1. Ahhh, you remind me to Mohter 3's fan translation. I remember playing Earthbound and loving it, but when I was trying to play mother 3… it just never came out. When the fan translition appeared… man, the tears were real. The entire game was amazingly stylised and with such creativty that, in my opinon, was so much more personal than Earthbound, and I wouldn't have enjoy it so much if it wasn't for the excellent fan translation <3

  2. I think making and selling the carts of translated games is okay in my book. The only problem is not giving the translators any of the profit, but Nintendo isn't getting any of the profit either. Either way, someone is going out of their way to put these games on a cart for us, so I do think it's okay to pay them for it. Maybe if the translators had a place to donate, then that would be a nice way to contribute. There really isn't a way to help support Nintendo for it though. Even buying an official Japanese cart doesn't help Nintendo since the games aren't being sold directly by them anymore.

  3. I've purchased from Retrogamersus before. I bought Pokemon Prism. The product was nice, and yeah it is sort of weird that they're selling a game they don't own the rights to. But what it comes down to I guess is they have a nice product that I want, and it's very affordable. I have all the stuff to make repro carts like that (i made a video on it cough ) But they make the cases and labels look better than the ones i make, and their cartridges actually hold a save from my experience.

  4. Bro, I lOVE Rhythm Heaven!! My old roommates introduced me to it on the Wii. We're all musicians, and somehow all had quite a hard time with it (especially the rap level). In fact, the rhythms in the rap level got me so hung up, that I obsessed over them for a solid day before I internalized it.

    I was gifted the DS version shortly after, but then I lost my DS and case. I have since bought a new DS, but never had another Rhythm Heaven game. God, I miss it. Thank you for this wonderful content!

  5. I never realized until lately how twitchy I can be when it comes to moving my hands. I play piano, am totally blind so use them to see the world around me, I read with my hands, I type a lot, and I play video games. About a month ago I noticed that even when I don’t have anything in my hands, I’m still moving them around. I can’t think of any time when my fingers are still. Well, I met a friend last year who introduced me to rhythm games, and I fell in love. I grew up playing games like Guitar Hero back when that was a thing, but never knew Nintendo had their own rhythm gaming franchise. When my friend told me about Rhythm Heaven, I thought it sounded like an awesome game. I couldn’t decide on which game I wanted to get though, and so I started looking into all of the games online. I’m so excited now because I literally just ordered a copy of Rhythm Heaven Silver for my GBA, and it’s supposed to come in one day next week!

  6. I don’t mind if games like this get a physical release. Especially if it is based on old unsupported hardware. It adds a fun sense of buying something new again for those systems. And it’s like music, you could hear it for free, you could buy it digitally if you like it, or but a physical vinyl if you love the art.

  7. I do have a question, does your game lag a bit when you make a selection? I got my copy 2 years ago and it has a but of lag to it, if yours is faster and streamlined I may consider buying the same cartridge as an upgrade.

  8. The way I see it, if they aren't going to sell the game to you, there is no moral issue with piracy. Legally they probably still aren't happy about it because of IP laws and whatever, but morally, nah.

  9. I once lost a case containing several of my old DS games. Platinum and a bunch of other great ds games were in there. But what bummed me out the most was losing my copy of rythym heaven. That was the only game I considered rebuying

  10. I mean if right was right the fan translators should warn or strike some sort of deal up with the gane studio to be sure that they’re okay with it

  11. I feel like the general rule with repro carts, fan translations, and importing is that the older the game is the more valid the decision. Basically, even buying a legit cartridge of a gba game now won't get the original company a dime, so if a version of a very rare or outright unavailable game exists for far cheaper and you just wanna play the game it was meant to be played then there shouldn't be an issue morally. Especially if you support the game/series when it does become available officially.

  12. Okay, now you pretty much have to play Pokémon My Ass. It’s what I can only describe as a once-in-a-lifetime experience of the highest quality. It is majestic.

  13. If paying someone to give me a translated copy of mother 3 is the only way to play it with out going to Japan is the only way to play it,than so be it…

  14. fun fact: the word silver on the fabricated case is actually the silver logo for a tv channel by the same name

  15. This is a perfect example of why the modding community in video games is so great. Modding consoles isn't about piracy. That aspect of it is a major draw for some people, especially chinese cart makers who only care about profiting off of the work that the initial modders did, but people who do the initial work do it because they care about making hardware you own truly yours, allowing for customization, homebrew, etc. I own many physical Japanese titles across my various consoles and handhelds, and the rare occasions where a title gets a working english translation fan mod (eg Maplestory: Girl of Destiny for 3ds), I make use of it through that. On top of that I'm able to do neat things, like stream my computer games to my Nintendo Switch and play with the joycons, or used my original xbox classic as a media server.

    The possibilities are endless, because these are essentially computers. Rather than buying a home media server, I could repurpose hardware I already have, and still use them to play games I own copies of, and that's the primary reason why the modding communities for video game consoles exist. Piracy comes after, and is usually an after-thought advertised by people profiting off of selling an easy solution (r4 cart, sxos, etc).

