Nice 3D printing there’s nothing hold it. So we could put uh. In theory this should be touching this but it doesn’t. So we could put uh maybe a torus there or something like this. I can go torus zero. Uh steps somewhere there and Uh.There Yeah. Seen the ring
but still not touching. So I have to move this a little bit. lets turn this view. Pressing ALT now it’s touching. So now I would hold a bit. Some super pretty but it
would hold everything. Uh. I could actually narrow
that torus can find it here and MI zero. and hold Shift. Down here MI narrow zero hold Shift. Select both and do the
exact same array polar. So center zero copy exactly the same 20. Now we can draw a big cylinder
to do our cutout so zero. Press ALT cancel snap here. And then he’ll make it longer and move it. And then now you can do Boolean and difference. select everything just select cylinder. Enter. And select the cylinder. And if you are doing a
rendering with this uh you could also do a fitted edge tiny one or maybe 21 or even less than that. Perfect. Scooter head. And remember in 3D print
you could easily do this. And it will work. You could print them in this. Well.

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