Rhodium Plating: White Gold

Rhodium Plating: White Gold

Rhodium plating is a quick and easy way to
brighten the white gold look of your jewelry. We’ll show you just how easy it is. The most important step to plating is starting
with a clean piece of jewelry. To do this, begin by polishing the ring to
a brilliant finish. Then clean thoroughly with an ultrasonic cleaner. Rinse the piece in distilled water and then
steam clean. If the piece is not surgically clean, you
will not get a good plating. To begin the actual plating process, you will
first need to mix the following chemical baths. Place a stainless steel anode in a 600 milliliter
beaker that is three-quarter filled with distilled water. Next, place two teaspoons of the electroclean
powder in this beaker. Now, place two teaspoons of the activator
powder in another 600 milliliter beaker that is three-quarter filled with distilled water. Now mix the actual rhodium solution by pouring
the two containers of rhodium into an empty bottle and fill the rest of the bottle with
distilled water. Pour this solution into a 600 milliliter beaker
with a platinized titanium anode. You will also need to 600 milliliter beakers
of just distilled water. Now that the jewelry is clean in the baths
are ready, you are ready to plate. Set the rectifier to six volts
and heat the electro clean and rhodium solutions to 100 degrees. Place the positive lead of the rectifier on
the stainless steel anode and the negative lead to a hooked gold wire. Suspend the jewelry piece from this wire. Lower the piece into the electro clean and
agitate for two minutes. Then remove and rinse in distilled water. Next, lower the ring into the activator which
should be at room temperature with no volts for 30 seconds, then remove and rinse and
distilled water. While the piece is in the activator, readjust
the rectifier to three volts and place the positive lead on the platinized titanium anode
in the rhodium solution. Remove the piece from the activator and rinse
in distilled water. Finally, lower the piece into the rhodium
solution for 30 seconds and agitate. Once removed from this solution, your jewelry
has been rhodium plated to a white gold finish. Now you have a brilliant white gold piece
of jewelry that customers will love. For any other plating questions you may have,
contact our tools tech line at 1-800-877-7777, extension 4300.


  1. hi friends can someone tells me if we have this rhodium metal how can we sell it
    i have one kg of this metal i've gotten it from someone too many years ago and it's signed from an europian bank
    so if someone is interested please this is my email

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  2. this is awesome…I thought they polished it like a car. I had no idea how simple it is. Now I just want to know why its 40 bucks!

  3. hello sir i want to ask a question can you help me please
    yellow gold ladies chain if i try to make it white gold plate then it not completely get into white gold there is still in yellow gold in the chain so im tired to polishing and all process ….so how to solve this problem like yellow gold to white gold if i want what i suppose to do ?

    my email is [email protected]

  4. The liquids should be room temperature? Is it advised to heat any of the liquids? I've heard either one will work. Thanks ^-^

  5. Personally I would make sure that cook rings were stable and not wobbly. I dread to think that you would use gold plating solution containing cyanide on this set up.

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