  16. I freaking tried to play silver they don’t sell it so I had to do ROMs or TOMS U WANNA HAVE BAD TOM 😺😺😺😺😺😺😺😺😺😺😺😺😺💀💀💀

  17. I got myself a Rhythm Tengoku repro cartridge a few months ago, and sadly the thing failed on me. And I was so far into the game, too.

  18. i played the korean version of rhythm heaven as a kid on my DSi but sometimes the translation wasn't finished. Like the one part in the cafe it would only come up in Japanese. This also happened when I played resident evil revelations on the switch. Some parts would come up in Korean and there were A LOT of parts in English. We basically bought these games off of this guy selling homebrews i think lmao.

    But I enjoyed rhythm heaven (both on DS and 3DS) a lot and I'm so glad I was able to play it fully

  19. Well, Nintendo is no longer selling copies of the GBA Rhythm Heaven, so no matter who you buy it from you're not supporting the developers. The closest thing you can do to support the devs is just buy the later games, I completely support people downloading roms like this to preserve the game considering Nintendo is doing a poor job of that.

  20. Nintendo is already rich and abuses its power punishing the little guy for making FREE fan games. I could not care less if they get mad about people buying from people.

  21. The first time I tried rhythm heaven was on the 3ds when my brothers downloaded it when I didn't want them to but they did anyways and then I play the game it was a demo and now I used all the tries so I can't play it anymore 🙁

  22. okay but I bought "beat the beat rhythm paradise" in a bargain bin from a game store (European/Australian release of Rhythm Heaven Fever) and just…. that's how I found the series and I'm honestly so mad that it wasn't localized as "Rhythm Heaven" here because IF I HAD'VE KNOWN IT WAS FROM A SERIES I WOULD'VE GONE LOOKING FOR MORE

  23. Quick note, I played through Rhythm Heaven Silver on the My Boy emulator on this very phone I'm writing this on and I didn't have any problems. So if someone is looking for a way to emulate it, I guess that works

  24. The old retro arcade near my college town of normal Illinois has the rhythm heaven machine and I spent 3 hours and $20 dollars on it

  25. I’m a big fan of the serie of game, and omg it just something so positive everyone look so happy in all the games ❤️❤️

  26. You ran to a fan translation of rhythm tengoku to play it! Ha, amateur. I learned japanese to play hahahaha ok jokes aside (yeah actually learned japanese to play this game) i love to see more people who found the weirdness of this game franchise fascinating. Rhythm heaven on ds was my first in the series too, but I didn't have the chance to play fever at the time, so after finishing it, I went straight to tengoku (silver) wanting more. Oh and about pokemon my ass! Play this hack man, isn't a hentai or something like that, is just the most hilarious pokemon hack out there

  27. I love these type of neat games. I definitely remember playing this in my DSI and I LOVED IT. I wish I could still play it, or find a gamer similar to it. It is amazing.

  28. Instead of buying from Etsy sellers, who don't have the right to sell them, buy an EZFlash Omega GBA flashcart for $35. Then you can play all of your translated roms on real hardware. You can also buy a device to dump original GBA cart data (both the game rom + battery/eeprom game save as well).

  29. "I'm not very comfortable with modding systems" Say hi to the guy that has so much homebrew that his 3ds can be considered a tablet at this point, thats me.

  30. Nick is way too concerned with ethics. Corporations aren't concerned with it, we're free to do anything we want with their products until they respect human life.

  31. I want to get a DS or a GBA…
    I should get one of the rhythm games, cause I've seen videos of it and love the minigames.

  32. Piracy is entirely justified if a product is not available in your country. If anything, Nintendo not making money of your copy of the game is their fault for failing to localize the game

  33. This reminded me of Ace Attorney. I don’t know if you’re familiar with the series but as of today there are 3 games that were never localized by Capcom in the west, 1 DS game (a spin off sequel) and 2 spin offs on the 3DS. The one on the DS, Ace Attorney Investigations 2 was translated into english by the fans, and all japanese names were changed to fit in the “american” names that Capcom had created for the series, it’s a great translation. The other 2 are in the process of translation by the Scarlet Study team, the first one is done and the second one is still not done. These 3DS games are spin-offs that take place in past japan, so every character is new, therefore the translation didn’t change any name. It’s a very interesting situation and I decided to touch upon because this video reminded me of this situation.

  34. Rhythm Paradise as it's known in the UK here, makes me cry. I spent 5 hours awake when I was young playing it on my ds, spending all that time trying to beat Remix 6. It made me happy, I actually got my sense of rhythm just from this game and now LOVE any music with a nice, deliberate beat. I cry hearing Rockers and Remix 10 on that, I remember FINALLY beating Remix 6 and seeing the drag thing go in all 4 directions. The Wii one never got me too excited other than the endless modes and Shrimp Shuffle. Played through the GBA one, love it. The 3DS one got me in a lot of ways. The final remix of that feels like a very FINAL note to the series where I keep HOPING EVERY NINTENDO DIRECT to see Rhythm Heaven on Switch. I still cry. I still live in the beat. Thanks.

  35. Rhythm Heaven is one of those games I never get tired of. I especially loved those "endless games" on the ds version – the glass tapping one and the samurai one.

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